RBI Grade B Study Plan 2024
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RBI Grade B Study Plan

RBI Grade B Study Plan 2024: The Reserve Bank of India is the central banking institution in India handling the functioning of government and private sector banks. RBI Grade B job is a stepping stone for aspirants who want to start a career in banking. Cracking such highly competitive exams needs a well-planned schedule and practicing questions. Candidates should know the RBI Grade B Exam Pattern and Syllabus to start preparation. Make a schedule with a 100% execution mindset. We have framed a 100-day RBI Grade B Study Plan to align your preparation in the right direction.

RBI Grade B Study Plan 2024 for 100 Days Master Strategy

Execution of the RBI Grade B Study Plan is only possible when the aspirant is well-equipped with the syllabus and exam pattern of RBI Grade B Exam 2024. Take time to know what topics to cover for Phases 1 and 2 in your 100 Days of Journey. We have provided a complete study plan for RBI Grade B so that, aspirants have sufficient time to get concepts cleared with mock tests practice. Start to strengthen concepts by preparing notes for Reasoning, English, General Awareness, and Quantitative Aptitude sections.

Take a look at the RBI Grade B 100 Days Study Plan compiled in table format.

DaysReasoningQuantitative AptitudeEnglishGeneral Awareness
1-4Logical   ReasoningSimplificationReading ComprehensionBanking Terms
5-9Solve Logical Reasoning Question BankPractice Simplification Question BankReading Comprehension Question BankTake Current Affairs Quiz
10-14Alphanumeric SeriesMixtures AlligationsCloze TestGovernment Schemes
15-19Practice Alphanumeric Series QuestionsPractice Mixture Alligation Question BankPractice Cloze Test Question BankRevise Government Schemes Notes
20-24Ranking/Direction/Alphabet TestSimple Interest & Compound InterestFill in the blanksTake Current Affairs Quiz
25-29Take Ranking/Direction/Alphabet Test Question BankRevise SI & CI Formula & Solve QuestionsRevise Grammar NotesIndian Banking Systems
30-34Data SufficiencyMensuration – Cylinder, Cone, SpherePara jumblesIndian Financial System
36-39Take Data Sufficiency Question Bank for PracticeSolve Mensuration QuestionsSolve Para Jumbles Question BankRevise Current Affairs
40-44Coded InequalitiesPermutation, Combination &ProbabilityParagraph CompletionPractice Indian Financial System Question Bank
45-49Seating ArrangementPractice Permutation, Combination & Probability Question BankSolve Paragraph Completion QuestionsSolve Indian Banking System Questions
50-54PuzzleSequence & SeriesMultiple Meaning /Error SpottingRevise Notes on Indian Banking & Financial System
55-59TabulationSequence & Series Question BankSolve Error Spotting QuestionsPractice Current Affairs Question Bank
60-64SyllogismNumber SystemsFill in the BlanksMonetary Plans
65-69Practice Syllogism Question BankSolve Number Systems Question BankPractice Reading Comprehension Question BankTake Monetary Plans Question Bank
70-74Blood RelationsRatio & Proportion, PercentageSolve Para Jumbles Question BankRevise Current Affair Notes
75-79Solve Question Bank on Coding-DecodingSolve Question Bank Ratio & Proportion, PercentageRevise Grammar TopicsNational Institutions
80-84Practice Input Output Question BankData InterpretationRevise Vocabulary NotesBanking Terms
85-89Revise Input Output NotesProfit & Loss Question Bank for PracticeFill in the Blanks Question BankRevise Current Affairs Notes
90-94Revise Reasoning NotesWork & TimeSolve Para Jumbles Question BankGovernment Schemes
95Revise RBI Grade B Notes Reasoning
96Revise Quantitative Aptitude Notes
97Attempt RBI Grade B Mock Test 
98Revise English Notes
99Attempt RBI Grade B Mock Test
100Take RBI Grade B Mock Test

RBI Grade B Study Plan, Day-Wise Schedule

Candidates aiming to target RBI Grade B have to prioritize routine schedules to cover topics in Phases 1 and 2 together. A well-planned RBI Grade Study Plan 2024 for 100 days to focus on extensive questions practice and revision can boost scores in exams.

Day 1- Day 20: Analyze RBI Grade B Syllabus & Practice Questions

Candidates should give time to analyze and understand RBI Grade B Exam Pattern and Syllabus. The preparation for Phases 1 and 2 starts together. Start to cover topics in Quantitative, Reasoning, and English. Make Notes and practice questions.

Day 21- Day 40: Revise & Practice Reasoning & English Questions

Aspirants should start preparing for the Reasoning and English section for Phase 1. Make topic-wise notes to cover all important concepts. Take the previous year’s questions to know the level of questions. Solve topic-wise questions for Reasoning and English sections. Make a habit to enhance vocabulary knowledge by learning new words.

Day 41- Day 60: Prepare for the Quantitative Aptitude Section

Quantitative Aptitude is a tricky section in the RBI Grade B exam. Don’t focus on solving all the questions in the exam. Make a point to solve 14-16 questions with 100% accuracy in achieving qualifying cut-off marks. Begin your Quantitative Aptitude exam by preparing to make notes, solve questions, and take section-wise tests. Know your strong topics in Quant and try to attempt those questions on a priority basis in the exam.

Day 61-Day 80: General Awareness Preparation

The General Awareness section covers questions from finance and banking awareness. Candidates have to focus on solving long statement-based questions. RBI started asking long statement-type questions in Phase 1 from 2023. Revise current affairs from the last 6-8 months.

Day 81-Day 100: Solve RBI Grade B Mock Tests & Past Year’s Questions

In the last revision round, candidates start to attempt RBI Grade B Mock Tests to know strong and weak areas. Practicing mocks gives the confidence to frame exam strategies and handle tricky questions. Begin with attempting the previous year’s questions to understand paper patterns.

Preparation Tips for RBI Grade B Exam

A combination of planning and successful execution can pave your transformational journey from aspirant to RBI Grade B officer. Apply consistent efforts with a positive approach. Follow general preparation tips to study for RBI Grade B 2024.

Tip 1: Cover Important Formulas in Notes

Aspirants should maintain a separate notebook for Quant, Reasoning, English, and General Awareness to cover all important formulas and topics. Use your notes for quick last-minute revision before RBI Grade B. It gives you glimpse of topics in the revision round.

Tip 2: Solve RBI Grade B Mock Tests

Make a routine schedule to solve RBI Grade B Mock Tests. Attempting mocks makes you well-versed in exam-like conditions. You are efficient enough to handle tricky questions asked in the Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning sections. Don’t get into any guesswork to lose 1/4 mark in negative marking.

Tip 3: Time Management

Qualifying for RBI Grade B demands quick decision-making and time management skills to face questions in Phases 1 and 2. Take mocks seriously to make plans on how to attempt a 200-question paper in 120 minutes. Make a combination of easy & tough subjects to face the real exam. Start your Phase 1 with English and move to attempt questions in Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness, and Reasoning.

Tip 4: Focus on Improve Concepts

Only conceptual knowledge can help to get quick and accurate attempts in RBI Grade B. Focus on concepts clarity in Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude sections rather than rote learning. Solve questions and track your performance.

Tip 5: Review Mock Test Performance

After attempting RBI Grade B Mocks, it’s time to know your performance. Take a look to know your sectional and overall performance in mock tests. So that, you know strong and weak areas.

Tip 6: Follow Healthy Lifestyle

Covering RBI Grade B vast syllabus can be stressful and tiring. Aspirants should give time to mind refreshing activities meditation, yoga, walking, and listening to soothing music. Following such activities refreshes your mind to start again for exam preparation.

Tip 7: Notes Revision

RBI Grade exam covers a vast syllabus in Phases 1 and 2. Candidates should be involved in frequent revisions covering a list of important topics. Revise current affairs of last 6-8 months to improve answer writing skills in Economic & Social Issues, Finance & Management, and English.

Tip 8: Take Past Year’s Questions

Aspirants should collect RBI Grade B Past Year’s Papers to solve them to know the questions difficulty level and pattern asked in the online exam. In Phase 1, objective-based questions are covered. Candidates get a combination of objective and descriptive in English, Economic & Social Issues, and Finance & Management sections in the Phase 2 exam.

Tip 9: Improve Weak Areas

To prepare for RBI Grade B, candidates should make a schedule to improve weak areas. Know your performance on mocks attempted to strong and weak areas. Make strategies to focus on weak areas to boost scores.

Tip 10: Start Reading Newspapers

Read newspapers regularly to stay updated with banking and financial awareness news on RBI Grade B. Take a particular newspaper The Hindu, Indian Express, Live Mint, and The Financial Express.

RBI Grade B Phase 1 PDF Course

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A 100-day RBI Grade B Study Plan based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus gives an advantage to cover all topics for Phases 1 and 2. Aspirants can stay ahead in the competition solving mock tests on priority. Follow the 100-Day Study Plan and tips with dedication to achieve qualifying scores in the RBI Grade B exam 2024.

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