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  • Banking & Insurance
  • Regulatory
  • SSC/Railway Exams
  • Agriculture Exams
  • Punjab Exams

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Manik Pathak


In whole preparation journey PracticeMock was like constant companion who never betrayed , the level of questions they are offering is simply outstanding, I can say that I owe part of my success to PracticeMock

Ankit Kumar Lohani


PracticeMock offers variety of questions to practice which are of the same level as that of the actual exam. Mocks are as per the latest exam pattern.

Rishu Tiwari


PracticeMock's quality of mocks is actual exam level.

Nishant Anand


PracticeMock's mock tests & Current Affairs helped me a lot.

Sahil Kajal


PracticeMock helped me in improving the marks & also helped me in improving my confidence in writing the real exam.

Bhoomika Sharma

SBI Clerk

PracticeMock's mocks are above the level of actual exam. So, if one can score good in it, they will definitely do good in exams.

Shivam Jaiswal

RRB Clerk

Clear basic concepts & then practice from PracticeMock's tests

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We know money matters and that is why we have made our products affordable for all without the need for heavy discounts.

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Analytics work when they are insightful and actionable. We bring just that and tell you in simple terms where you need to focus.

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Comparison with thousands of test takers all over the country gives you a better idea about your preparation and progress

Detailed Solutions

Elaborate solutions to every question help you understand your mistakes and in improving your future performance

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Our content is what brings people back to us every time. We continuously research and try to outperform ourselves and everyone else

Adaptive Learning

Your learning must reflect your preparation. Adaptive Learning helps you start from the level you are at and then takes you higher

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