SSC CPO 2024 Study Plan, Preparation Strategy
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SSC CPO Study plan

SSC CPO 2024 Study Plan: The SSC CPO Tier 1 2024 exam will be conducted by SSC on 27th, 28th, and 29th June 2024. They have only 60 days to prepare and revise for the exam and they require a carefully planned approach to succeed in this task and ultimately in the SSC CPO Tier 1 2024 exam. So, for serious candidates, the need for an expertly crafted SSC CPO 2024 Study Plan has arisen. This is the reason why our subject experts have crafted study plans specifically for all those candidates who want to clear the SI, ASI & CISF Exam 2024 confidently. In this article, we’ll outline an effective SSC CPO 2024 study plans suitable for different time frames and packed with tips to maximize its effectiveness.

SSC CPO 2024 Study Plan For 2 Months

The SSC CPO Tier 1 2024 exam is coming near and near with every passing day. Thus, it’s the right time to buckle down and create a study plan that will guarantee success. And, with only two months left until the SSC CPO 2024 exam, the SSC CPO 2024 candidates must make the most of their time and effort. Here’s a structured SSC CPO 2024 Study Plan For 2 Months to cover all the important areas of the exam in 60 days:

Week 1-2: Understanding the Syllabus

Candidates need to start by getting familiar with SSC CPO 2024 syllabus. They need to smartly understand the exam pattern, the marking scheme, and the weightage of all the subjects that are part of the SSC CPO exam 2024. They should, then, allocate sufficient time to review the important topics in all the sections or subjects like General Intelligence & Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General Knowledge & General Awareness, and English Comprehension.

Week 3-4: Subject-wise Preparation

In week 3, they need to divide their study time among all four subjects equally, so that each subject gets the right amount of attention it needs. And for this they need to invest particular time slots each day, to study and practice all types of questions related to General Intelligence & Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General Knowledge & General Awareness, and English Comprehension. In the 3rd week, they need to invest their focus on strengthening their weak areas and building up their strengths.

Week 5-6: Intensive Practice

The=y should invest the 5th and 6th week on solving mock tests. They also should focus on previous year’s question papers along with mock tests. They should also analyze their performance and look for the areas that need improvement. They should, after this, invest extra time to practice tough topics along with revising important concepts. They need to practice as if they are taking a real exam, taking full care of time and speed, and building confidence.

Week 7-8: Revision and Mock Tests

They should invest the last and the final week solely in revision. This week demands thorough revision of all the topics. Therefore, they need to pay extra attention to important formulas, concepts, and shortcuts. Throughout this week, the candidates should keep taking regular mock tests. They need to check their preparedness and look for any remaining weak areas. Mock Tests practice will help them refine their game plan and technique to tackle the SSC CPO exam.

SSC CPO 2024 Study Plan For 30 Days

Those candidates who have only 30 days to prepare for the exam and have no roadmap to follow to prepare for the SSC CPO 2024 exam must not fear. Our experts have designed an SSC CPO 2024 Study Plan For 30 Days which is the condensed form of above mentioned 2 month study plan. It is crafted smartly to make the most of their time.

Week 1: Syllabus Familiarization and Basics

Candidates must, in the first week, understand the SSC CPO 2024 syllabus and exam pattern. Then, they need to master the basic concepts and formulas of all the subjects. They need to create a daily schedule investing time in studying General Intelligence & Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General Knowledge & General Awareness, and English Comprehension.

Week 2-3: Intensive Subject-wise Preparation

They must focus on each subject dedicatedly in the 2nd and 3rd week.  They need to invest sufficient time to master the important topics. After that, they should practice different types of questions and solve sample papers. During this time, they should examine their knowledge and skills and try to improve them.

Week 4: Revision and Mock Tests

In the last and the final week, the candidates must prioritize revision, as revision is important. They need to revise all the topics and pay attention to improving their weaknesses through practice. Here mock tests will come in handy. They should take as many mock tests as they can and examine their progress. Finally, they should carefully observe their performance to fine-tune their exam strategy.

Tips to Maximize the Effectiveness of SSC CPO 2024 Study Plan

There are some guidelines that the candidates should follow during their preparation process to boost their preparation process and maximize the effectiveness of the study plans given above. As the exams are drawing near, the candidates should accelerate their exam preparation keeping the following points in mind:

1. Stable and Regular Schedule: Candidates should invest sufficient time in covering all the subjects every day. They should not waste time by giving more and more time to the subject they feel comfortable or confused in. Therefore, they must distribute the time equally amongst different subjects.

2. Utilize Reliable Resources: They should only and always study from recommended resources. For instance, recommended books are those books that are result-oriented. There are certain books in the market, both offline and online, that are either useful or useless. You need to do good research before choosing study materials and resources, like textbooks, online courses, and mock tests.

3. Practice without Fail: Practice is essential for success. And the lack of it can be lethal for your results. Therefore, candidates need to practice as much as they can and keep checking their progress. They should carefully review the mock test feedback and follow it for further improvement.

4. Focus on Weak Areas: It is very important to find the weaknesses and invest sufficient time in dealing with them. Candidates must do their best to strengthen their weaknesses. They should not avoid or leave out their weaknesses for the simple reason that every mark counts at the end.

5. Stay Focused and Healthy: Last but not least, the candidates must also invest time in taking care of their mental as well as physical health. Health is wealth. And this adage has been proven time and again by the toppers who topped the SSC CPO exams. Therefore, they need to get sufficient sleep, eat well, and, take short breaks, while studying, to make the most of their study hours.


Candidates who will follow a good study plan dedicatedly will strategically cover the entire syllabus in two months. The just need to regularly put in hard work and they will get the desired results in the upcoming SSC CPO 2024 exam. The two plans given above are crafted to be used right away to skyrocket the preparation process. Candidates, don’t forget that the time is the ideal one to accelerate the preparation process. And this time, once lost, will never come back. Therefore, they just need focused study sessions coupled with practice to maximize their chances of success.

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