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  • Punjab Exams
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AAI Exams
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Agriculture Exams
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ECGC PO Salary - Check all details

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ECGC PO Salary & Job Profile 2022

Before we begin the discussion of the ECGC PO's salary & job profile, let us first understand who an ECGC PO is and what does he do. The ECGC PO probationary officer is an entry-level post. The position offers attractive salaries and perks as well as lets one work in a challenging job profile. ECGC PO is a financial service institution. It falls under the Ministry Of Commerce Government Of India. The Reserve Bank, along with the government representatives, governs it. The main aim of an ECGC PO is export promotion, but along with that, they also offer many other services like credit insurance coverage to the Indian exporters who may encounter some issues when collecting payments from buyers. The ECGC PO also offers credit insurance cover to the banks and other credit institutions to extend enough credit facilities for exports. If you are appearing for the ECGC PO exam, then it is very important to know the ECGC PO salary & job profile 2022 to understand what will be expected of you.

ECGC PO Job Profile

  • The ECGC PO plays a crucial role as the insurance provider for the export business
  • They interact with customers like exports and bankers, for which they need to possess great communication and interaction skills.
  • They need to deal with all the export transactions, and their profile can be ranked as a medium to high pressure.
  • Usually, an ECGC PO works in a location for three years minimum before he is transferred to a new location.

ECGC PO Salary & Job Profile 2022: Salary Breakup

Pay Scale 53600-2645(14)-90630-2865(4)-102090
Basic PayINR 53600 (Given Increment for 14 Years = INR 2645/-)
Basic Pay after 14 yearsINR 90630(Given Increment for 4 Years = INR 2845/-)
Maximum Basic PayINR 102090
Cost to Company (CTC)Rs.12 LPA – Rs.17 LPA Approx.

Let us understand the ECGC PO salary & job profile 2022 in detail. The salary of the ECGC PO is set according to the 7th pay commission. The average pay is ₹53600 per month. Along with the salary, an ECGC PO is also eligible for allowances given to any central government employee. The above pay is the basic pay for the first 14 years. The ECGC PO gets a yearly increment of ₹2645. In the next phase, the ECGC PO will receive a salary of ₹90630 per month for four years and will get a yearly increment of ₹2845. The final pay is ₹102090 per month, which is also the maximum pay that an ECGC PO will get.

Apart from the pay, there are several allowances that an ECGC PO enjoys. These include:

  • House lease reimbursement
  • Transport allowance
  • House rent allowance (HRA)
  • Newspaper allowance
  • Dearness allowance
  • Mobile handset allowance
  • Briefcase allowance
  • Furniture allowance
  • Meal coupons
  • Household allowance
  • Mobile bill reimbursement
  • City compensatory allowance (CCA)
  • Medical allowance

ECGC PO Salary & Job Profile 2022: Understanding the Allowances

The ECGC PO allowance is paid over and above the basic salary. There are rules to how these allowances are paid. 

  • The HRA is a monthly payment.
  • Furniture allowance is paid once every five years.
  • The DA is 46.9% to 75% of the basic pay, and as per the job location
  • The HRA is set at 7% to 10% of the basic pay
  • The City Compensatory Allowance or CCA at 3% to 4% of the basic pay also depends on the location.
  • The transport allowance is fixed at ₹1,330 per month.

ECGC PO Salary & Job Profile 2022: Other benefits 

There are other ECGC PO salary & job profile 2022 benefits too that an ECGC PO enjoys along with his salary.

  • Pension scheme contribution where the employee contributes 10% of the combined value of the basic pay and the dearness allowance towards a pension fund.
  • Group insurance of 50 lakhs
  • A group saving linked insurance of 8 lakhs
  • GTS insurance worth ₹10 lakhs
  • A mediclaim coverage for the employee and the dependent for up to 40 lakhs
  • A leave travel concession or LTC of ₹4,500 per 1000 km for their onward and return journey and a 2nd class AC fare for the employee and his family every two years
  • A leave travel concession once in a year for the ECGC PO to travel to their hometown
  • The ECGC PO also gets a bonus called the Productivity-linked lump-sum incentive (PLLI), which is only given to those working in the banking and the financial services

ECGC PO Salary Deductions

  • The ECGC PO salary has similar deductions to that of any central government employee. This includes pension, provident fund and income tax.


It is important to know the ECGC PO salary & job profile before you fill up the ECGC PO form. Once you know your job responsibilities, the salaries and perks that you are entitled to make, then things become transparent, and you thus get serious about your preparation for the ECGC PO examination. Read all about the ECGC PO salary & job profile 2022 on the official website.

Pricing Plan

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ECGC PO (2022)

₹ 199

30th April, 2023
  • 5 Mock Tests


1. What is the total number of ECGC PO Vacancy 2022 available?

The total number of 75 vacancies has been released for ECGC PO.

As per the ECGC PO salary & job profile 2022, what is the in-hand salary that an ECGC PO will receive? +

As per the ECGC PO salary & job profile 2022, ECGC PO's in-hand salary is calculated by using the basic pay, deductions and allowances. The amount varies as per the grade and deductions. On average, an ECGC PO will receive an in-hand pay of ₹53,029 per month.

Is there any work experience stated in the ECGC PO eligibility? +

The candidates do not necessarily need to have any work experience to meet the ECGC PO eligibility criteria. However, if a candidate has any adverse remark from the previous employer, then their candidature will stand cancelled.

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