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Mentioning below is the Success Story of Rudri Cleared IBPS Clerk.

Please brief us on when did you start preparing for the competitive exams and how was your preparation journey

I started preparation in 2019. Basically I only gave banking exams. Journey was very tough as I wasn’t able to clear prelims for 2 years. Then during lockdown I cleared all basic concepts and then gave live and more mocks which helped me cleared all prelims from 2021. Only daily practice can help clear exams. For mains I just gave mocks and some video sessions.

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Which exams did you appear in till date and what were their results?


  • SBI ja pre failed
  • IBPS po and clerk pre failed
  • IBPS rrb po and clerk pre failed


  • SBI ja pre failed
  • IBPS clerk pre failed
  • IBPS rrb po and clerk pre failed


  • SBI ja mains failed
  • IBPS rrb po and clerk mains failed
  • IBPS clerk mains failed
  • IBPS po prelims failed


  • SBI ja mains failed
  • IBPS rrb po and clerk mains failed
  • IBPS po mains failed
  • RBI assistant prelims failed

Finally selected in IBPS clerk in Indian bank.

How did you prepare for the English section?

For english reading is the key. I used to watch Nimisha Bansal’s editorial and perfection classes. And then gave mocks from practicemock. Practicemock topic quiz, sectional quiz, mini mocks and full mocks all are very helpful. For english I gave daily quizzes and wrote some vocabs seperately. Perfection classes are also very helpful in exams for new patterns.

How did you prepare for the Quantitative Aptitude section?

For quant I cleared basics from Aashish Arora. He is quant guru. I started watching his classes and cleared basics and then gave mocks from practice mock. Quant is all about practice so I used to solve questions daily 1-2 hrs. Data interpretation and arithmetic are very important so solved. questions daily from practicemock. Practicemock questions are tougher but they will be very helpful in exams. You will feel exam questions are really easy.

How did you prepare for the Reasoning section?

For reasoning I followed Puneet Sharma initially for clearing basics. Then I solved mock questions from practice mock i.e puzzles, miscellaneous, logical reasoning, input output etc. I solved mains level Puzzles daily atleast 2-3 puzzles. Practicemock content is best as they provide high level questions which are useful in exams. Only practice can clear and increase speed in puzzles and other reasoning questions.

What was your strategy for the General Awareness section?

I used to follow affairs cloud daily PDF for current affairs. Used to make notes of each topics and revise on weekends. And solved mocks from practice mock. Solved CA quizzes from other platforms too. Also followed best 300 Gaurav Garg videos.

RBI Assistant Prelims Free Mock Test 2023

What was your strategy for the Computer Awareness section?

For computer Sachin Arora’s video is more than enough. Just follow him blindly and revise his PDF 2-3 times and give as many mocks as you can.

What was your overall strategy? Did you follow a study schedule? If yes, please share the details

There was no such specific schedule but tried to do every subject daily. You can’t miss one day preparation. All practice mock material I followed. In morning completed CA and did practice for english .Quizzes mocks and perfection and Hindu editorial. Then solved quant and reasoning mains level questions daily 2-3 puzzles and data interpretation and arithmetic too. Also 1 month before prelims solved 2-3 prelims mock daily. Full mocks for mains is very important. So before prelims I used to attempt mains mock 2-3 days a week and after prelims on alternative days. Whatever may be the marks but analysis is very important. In pre as well as mains.

Did you face any hurdle as well? How did you overcome it?

I faced a lot of hurdles as I was very weak in studies specially in quant and CA. But by daily practice this hurdle can be overcomes. Once basics are clear quant is very interesting subject. And for CA daily or weekly pdf study can help you reduce burden. I failed in many exams but regular studies and consistency helped me clear exams . This 3 years preparation journey was very tough but i never quitted. And after failing in exams I stood up more stronger. Obviously there are family pressure but you have to study harder daily.

RBI Assistant Prelims Free Mock Test 2023

Did PracticeMock help you in your success? Please elaborate

Obviously. I blindly followed practice mock for every subject. Be it puzzle or data interpretation or english questions may be tougher but exams oriented very useful and you will find exam easy. All topic,mini,full, sectional quizzes and mocks are more than enough for any exam.

RBI Assistant Prelims Free Mock Test 2023

What’s your message for the fellow aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams?

Never give up on any exam. Be it banking or any other exam. Learn from failure, analyse your weak areas, and study more harder. Stay away from negative and social media for some time.

This brings us to the end of the article. We sincerly hope that these success stories keep motivating you at all times so that you keep working hard to achieve your goal of clearing these competitive exams.

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