Tips to Score Full Marks in Quantitative Aptitude in SSC CPO Exam 2024
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SSC CPO Quantitative Aptitude Section holds 50 marks weightage in Paper 1. Candidates have to take 50 questions from topics Algebra, Simplification, Geometry, Data Interpretation, and Simplification. Still, preparation for Quantitative Aptitude is a daunting task for aspirants without proper guidance. SSC CPO Paper 1 is scheduled for 27th June, 28th June, and 29th June. Almost a month left for Paper 1, and preparing for the Quantitative Aptitude section needs sincere and consistent efforts. Stay strong and motivated once to start your study for the Quant section. You need a robust memory power to remember formulas and tricks. Don’t mess up things by following all the study resources. Try to go for only reliable study materials to study Quant for SSC CPO.

SSC CPO Quantitative Aptitude Topics for Paper I

Scoring full 50 marks is achievable in Quantitative Aptitude only when you give your 100% in practice and revision. Make your study plans after analyzing an expected set of questions asked from particular topics. We have compiled a list of expected questions in Algebra, Geometry, Simplification, Data Interpretation, Mensuration, Trigonometry, Average, Number Systems, and Mensuration. Choose topics smartly which can help to achieve your goal of 50/50 in the Quant section.

SSC CPO Quantitative Aptitude Topic-Wise Weightage
Quantitative Aptitude TopicsExpected Questions
Algebra4 – 6
Geometry4 – 6
Simplification 4 – 5
Profit and Loss 4 – 5
Data Interpretations 4 – 5
Mensuration 3 – 5
Trigonometry 3 – 5
Ratios and Proportions 3 – 4
Average2 – 3
Number Systems 1 – 3
Speed, Time and Distance 1 – 3
Simple Interest 1 – 3
Percentage 1 – 2
Time and work 1 – 2
Mixture Problems 1 – 2

10 Tips To Score Full 50 Marks in Quantitative Aptitude

Do you feel anxious preparing for the Quantitative Aptitude section? Don’t fear when we are here. Fear only gives anxiety. Trust yourself that this time you gonna make it in Quantitative Aptitude scoring 50/50 full marks. Consistent practice with cleared concepts gets you quick accurate attempts in SSC CPO Paper 1. Time to do smart work as the SSC CPO Paper 1 Exam Date approaches soon. The exam is on 27th, 28th, and 29th June. Buckup if you don’t want to regret it in the future. The clock is ticking and time doesn’t wait for anyone. Here are 10 tips that can boost your performance in Quantitative Aptitude.

Know Quantitative Aptitude Topics

Aspirants should be well aware of what topics to keep in priority for the Quantitative Aptitude section. You need to be a pro in all topics to get 50/50. Prepare your schedule to dedicate time smartly to your strong and weak topics. What are you missing out in weak areas? Restart again checking formulas then, solve topic-wise questions, section-wise and full-length mocks.

Revise Important Formulas

Memorize important formulas in the Quantitative Aptitude section. Knowing formulas can help to achieve fast attempts accurately in your real exam. Without an understanding of chapter-wise formulas, you would able to solve any questions in the exam. It’s better to stay consistent this time and not to regret your exam day.

Memorize Tables, Square Roots & Cube Roots

Learn tables, cube roots, and square roots. So that, you can solve questions without using pen and paper. Strengthen your mindpower to takeup Quantitative Aptitude questions. In the exam, you have limited time to face questions. Be alert and smart if you want success in the SSC CPO exam.

Focus on Practice

Complete your topics and begin early Quantitative Aptitude questions practice. So that, you have time to analyze your performance. Solve SSC CPO Mock Tests and Assess Your Performance. Know where you are you losing marks. How can you improve it? You can get 50/50 in Quantitative Aptitude.

Give Daily Targets

Follow a routine study time for Quantitative Aptitude. Daily practice only can improve your speed and accuracy in exams. Give daily targets to yourself and try to achieve them with time. Track your progress on your mistakes. How can you avoid them in the SSC CPO exam?

Analyze Performance

Attempt SSC CPO Previous Year Question Papers and Mock Tests. You know where you stand out in competition. What immediate efforts are needed to boost performance? Hardly a month left for your SSC CPO. Don’t make any silly mistakes to lose marks in the exam.

Seek Mentors Assistance

Connect with your mentors to clear your doubts before SSC CPO. You can get better guidance motivating you to achieve your goal of scoring full 50 marks in the SSC CPO Paper 1 exam. Ask them where you need their advise on clarifying doubts. Connect with the PracticeMock SSC Mentors Team on Telegram.

Stay Consistent

Consistent is the key to studying for the SSC CPO Quantitative Aptitude section. It’s time to give 100% attention to smart work not hard work once you start preparing for competitive exams. You should know smart tricks to manage time and get your goal achieved.

Shortcut Tricks

Learn the best shortcut tricks to get attempts in the least time in SSC CPO. Plan your schedule to attempt your paper to avoid mistakes. Any silly mistake can cause you to lose marks in negative marking. Be alert once you start attempting Quantitative Aptitude paper. Ensure to check your options attempted before final submission.

Learn Time Management

Excelling in Time Management can pave your inspirational journey to being aspirant to SSC CPO qualified in 2024. Be positive and motivated on exams. Stay on alert mode once you get your paper. Choose your options wisely avoiding any mistakes. Ensure that you’re able to use your time smartly.

Final Words

Are you still wondering how to get full 50 marks in Quantitative Aptitude? Don’t sit and think. Now, it’s action time. Follow 10 Tips to Score Full Marks in Quantitative Aptitude In SSC CPO 2024 in the blog. Plan your targets to achieve and solve SSC CPO Mock Tests to track your performance before the exam.

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