Decimal to Fraction List- For SSC Exams
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Several of SSC exams are around the corner. Have you taken a Free Mock of SSC GD exam. If not, take it now and know your All-India Rank. For more practice, you can also solve previous year papers of SSC exams completely free on PracticeMock platform. Ensure that you get started with the revision now. You need to revise different topics across the 4 sections viz. General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Knowledge & General Awareness, Elementary Mathematics & English/ Hindi. To help you in your revision, we have come up with this article where we will be discussing about the benefits of decimal to fraction conversion. Let’s get started.

There are a number of topics in the elementary mathematics section which use decimal in the questions making it look complicated and difficult to solve. These topics are Profit & Loss, Averages, Approximation & Simplification, Ratio & Proportion, Partnership & Percentage. For eg. sample the below questions:

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Example 1

Which of the below series are arranged in ascending order?

  1. ⅓, ⅗, ⅕, ⅚, 7/9 
  2. ⅕, ⅓, ⅗, 7/9, ⅚
  3. ⅚, ⅓, ⅗, ⅕ ,7/9
  4. ⅕, ⅓, ⅗, ⅚, 7/9

Now, if you calculate the decimal value of each fraction and then arrange it, it would take a lot of time. But if you have the decimal value memorized, you can arrange it instantaneously without picking up a pen.

Example 2

One fourth of one third of two fifth of a number is 15. What will be 40% of that number

To answer this question you should start with 15 and multiply the inverted fractions one by one.

15 x 5/2 x 3/1 x 4/1


Now 40% is nothing but ⅖

So 450 x ⅖ = 180

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Example 3

0.000006723 when expressed in scientific notation, is

(A) 6723 × 10^-5

(B) 67.23 × 10^7

(C) 6.723 × 10^-6

(D) 6.723 × 10^-7

Answer is 6.723 × 10^-6

Example 4

The place value of 9 in 0.06945 is

(A) 9/10

(B) 9/100

(C) 9/1000

(D) 9

Answer is 9/1000

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Multiplying decimals is generally considered difficult than multiplying fractions. It really depends on the situation whether you should use decimals or vulgar fractions. And therefore the below list of fractions and their corresponding decimals and percentage value will be very helpful. We suggest that rather than memorizing the below list you should practice a number of questions on quantitative aptitude. In fact, you should practice so well that you memorize these values. Have a look at the values.

Decimals, Vulgar Fractions & Percentage Values


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We hope that this table will be helpful in your preparation. Start Practicing Now with the help of mock tests.

Wishing you good luck with your preparation!

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