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I started in 2017 but wasn’t able to clear prelims until SBI Junior Associate in 2018. This is my success story that I am sharing with PracticeMock in order to help my fellow aspirants.

Arnab Bhattacharya’s Success Story

I started in 2017 but wasn’t able to clear prelims untill SBI Junior Associate in 2018. Then someone suggested me PracticeMock app for preparation. At first I was having difficulty to match up with the level of PM, but gradually I started to improve. Then I was able to clear almost every prelims, but again I was getting stuck on mains. I missed SBI junior Associate 2020 by only 0.75 marks. But still I knew that I could do it. Then the big break came as RRB officer Scale I for which I have been allotted Assam Gramin Vikas Bank.

IBPS Clerk prelims free mock test 2021

Exams which I appeared in till date are mentioned below:

  • SBI JA 2018 mains missed dreadfully.
  • FCI assistant mains missed by 2 marks.
  • NYK accounts clerk typing test not qualified after scoring 147 in mains.
  • LIC assistant mains missed by 4 marks.
  • SBI JA 2019 missed by 6 marks.
  • IBPS Clerk 2019 missed by 4marks.
  • SBI JA 2020 missed by 0.75 (hoping for waiting list)
  • RRB PO mains and interview – cracked

Section-wise Preparation Strategy

English Section Preparation Strategy

I have the habit of reading novels since childhood so I never really had to put stress on preparing english. I just gave mini mocks from PracticeMock. By God’s grace I have never scored less than 28 in any mains exam in english.

Quantitative Aptitude Section Preparation Strategy

Talking about Quants, PM is the best app if you are really serious about cracking a banking exam. Generally it’s questions are a bit more difficult than actual questions that are asked in exam. If you can master the mocks in PM, the exam will seem easier. DI is the game changer for Mains, so I was basically practicing a lot of DIs on regular basis so that an ability grows in me to quickly see the ways by which I can reach the answer. To grow this thing is important as atleast 2/3 DIs are to be solved in mains.

Reasoning Section Preparation Strategy

In reasoning the only thing that is needed is practice, practice and practice. There’s no other way. Just give mocks, analyze, again give mocks, again analyze. The analysis is very very important to determine the strengths and weaknesses so that those areas can be strengthened. I guess not everyone analyzes mocks after attempting. But analysis is more important than actually giving the mock. PM mocks play an important role as the level of questions are very much exam centric.

Practice Reasoning Topic Wise Quizzes

General Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

I used to watch daily videos on youtube and make short notes from them. I also took AffairsCloud monthly pdfs and read them throughout 15/20times. What it does is, you remember the news by looking at the options. But revising every month’s pdf 15/20times is great. If it can be done, there’s no stopping.

Overall Strategy, Study Schedule & Challenges Faced

My study hours were 6am to 9am then again 6:30pm to 11pm on working days and 9am to 2pm, then 5pm to 11pm during Holidays. That was fixed. Nobody could break the routine. I generally studied GK in the morning, Quants and Reasoning afterwards. I used to take a new exercise book, write date on it, and challenge myself to finish all the pages as early as possible. I purchased PM pass. So every mock was accessible to me. I used to submit some mocks, then gradually finish them taking time. That helped me to build concept of each paper.

I work as a school teacher. So I had to work from 9:30 to 3pm in working days. I used to be tired but still used to finish my targeted study for the day. I used to watch motivational videos of Les Brown, Eric Thomas to motivate myself and to never give up. I failed 6 mains exams, before cracking RRB PO. So giving up was never an option.

How did PracticeMock help you?

The question level of practice mock is excellent. If one can master these, mains exams will seem easy. I purchased a pass to access all the mocks and started solving them. I used to submit first then go and solve the questions gradually keeping 3/4 mocks to attempt before exam under time limit.

Message to the Fellow Aspirants

Never give up. Just never. Sometimes you’ll feel the urge to quit and that’s normal. But if you give up, you’ll lose anyway. So to win, you must get going. But yes, hard work is the key. You can’t just dream and expect someone to fulfill them for you. Your dream, you have to achieve. It’s possible. Just keep going.

This is all from us in this article. You can also submit your success story if you have cleared any exam.

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