4 Steps to Fine-tune your Banking Exams Preparation
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A lot of banking exams will be taking place in this new year 2024 and there is going to be a lot of competition. Lakhs of applicants will be applying for these vacancies. To outsmart all of your competitors and to be in the top 90 percentile, it is imperative that you devote yourself completely into the preparation. A number of notifications of banking exams will be released and their Prelims and Mains exams will be taking place. It’s for this reason that we have come with 4 steps to finetune your preparation

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With more questions to be answered in less time, the prelims exam of banking exams is more of a rejection test than a selection one. This test rejects all those applicants who can’t achieve a certain cut-off as ascertained by the authority. So you need to practice in a way so as to increase your speed along with keeping a tab on your accuracy as negative marking of 0.25 mark is in place. Take a Mock Test Free of Cost to assess your preparatory level. A Mock Test simulates the actual test in terms of no. of questions, their difficulty level, time-limit etc. When you take a mock test, you are instantly provided a report briefing you of several parameters like your weak areas, sections where you spent unusually high time, your rank & percentile amongst other things.

Focus on your weak areas

It’s important to keep putting extra efforts on your weak areas so as to improve your performance in the succeeding tests. Allot a certain time in a day to refresh the concepts and practice questions on those areas. If need be, take help from several of the online videos in getting to know the shortcuts. You should also focus on questions which you answered incorrectly as you wouldn’t want the same mistake to be repeated in the actual exam. Also, if the report says that you spent unusually high time on some questions, do some introspection on how can you spend less time (and consequently save some time for other questions). Putting continuous & consistent efforts on your weak areas will definitely improve your performance.

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Don’t take your strengths for granted as well

While focusing on your weak areas, it is important for you to understand that strengths will be something which will give a good boost to your overall score. Identify your strengths using the report and keep practising it until you reach the perfection stage. At that stage you should be able to develop your own shortcuts and this comes very handy in solving questions quickly. Any section will have a mix of easy and difficult questions and you should be quick enough to identify the easy ones and go ahead to solve them.

Keep taking Mock Tests on a regular basis

While working on your strengths and weaknesses, it’s important to keep tracking your performance. Keep taking mock tests on a regular basis to get you into the exam mode. While it’s important to take mock tests, it’s equally important to analyze your performance with the help of mock test reports. Doing this will definitely help you drive your preparation in the right direction. Take at least 10 mock tests in the last 11-15 days to get into the warming-up mode. Having done so much practice, ensure that you don’t take any mock test a day before the exam so that the next day you can go to the examination hall with a fresh mind.

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That’s all from our side. Wishing you all the best for your preparation!

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