Mistakes to avoid SBI clerk 2021 - English
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SBI clerk is not the first exam where you are being tested for English. It doesn’t matter if it’s CBSE, ICSE, state board, English medium, or Hindi medium, you had to prepare for English. It is that one subject you couldn’t escape. But still, most of us treat it as an unworthy subject. We always found peace in scoring average marks but used to fight for science and maths with complete dedication.  

Every student’s ignorance towards English is realised when they are preparing for XII boards or when they are done with them. They realise the fact if they would have taken English seriously back in the day; then maybe today they would have scored a 90+ percentage. The mark sheet had all 90+ scores in four of the subjects but in English, the score was below 70 for most students. It also ends up ruining the best of four marking because English is a compulsory subject.  

And if you still have the same attitude towards English then you might be headed for an unfortunate result in the upcoming SBI clerk. As you are aware by now that SBI will not consider individual cut-offs. The implication of such a selection criterion is that you have to score well in all the subjects. You really have no choice here. The aggregate score of the candidate will be of extreme importance. So, it’s really a now or never situation for all the aspirants. Keep reading to know about some of the most common mistakes aspirants do make while preparing for SBI Clerk-English

Syllabus Completion

Many of the aspirants willingly leave certain portions of the English syllabus because they think there is no point in spending time on such types of questions. Whosoever does that will most likely not crack the exam because they are losing crucial 15-20 marks. Now imagine can anybody who will get every question right and purposely leave these 15 marks; will he or she crack the exam?  

            Grammar           Language 
              Errors   Reading Comprehension 
              Fillers     Para Jumbles 
              Phrase Replacement     Cloze Test 
                Word Swap  
              Match Columns  
English Syllabus for SBI Clerk

Grammar and language are two core areas of the SBI clerk exam. Most people end up leaving the language section and if we look at the question papers of previous examinations (Mains) the language section consisted of 25 marks. Now if you are considering making such a move then you should probably forget about the exam. You need to prepare for the entire section wholeheartedly. No compromises.  

Look Beyond Study Material

Most aspirants only stick to the study material provided to them by any coaching center or to something which they must have purchased online. Obviously, one should go through the study material extensively but what you need to understand here is you need to make English a part of your life. The same is being expected by the examiner if you think it through. How do you make English a part of your daily life? Read newspapers and online articles written in English, watch interviews, English news channels, etc. Doing so will make you naturally good at English.   

Never Skip Your English Classes

Be regular at your classes because your ideal aim in a class should be to get hold of concepts, facts, strategies, and approaches to solve any question. Directly jumping to questions based on study materials or mocks would do you no good.  

Check your Base Marks for English

It is very important to know where you stand today on a particular subject. Sign-up for a free mock test today to know your base marks and then you can analyse how much you need to cover in the coming days. Another advantage of taking such a test would be in strategizing your time as per individual subject scores.  

Avoid taking too much pressure

Aspirants with weak command over English should give themselves some time to get used to the English preparation. You won’t be able to read for a longer duration within your first week or so. Similarly, other types of practices will also take time. Be patient or you might get frustrated and give up on the subject.  

Strike balance between English & other subjects

Once you are aware of your base marks in each subject try to envision how much you need to score at maximum for clearing the expected cut-off. If you are scoring with an average of 30 marks in both reasoning and maths then you should target at least 20-25 in English. Although this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for full 30 marks. The mentioned indication is given upon how good your base is at English.  


Don’t neglect your English preparation over other subjects. Keep a balanced approach till the very end. Focus on all aspects of English such as vocabulary building, para jumbles, cloze test, fillers, passage, etc. Sooner or later, you will start to enjoy learning English as it happens with any other language as well. The key is to not be afraid of it.  

Still, have some queries? Do comment below. Our dedicated team will address all of them in a while.  

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