4 Important Tips to Clear SBI Clerk Prelims (1)
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As per the latest notice of SBI Clerk, the Prelims exams for SBI Clerk (also known as Multitasking Staff) Prelims will be conducted on January 5, 2023 onwards. There are hardly 2 days left for this exam now and considering the trends of previous years, there isn’t any doubt that there will be lakhs of aspirants competing this year for 8,773 vacancies. You need to outsmart a majority of them so as to clear Prelims. In this article, we have come up with some important tips following which will definitely help you clear SBI Clerk Prelims exam.

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As you all would be aware, SBI Clerk Prelims is a speed-based exam and therefore you need to practice really well before the exam keeping in mind your speed and at the same time, keeping a check on your accuracy. You can’t compromise on either of these factors if you want to clear this exam. Following the below tips will help you in clearing this exam with flying colours. Remember, less time is left now and this is the right time to start your preparation. There are a lot of topics to be covered. So don’t delay; start your preparation now.

SBI Clerk Prelims Exam Pattern

Also, be completely thorough with the different sections asked in this exam and the time allotted. There will be only 3 sections asked in this exam: English Language, Numerical Ability & Reasoning. You get a total time of 60 minutes for these 100 questions. There is sectional timing but there are no sectional cut-offs. Also, there is a negative marking of 0.25 mark per incorrectly answered question. So be very careful when answering a question. 

SBI Clerk Prelims Syllabus

After Exam Pattern, this is the next most important thing you need to keep a track of. Below is the complete syllabus of SBI Clerk Prelims for your reference.

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ReasoningQuantitative AptitudeEnglish
Alpha-numeric/ Alphabetical SeriesAge ProblemsReading Comprehension
AnalogyAverageCloze Test
Analytical ReasoningBoats and StreamPara jumbles
Blood RelationsClock and Calendar ProblemsMiscellaneous
Coded InequalitiesData Interpretation – Charts and Graphs: Line Graph, Bar Graph, Pie Chart; Tabular; Caselet; Mixed DIFill in the blanks
Coding and DecodingData SufficiencyMultiple Meaning /Error Spotting
Data SufficiencyLCM and H.C.FParagraph Completion
Directions and DistancesMensuration
Double Line-upMixture and Allegations
InequalityNumber Series
Input OutputNumber System
Order and Ranking/DirectionPartnership
Puzzles – Box based, Floor, Calendar, Day/Months based, etc.Percentage
SchedulingPermutation and Combination
Seating Arrangement– Linear, Circular, Facing Inside/Outside, MixedPipes and Cisterns
Statement and ConclusionProbability
Statement-Course of ActionProfit, Loss and Discount
SyllogismQuadratic Equations
Simple and Compound Interest
Simplification & Approximation
  • Ensure that you pick a topic, understand its concept and solve at least 100 questions.
  • Solving these many questions will help you get a crystal-clear understanding of the concept and you will also get to know the different kinds of questions asked from that topic.
  • While solving questions, keep checking if you can formulate a shortcut to get the answer quickly.
  • There are a lot of shortcuts available in online videos but there’s nothing better if you develop a shortcut by yourself. This way, you will precisely know when & where to apply the shortcut.
  • Even if you’re using the shortcuts developed by somebody else, ensure that you understand it properly before using it. At times, questions are a bit twisted and you may get incorrect answers.

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Know Previous Years’ Cut-offs & Solve Previous Years’ Papers

  • After the SBI Clerk Prelims exam every year, the cut-off list is released. These cut-offs are very important from the point of view of clearing this Prelims exam.
  • If your overall cut-offs are more than the official list, you clear this exam and you can appear for the Mains. So, getting an idea of previous years’ cut-offs is extremely important.
  • Try solving SBI Clerk (Prelims) 2022 Memory Based Test here and see if you are able to clear that year’s cut-off or not. You will also get an analysis of your performance and at the same time, you will know what kinds of questions were asked in previous years.
  • It’s obvious that previous years’ questions will not be repeated but you will get an idea of solving the exam-level question in a limited time.
  • Before taking a Mock Test, set targets of overall cut-offs which is more than those of the previous years.

Memorize Tables, Squares & Cubes

  • As you know speed (along with accuracy) is the foremost important thing in this exam. To save time, you need to do a lot of calculations in your mind itself. Besides saving time, it will also increase your confidence.
  • Very often there are simplification & approximation questions demanding small calculations which can be done in your mind itself. Not just simplification & approximation questions, even questions on data interpretation, profit & loss, percentage, ratio & proportion questions demand these calculations.
  • You can save a lot of time by memorizing tables until 30, squares & square roots until 50 and cube & cube roots until 30. Fix a time-slot on a daily basis to revise this list.
  • Start doing these calculations in your mind when solving mock tests. In the beginning, it may take time & you may feel frustrated but once you get a hang of it, it will definitely improve your performance & overall score in the Prelims exam.

Take SBI Clerk Prelims Free Mock Test

We hope that these tips will help you in bringing out your best in the reasoning section.

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