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SBI Clerk 2022 Job Profile, Emoluments, Career Growth

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SBI Clerk- Job Profile, Emoluments & Career Growth

Here are all the details you wanted to know about SBI Clerk's salary & his/ her job responsibilities.

Job Profile of SBI Clerk

  • To work as a Single Window Operator (SWO) looking after the day-to-day activities of the bank such as
    • Opening bank accounts of new customers
    • Issuing demand drafts
    • Processing cheques
    • Handling rtgs/ neft
    • Cheque books requests etc.
  • To face customers, address their issues/ concerns, and provide them the right guidance
  • To work as a cashier as per the requirement
  • To verify documents, countersign and clear cheques/ drafts
  • To work on documentation and do routine tasks like ledger maintenance, balance tallying, data entry etc.
  • To market financial products of the bank such as loans, schemes, deposits etc.
  • To scrutinize applications to ensure that they are complete
  • To call customers to sell/ cross-sell banking services and advisory services

SBI Clerk Salary

The salary of an SBI Clerk will depend upon a number of factors. In a city like Mumbai, the salary will be around Rs 32,000. The pay scale is 17900- 1000/3- 20900- 1230/3- 24590- 1490/4- 30550- 1730/7- 42600- 3270/1- 45930- 1990/1- 47920. This simply means that you will have a starting salary of Rs 17,900 with an annual increment of Rs 1,000which will continue until the next 3 years. After 3 years your basic salary would have become Rs 18,900 and this calculation goes on until your basic salary becomes Rs 47,920 which is the maximum salary an SBI Clerk can get. Below are the allowances/ perks an SBI Clerk gets:

  • Dearness Allowance- This component is revised on a quarterly basis and is based on the CPI (Consumer Price Index).
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Special Allowance
  • Furniture Allowance
  • Reimbursement of Telephone bills
  • Pension (NPS)
  • Leave Fare
  • Medical Facilities

SBI Clerk Career Growth

Thanks to the fast track promotion process at SBI, the career growth of an SBI Clerk is relatively better than that of clerks of other banks. A clerk can reach up to the profile of General Manager. Promotions either happen in-cadre (in the clerical cadre itself) or to the officer cadre.

In-Cadre Promotion of an SBI Clerk

  • An employee who has completed 10 years of service will be promoted to ‘Senior Assistant' which carries a special allowance of Rs 1,800.
  • Similarly, those employees who have completed 20 & 30 years of service and gets promoted to ‘Senior Assistant' get a special allowance of Rs 2,500 & 3,500 respectively.

Officer Cadre Promotion of an SBI Clerk

  • An SBI Clerk can become a trainee officer if s/he has completed 3 years of service and cleared the written test & interview. There is a probation period of 2 years.
  • After the probation period ends, depending upon his performance, the trainee officer will be either recruited into MMGS-II (Middle Management Grade Scale) cadre or will be sent back to the clerical cadre.
  • After completing 6 years of service under the fast track promotion channel or after completing 12 years of service under normal promotion channel, a clerk can become a JMGS-I (Junior Manager Grade Scale). This promotion is subject to an upper age limit and s/he needs to clear a written test & interview.

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I am in the final year of graduation. Am I eligible?

Yes, a final year Graduate can also apply for the post. But your eligibility is subjected to the condition that if called for the interview, you will have to produce proof of having passed the graduation examination on or before 16th August 2021.

How many times I can appear for SBI Clerk 2022 exam? +

There is no such fixed number of attempts for this exam. If you satisfy all eligibility criteria, you can apply for this post.

What is the age limit for SBI Clerk 2022 exam? +

The age of the applicant should not be below 20 years and not above 28 years.

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