SEBI Grade A Exam Analysis 2022
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SEBI Grade A Exam Analysis: The awaited SEBI Grade A exam has finally had its day. The exam as expected was not easy per se but was moderate. Read the blog for the complete SEBI Grade A Exam Analysis.

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SEBI Grade A  Paper 1 Exam Analysis 2022

Section-Wise Difficulty Level

SectionDifficulty level
English LanguageEasy-Moderate
Reasoning AbilityModerate
Quantitative AptitudeModerate
General AwarenessModerate

English Language

TopicNo. of Questions
Reading Comprehension8
Para Jumbled5
Error Detection4
Word Replacement3

Reasoning Ability

TopicNo. of questions
 Puzzles(Circular Based)5
Puzzles(Linear Based)3
Puzzles(Date And Month Based, 6 Variable5
Forward-Backward series1
Odd one out(Alphabet)1
Meaningful word(EVIL, VEIL)1

Quantitative Aptitude

TopicNo. of questions
Data Interpretation(Tabular based on Ratio) (Number of Printers & Number of Prints)5
Caselet DI3
Missing Series3
Quadratic Equation2

General Awareness

Current Affairs: 15-16 Q
Static GK: 1-2 Q
Financial Terms: 1-2 Q

SEBI Grade A  Paper 2 Exam Analysis 2022

Paper 2 was tough compared with last year.

The following subjects appeared in today’s SEBI’s exam.

  • Finance
  • Costing
  • Companies Act
  • Economics
  • Commerce
  • Accountancy
  • Management

Subject Wise Questions Asked in SEBI Phase 1 Paper 2

  1. Commerce (Moderate) | 5 Questions
  2. Accountancy (Moderate) | 6-7 Questions
  3. Management (Moderate to Tough) | 4 Questions
  4. Finance (Easy) | 5-6 Questions
  5. Costing (Easy) | 9-10 Questions
  6. Companies Act (Moderate) | 5-6 Questions
  7. Economics (Moderate to Tough) (Questions from Micro and Macro Both) | 10-12 Questions

Some of the questions asked in SEBI Paper 2 were:

  1. Notional Cost/Imputed Cost
  2. Question on Out of Money
  3. The question in Abnormal Loss
  4. Dividend of Preferential Shares
  5. One Question on Kaizen Costing
  6. Question on LM Curve
  7. Question on Maximum Duration of Deposits in NBFC
  8. Question on NBFC Odd One Out
  9. Question on AMFI Odd One Out
  10. Question on Section 47 of Companies Act
  11. Question on President of NCLT appointed for 
  12. Penalities on Directors if the Dividend is not paid
  13. Question on Lean System, Six Sigma Models, 5S Questions was also asked.
  14. Question on Budgeting.
  15. Question on Function of Management (Directing)
  16. Question on Intangible Assets
  17. Question on Buy Back.
  18. Question on Multiplier
  19. Question on Debt Equity Ratio
  20. Question on Tenure of Auditor
  21. Question on Accounting Standard 18 & Account Standard 8
  22. Question on Debenture

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