Expected Descriptive Topics for IBPS PO 2021-22
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Expected Descriptive Topics for IBPS PO: Even if you clear IBPS PO prelims and you get everything right in all the sections of mains as well but you will still be left with the descriptive writing section. The letter and essay writing will be the final piece of the test in a written form.

Expected Descriptive Topics for IBPS PO 2021-22 – Essay

  1. Availing Online Education to all and its challenges on its way
  2. How to bring back normalcy in economy among the general public
  3. Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Tourism Industry
  4. Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Real Estate Business
  5. Scope of 5G technology in India
  6. Handling depression among the masses owing to Covid-19 pandemic
  7. Ensuring employments after the lockdown
  8. Acquisitions and Mergers of banks
  9. Privatisation of Banks and its ill effects on the masses
  10. Handling bad banks
  11. Disinvestment of PSUs
  12. Promoting UPIs among the masses: Their advantages and disadvantages
  13. Challenges before Nationalized Banks
  14. Promotion of Electric vehicles
  15. Challenges on the way to digital India
  16. World’s largest vaccination program of India

IBPS PO Mains Topics for Letter Writing Practice

Letter writing if you have any experience of this is easier than writing an essay. Most of the candidates find it easier compared to the essay. Below mentioned are a few examples of letter writing topics:

1. Write a letter to your branch manager for insufficient funds in ATM.

2. Letter to the GM of a Bank for Failure transaction on UPI

3. Write a letter to the bank manager informing him/ her about the loss of your ATM card and requesting them to urgently block your ATM.

4. Write a letter to your friend encouraging and wishing him/ her about their civil service examination, that he/she is about to take.

5. Write a letter to the Bank Manager for reissuing the ATM Card.

6. Write a letter to the Bank Manager to assign a separate locker from a nearby bank.

7. Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper alerting the public about increasing cases of cybercrime.

8. Write a letter to the Bank Manager to assign a separate counter for senior citizens.

9. Write a letter to your friend telling your experience on a foreign trip.

10. Write a letter to an editor on types of pollution and on the ways of tackling them.

11. Write a letter to your friend to start his own startup.

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Expected Descriptive Topics for IBPS PO

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