SEBI Grade A 2024 English Preparation Strategy
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SEBI Grade A 2024 English Preparation Strategy

SEBI Grade A 2024 English Preparation Strategy: In SEBI Grade A Phase 1, candidates get questions from the English section. There are two papers in Phase 1. English questions are covered in objective format in Paper 1—questions asked in English to test the language skills of candidates. Aspirants must focus on improving grammar concepts to face questions in word replacement, error detection, and para jumbles. With clear grammar concepts, candidates can get accurate attempts and fetch marks in this.

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SEBI Grade A 2024 English Preparation Strategy

In Phase 1, English carries a weightage of 20 marks/ 20 questions in the SEBI Grade A exam. Questions are covered from topics Reading Comprehension, Word Replacement, Para Jumbled, and Error Detection. The majority of questions are asked of the Reading Comprehension topic. Candidates can expect around 8 questions. Aspirants planning to strengthen to improve their English skills should work on reading abilities, grammar, and vocabulary. In this blog, let us understand and get tips & tricks to improve scores and concepts in the English section.

English TopicsExpected Questions
Reading Comprehension8
Para Jumbled5
Word Replacement3
Error Detection4
Total 20

10 Tips to Prepare For English Section

An Important section in SEBI and other banking, regulatory, and SSC exams is English. Aspirants who want to strengthen this section should start focusing on reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary abilities. A complete knowledge of analytical and reading skills can boost marks in actual exams. We have prepared a list of 10 tips candidates should follow in English section preparation.

  • Vocabulary Skills: Vocab knowledge plays an important role in English. Candidates should develop a habit of learning and memorizing difficult words and meanings regularly. Make a notebook to write and revise new words. Try to use these words in your daily conversation.
  • Improve Grammar Concepts: Complete grammar knowledge can help to get quick accurate attempts in topics error detection, para jumbles, and word replacement topics.
  • Reading Comprehension: Prepare your routine schedule to solve 1-2 reading comprehension questions daily. So that, you can achieve speed and accuracy for exams.
  • Speed & Accuracy in Error Spotting Questions: Attempting error spotting questions requires grammar knowledge. Strengthen grammar first then, solve error spotting questions.
  • Be Quick to Attempt Para-Jumbled Questions: Start solving para jumble questions with a simple approach to get the beginning of a sentence. Then, you can frame a meaningful sentence with jumbled words.
  • Revise Grammar Topics: Only revision and practice grammar-based questions can help to maximize scores in the Phase 1 exam. Make a routine to focus on questions and practice.
  • Practice Questions: Once you finish the full syllabus of English start with topic-wise and section-wise questions practice. Set a timer to start practicing questions.
  • Time Management: In competitive exams like SEBI, you have limited time to face questions from sections English, Reasoning, Quant, and General Awareness. Prepare a plan to strategically use your time to solve questions.
  • Solve Mock Tests: Give priority to SEBI Grade A mock test practice. Mocks are the mimics of real exams. You get an idea of what pattern of questions asked. How can you plan time to solve questions?
  • Be Calm & Motivated: Stay calm and motivated at times to handle tricky questions. Take your decisions patiently on attempting in the Phase 1 exam.


Candidates should apply the elimination rule to attempt questions in the exam. With a limited time, make a strategy to attempt only those questions for which you’re sure. A strong command of speed and accuracy can help to fetch marks and maximize your chances of achieving cut off marks in the SEBI Grade A Phase 1 exam. Start your preparation right away and give time to practice and conceptual knowledge. Sign up To Take 1st FREE Mock Test to Know Your AIR.

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