Tips to Score High in SBI Clerk Prelims
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SBI Clerk 2023 Prelims is stipulated to be held in the month of January 2024. This leaves you with around 20 days to sum up your preparation. These 20 days are going to be crucial for your preparation & revision. You need to start putting 6-8 hours towards your studies on a daily basis for solid preparation. The efforts put in by you in these remaining days will make you ready so that you can give your best in the exam. The competition for SBI Clerk Prelims is going to be very intensive and to move ahead of others, you need to practice really well. In this article, we have come up with the tips to score high in this exam.


There is no doubt that the competition for government exams in the banking exams is increasing on an ongoing basis. This is the reason why you should leave no effort in your preparation & practice. And if you have done enough practice, you can crack the exam in the first attempt. Let’s have a look at some of the tips you can consider to score more marks in SBI Clerk Prelims exam.

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Knowing Exam Pattern & Syllabus

Now that only 20 days are left, you should review all the topics of the syllabus to ensure that no important topic is missed out from revision. Apart from the syllabus, you should also be thorough with the exam pattern: how many questions are asked in each section and timing etc. There isn’t any change in the exam syllabus when compared to that of the previous year and is similar to that of other banking exams like IBPS Clerk, RBI Assistant etc.

Plan the Remaining Days Carefully

Now that only a handful of days are left for IBPS SO Prelims, you can’t be too liberal with your time management. You need to utilize every minute towards your preparation & revision. The duration of this exam is only 120 minutes so you can easily take a mock test on a daily basis until 1 day before the exam. Utilize the remaining time of the day to clarify the concepts of your weak areas and at the same time keep practicing questions from your strong areas. If you get bored, solve some number series questions or some other easy puzzles.

Keep Taking Mock Tests

As mentioned above, practising via mock tests will lead your way to success. These are the best tools for your preparation. You will get your all India rank each time you take the mock which will tell you how much more you need to improve. The analysis from the mock test will also reveal your weak areas. You will also be able to compare your performance with that of the topper. Prepare well and you will for sure your performance improve in the mock tests and consequently in SBI Clerk Prelims. Also, take mock tests at that time of the day when your actual exam is scheduled.

Take SBI Clerk Prelims Free Mock Test

Give Equal Importance to All the Sections

Don’t only practice & revise the section which you like on the cost of other sections. Remember: there is sectional timing in this exam but there isn’t any sectional cut-offs. Still you need to ensure that you capitalize each section so as to maximise your overall score. Every section has some easy topics the concepts of which you shouldn’t have any doubt on.

Check Previous Year Papers as well

Having a look at the previous years papers will help you get a glimpse of what questions were asked in previous years. You will get an idea of the difficulty leve and the types of questions which were asked. Also, you should try solving previous years questions in the given time limit and see if you are able to clear that year’s cut-offs. Taking this step will definitely help you with your confidence level.

Check Frequent and Important Topics

There are some topics on which questions are for sure asked. For eg. reading comprehension, puzzles & seating arrangement and data interpretation are asked in almost all the banking exams. You need to practice well on these topics. Similarly there are other topics of different sections whcih are frequently asked. Being clear on these topics may help you get some brownie points over others.

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Don’t Focus on Speed on the cost of Accuracy

It’s good to be quick enough to be able to answer most of the questions but it’s equally important to evaluate how accurate your answers are going to be. If you solve the majority of the questions but with 50-60% accuracy that will not do you much good as there is negative marking for incorrect answers. So, try to do less guess work in the exam.

Tips for English Language

  1. Keep revising grammar rules.
  2. While answering reading comprehension questions, whether you read the passage first or the questions, it doesn’t really matter much. Check which strategy is beneficial for you while taking mock tests.
  3. Practice sets of RC, parajumbles, fillers, error correction on different days.
  4. When answering fillers, try to guess the answer without looking at the options. If your guess is there in the option, it is most likely the correct answer.
  5. In parajumbles, try to connect the dots by reading the different parts carefully.

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Tips for Reasoning

  1. Be aware of the different types of seating arrangement & puzzles. Each type has some or the other difference from other types.
  2. There is no set formula for puzzles & seating arrangement. It’s only practice on which you can rely. Solve at least 1 set of puzzles/seating arrangement on a daily basis. In the exam, try identifying the easy puzzles/seating arrangement first and answer it.
  3. For inequalities, basic understanding is a must. This knowledge should be backed by practising a lot of questions. Try to infer the connections from the given statements before going through the conclusions.
  4. For syllogism, consider using the venn diagrams or try memorizing the rules, whatever is comfortable for you.
  5. Revise all the shortcuts, tricks & formula. Don’t use any shortcut if you don’ know the methodology behind it. Sometimes, the question can be a bit twisted and using the same shortcut may land you with incorrect answers.
  6. Keep practising reasoning questions for free.

Tips for Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Clarify the concept of averages, percentage, ratio and profit & loss. These are useful in individual questions as well as data interpretation and data sufficiency.
  2. Learn the tables until 30 and squares (until 50) & cubes (until 30). These will help you in simplification & approximation questions.
  3. If you are stuck on a number series question for more than a minute and are unable to understand its logic, it’s better to skip that question.
  4. Be aware of the different types of charts & graphs including radar table and funnel based DI.
  5. When answering data interpretation questions, understand all the given information carefully and see if the question has any special condition; only then proceed to answer them.
  6. Sometimes questions on quadratic equations are so easy that you can solve them in your mind itself.

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These are all the tips to help you improve your score from our side. We hope that this article will be useful to you. Don’t forget to take the free mock test of SBI Clerk Prelims.

All the Best!

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