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SBI PO 2022 Eligibility Criteria- Age & Education

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Eligibility Criteria of SBI PO 2022

We will look at all factors related to SBI PO Eligibility in this blog. It would Include Age Limit & Age relaxation, Educational qualification, Nationality.

SBI PO Eligibility- All Details

Let us take a closer look at the SBI PO eligibility criteria for 2022, which are stated below.

  1. Age limit
  2. Educational qualification
  3. Nationality
  4. Number of attempts
  5. Age relaxation
  6. Persons with disabilities PWD

SBI PO Eligibility: Age Limit (As on 01.04.2022)

Candidates who are applying for the SBI PO Exam 2022 should examine the age restriction that has been established for them. There will be a minimum and maximum age limit, both of which must be met by the candidates.

Candidates must be between the ages of 21 and 30 to be considered. Candidates under the age of 21 years and over the age of 30 years will be ineligible for the position of SBI Probationary Officer 2022.

  • Minimum Age: 21 years
  • Maximum Age: 30 years

There is also some flexibility of the upper age limit, which varies depending on the category. Please see the table below for a better understanding of the Age Relaxation for the SBI PO 2022.

CategoryAge Relaxation Limit
General Category0 years
Scheduled Caste (SC)5 years
 Scheduled Tribe (ST)5 years
Other Backward Classes (OBC Non-Creamy Layer)3 years
Personal with disabilities Gen/ EWS)10 years
Persons with disabilities (SC/ ST)15 years
Persons with disabilities (Other Backward Classes)13 years
Persons with Domicile of Jammu &Kashmir during 1-1-1980 to 31-12-19895 years
Ex-Servicemen (Army personnel), Commissioned officers, Emergency Commissioned Officers (ECOs)/ Short Service Commissioned Officers (SSCOs)5 years

Please note that there are some additional eligibility requirements for applicants who are not qualified for the SBI Probationary Officer (PO) position indicated below in addition to the above qualifying criteria.

  1. Applicants with a history of defaulting on loan repayments, a CIBIL poor report, or credit card dues are ineligible to apply for the SBI Probationary Officer (PO) post.
  2. Applicants with a history of moral turpitude, improper character, or antecedents are ineligible as well.

SBI PO Eligibility: Nationality

Now for the SBI's nationality criteria for the position of Probationary Officer, which are as follows:

  1. Candidates must be citizens of India.
  2. Applicants must be Nepali or Bhutan nationals.
  3. A Tibetan refugee who arrived in India before January 1, 1962, with the purpose of establishing a permanent residence.

SBI PO Eligibility: Educational Qualification (as on 31.12.2022) 

Applicants who are aspiring to apply for the SBI PO exam must meet one or more of the educational requirements specified below.

  1. A degree in any discipline from a recognised university or any equivalent qualification recognised by the Central Government is required of all applicants.
  2. On a provisional basis, applicants who are in their final year/semester of graduation are also eligible to apply for the SBI PO. However, if they are called for an interview, they must present documentation of having passed the graduation.
  3. Candidates with an Integrated Dual Degree (IDD) certificate should check the official website to confirm that the date of IDD graduation matches the SBI PO notice.
  4. Candidates having a Chartered Accountant degree also are eligible to apply for the SBI PO position.

Calculation of Percentages for SBI PO Educational Qualifications

Applicants must consider the SBI PO percentage criteria when filling out the application form, as marks will be calculated only on this basis.

  • In the application form, the CGPA/OGPA candidates' marks must be converted to percentages.
  • Candidates having a graduation percentage of less than 60% are also eligible to take the SBI PO exam.
  • The fraction of percentage so calculated will be ignored, i.e., 59.99 per cent will be treated as less than 60%, and 54.99 percent will be treated as less than 55%.
  • A certificate issued by the relevant University showing the date on which the result was posted on the website will be accepted as the date of passing.

Total Number of Attempts for SBI PO Exam

For the SBI PO Exam 2022, candidates are limited to a particular number of attempts. The table below shows the SBI PO number of attempts classified by type.

CategoryNumber of Attempts
General Category4
General Category – Persons with Disabilities (PWD)7
Other Backward Classes7
Other Backward Classes (Persons with Disabilities7
Scheduled Caste (SC)No Limit/ restriction
Scheduled Tribe (ST)No Limit/ restriction

Please note Candidates who have taken the maximum number of tries will be ineligible to apply for the position of PO.

SBI PO Reservations for Persons with Disabilities

Vacancies are reserved for physically challenged people under Section 33 of the RPWD Act, according to government standards.

Applicants with hearing impairments, vision impairments, and orthopaedic disabilities are encouraged to apply. The following are the details of SBI PO qualifications for Persons with Disabilities:

Please note: Candidates who fall into one of the following categories of the disabled and have a disability of at least 40% are eligible to apply for the SBI PO exam.

Locomotor Disabilities (LD): This group includes people with any of the Locomotor Disabilities (LD).

  • OL – Either the left or right leg is affected.
  • OA – Either the left or right arm is affected.
  • BL- Both legs are affected, but the arms are unaffected.
  • OAL- One arm & One Leg affected
  • Leprosy cured person
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Dwarfism
  • Acid attack victims

Visually Impaired: This group includes people suffering from any of the Visually Impaired conditions

  • Total Blindness
  • Poor eyesight/ low vision

Hearing Impaired (HI): This group includes people suffering from hearing problems

  • Complete hearing loss: This refers to a person who has a 70 DB hearing loss in both ears at conversation frequencies.
  • Hard of hearing: It refers to a person who has a 60 DB to 70 DB hearing loss in both ears at speech frequencies.

Multiple Disabilities refer to a combination of LD, VI, HI, SLD, and MI.

Mental illness (MI): A significant disturbance of thinking, mood, perception, orientation, or memory that substantially impairs judgment, behaviour, capacity to comprehend reality, or ability to satisfy the usual demands of life.

Specific Learning Disability" (SLD): Perceptual disabilities, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, dyslexia, developmental aphasia, and dyscalculia are examples of specific learning disabilities (SLDs).

SLDs are a diverse set of conditions characterised by difficulty understanding, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, or performing mathematical computations due to a weakness in processing spoken or written language.

SBI PO Eligibility Criteria For Scribe Services

For candidates who fall within the Person with disabilities category, SBI provides scribe assistance. If a person has a disability of 40% or more, he or she can use scribe services by meeting the below conditions.

  1. The need for a scribe must be specified when filling out the SBI PO Application Form.
  2. Only those candidates who have limitations that impair their ability to write, such as speed, are eligible for the Scribe service.
  3. Candidates will be given a compensatory time of 20 minutes per hour of exam time.
  4. Candidates are responsible for appointing their own scribe.

Pricing Plan

Flexible pricing options for all the aspirants
SBI PO (Prelims + Mains) 2022

₹ 399

30th April, 2023
  • 20 Prelims Mock tests
  • 15 Prelims Sectional tests
  • 10 Mains Mock tests
  • 15 Mains Sectional tests
SBI PO Prelims 2022

₹ 299

30th April, 2023
  • 20 Prelims Mock tests
  • 15 Prelims Sectional tests
SBI PO Prelims Mock and Sectional Tests

₹ 299

31st December, 2022
  • 20 Mock Tests
  • 15 Sectional Tests
SBI PO Prelims and Mains

₹ 399

31st December, 2022
  • 20 Prelims Mock
  • 10 Mains Mock
  • 30 Sectional Tests
SBI PO Mains Mock and Sectional Tests

₹ 275

31st December, 2022
  • 10 Mock Tests
  • 15 Sectional Tests


How many general vacancies were there in SBI PO 2021?

There were 810 general vacancies in SBI PO 2021 notification.

What’s the pay-scale for SBI PO 2022? +

The starting basic pay is 41,960/- (with 4 advance increments) in the scale of 36000-1490/7-46430-1740/2-49910-1990/7-63840 applicable to Junior Management Grade Scale-I.

Is 2 months preparation enough for SBI PO? +

It can be, especially for aspirants which have prepared over the course of last 2-3 months for exam like RRB PO, Clerk, IDBI, & SBI Clerk. You will have to follow a dedicated study plan.

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