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Competitive banking, government and insurance exams are all basically based on a very stringent factor which is time. In order to ace these examinations candidates must have to be sure of one thing which is the calculation speed. Due to the coronavirus outbreak most of the reputed organizations and almost all banking, government and insurance exams have been postponed, thus it is the right time to enhance your calculation speed while staying at home. In this lockdown situation due to COVID-19 check the preparation strategy for Bank exams. Moreover, it is the right time to keep practicing mock tests and try out these ways in order to increase your calculation speed. In this article we will let the aspirants know few effective tips as how they can enhance their calculation speed while sitting and studying at home.

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Calculations are generally a part of the Quantitative Aptitude section of the banking exams. This section is usually termed as tough by the aspirants as it involves lot of calculations and in order to get through those questions one must really have a fast calculation speed. So, mentioning in this article few ways by which an aspirant can practice to increase his calculation speed so that he can ace the Quants section of any exam.

Practice is the only key to success here and with the right amount of practice this goal of increasing calculation speed is achievable too. The best way is to practice mock tests of upcoming exams in the given time frame. Other than this some effective ways and tips are:

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Mathematical Operations

As far as banking exam aspirants are concerned, they are to learn tables till 20 at least and to enhance the calculation speed they must know the square values till 25. Learning these mathematical operations by heart will help in quick approximations thus, choosing the right option. Four fundamental operations are to be learnt to perform orally including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as these are the primary mathematical operations.

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Practice Mock Tests

For improving your calculation speed, regular practice of mock tests is necessary. Try and take free mock tests of all upcoming exams in the allotted time frame only. Try to complete the mock test in that time, however if you are not able to do so that means there still some calculation slowness that needs to be corrected.

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Practice Quant Section Primarily

Quantitative Aptitude is one section which majorly involves calculations and is often a tough and a time-consuming section. Download PracticeMock app and attempt quant related quizzes. While you are practicing mock tests make sure that you practice quant section primarily.

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Improve Mental Mathematical Skills

Improving visualization skills is very important if you want to increase your calculation speed. Learn to train your brain to perform calculations in your mind without using pen and paper. Pick random numbers and apply mathematical operations as it will enhance your mental mathematical skills.

Prepare a Schedule

Discipline is quint essential for an aspirant who wants to clear banking exam. figure out the most productive part of your day and try to practice more during that. Usually early morning time is the best; however, it can differ from person to person.

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Match Speed as per the Sectional Timing

Almost all banking exams there are sectional timings which says that in order to solve a particular section aspirant will get stipulated time. So, the best way to increase your calculation speed is to practice questions according to the time allotted for the section.

Shortcut Tips & Tricks

If the aspirants will have to finish the quantitative aptitude section in the given time then it is important that you learn all shortcut tips and tricks involved to solve any particular type of question. Following these adequate techniques will help you increase calculation speed.

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Increase Practice Time

Practice, practice, practice is what all is required here. However, practicing does not mean that you pick, choose and solve very basic questions. Rather, the level of practicing should be such that one should be able to solve tough mathematical questions by doing calculations orally. The standard of questions should be of a banking exam level.

When we talk about increasing calculation speed, make sure that as an aspirant you don’t compromise on accuracy. Calculation speed and accuracy both goes hand in hand as we cannot compromise one for the other. These are some of the tips we have to increase your calculation speed while staying at home and doing self-study during the lockdown.

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