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As we all know that there is no information yet regarding RRB NTPC exam 2019, aspirants can take this as an opportunity to study as hard and smart as they can. According to a recent notification the RRB NTPC 1st stage CBT has been postponed and the revised schedule will be shared soon.

RRB NTPC Free Mock

RRB NTPC is one of the prominent upcoming exams of the Railways. As per the RRB NTPC exam 2019 notification the Railway Recruitment Board announces a total of 35,277 vacancies for multiple posts.  

Those who have applied for the RRB NTPC exam must keep on preparing for this exam. Attempt a free mock test for RRB NTPC and analyse your exam preparation levels. In this article we are here with a complete list of different Branches of Biology that shall help you in preparing for your RRB NTPC exam better.

RRB NTPC free mock
S. No. Branch Definition
1 Aerobiology It is the study of airborne organic particles
2 Anatomy  Branch of biology which studies internal structure of organisms and their parts
3   Agriology study of customs, cultures of nonliterate people
4 Allometry Study of biological scaling
5 Agronomy Branch that deals with study of crops and the soils 
6 Aphidology Study of Aphids
7 Agrostology Branch of botany concerned with study of grasses
8 Archaeobiology Study of ancient times through archaeological materials
9 Arthrology Study of joints and articulations
10 Bioengineering Branch that applies engineering principles to study living things
11 Biogeography Study of the geographical distribution of living things
12 Biophysics Branch that studies how biological systems work by applying theories of physics
13 Botany Study of plants
14 Biomusicology  Study of music from a biological point of view
15 Bioinformatics Study to extract knowledge from biological data by using computation
16 Bacteriology Study of Bacteria
17 Biocybernetics Application of cybernetics to Biological Sciences
18 Biotechnology Use of living systems and organisms in Industrial processes
19 Biomedical research study of health and disease
20 Biomechanics study of the mechanics of living beings
21 Cognitive biology study of cognition as a natural biological function
22 Cryobiology Branch that studies the effects of low temperatures on living things
23 Cytology study of cells
24 Conservation biology study of preservation, restoration, and protection of the natural environment
25 Ctetology Study of acquired characters
26 Craniology scientific study of skulls of humans
27 Cytology Study of detailed structure of cells
28 Cardiology Study of heart disorders
29 Developmental biology Study of the process by which animals and plants develop
30 Embryology Studies the prenatal development of gametes, fertilization, and development of embryos and fetuses
31 Epidemiology study of health and disease conditions of populations
32 Endocrinology study of hormones
33 Entomology study of insects
34 Ecology study of the relationships of living things to each other and to the environment
35 Etiology study of causation, or origination
36 Eugenics Study as how to improve the human race by encouraging reproduction by people with desirable traits
37 Exobiology Branch that deals with the possibility and likely nature of life on other planets or in space
38 Euphenics Treatment of heredity defect through genetic engineering
39 Evolutionary biology study of the origin and formation of new species
40 Fishery Breeding, rearing and marketing of fishes
41 Fermentation Process that produces chemical changes in organic substrates through the action of enzymes
42 Forensic Biology Application of Biology to law enforcement
43 Forestry Science of creating, conserving and repairing forests
44 Food Technology Branch of food science
45 Floriculture Branch concerned with the cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants
46 Genetics Study of heredity and the lifelong development of living things
47 Gynaecology Study of female reproductive organ
48 Gastroenterology Branch that focusses on digestive system and its disorders
49 Genetic Engineering Manipulation of gene using biotechnology
50 Glycobiology Study of the structure, biosynthesis, and biology of saccharides
51 Gerontology study of psychological, cognitive, social, cultural and biological aspects of ageing
52 Herpetology study of reptiles and amphibians
53 Histology study of tissues
54 Haematology Study of the prognosis, cause, treatment, and prevention of blood related diseases
55 Helminthology Study of parasitic worms
56 Hygiene Science of taking care of health
57 Hepatology Study of Liver
58 Hydroponics Study of growing plants without soil
59 Hydrobiology Science of life and life processes in water
60 Integrative biology Study of whole organisms
61 Ichthyology Branch that deals with fishes
62 Immunology Branch that studies immune systems in all organisms
63 Katology Study of beauty of humans
64 Karyology Study of the structure and function of cell nuclei
65 Koniology science that deals with dust in relation with effects on health
66 Kinesiology scientific study of human body movement
67 Limnology  study of inland waters
68 Lichenology Branch that studies lichens
69 Lipidology scientific study of lipids
70 Marine biology study of ecosystems of the ocean
71 Mammology study of mammals
72 Microbiology study of microorganisms
73 Mycology study of fungi
74 Mastology Study of breasts
75 Morphology Study of the forms of things
76 Malacology Branch that deals with the study of the Mollusca
77 Medicine Study of treating disease by drug
78 Mammography Branch of science that deals in early detection of breast cancer
79 Mechanobiology Study of interface of Biology and Engineering
80 Molecular Biology Branch that concerns the molecular basis of biological activity between biomolecules
81 Nanobiology Study of biological functions at the nanoscale
82 Neonatology Study and medical care of newborn infants
83 Neurology Branch dealing with disorders of the nervous system
84 Nephrology Study of kidneys and their functions
85 Nosology Branch that deals with the classification of diseases
86 Ornithology Study of birds
87 Osteology Scientific study of bones
88 Odontology scientific study of the structure and diseases of teeth
89 Organology Study of the organs of plants and animals
90 Obstetrics Science related pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period
91 Ontogeny Branch that deals with ontogenesis.  
92 Ornithology Study of birds
93 Ophiology Study of snakes
94 Orthopaedic Diagnosis and treatment of joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments
95 Oncology Branch that deals with diagnosis, and treatment of cancer
96 Olericulture Science of vegetable growing
97 Pathology Study of diseases, generally in animals
98 Phyology Study of algae
99 Protozoology Study of one-celled organisms
100 Zoology Study of animals

We hope that the above compilation of important Biology Branches will be useful in your preparation. Also, don’t forget to take a Free Mock Test of RRB NTPC. Get to know your weak areas and put extra efforts to improve upon them.

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