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No matter which banking or insurance exam you prepare for; you can’t crack them without scoring well in the GA (general awareness) section. And most important current affairs.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s SBI Clerk or any other entrance you will be expected to be at your best.


GA consists of three portions: Current affairs, static GK, and banking awareness. Current affairs comprise of the most weightage of nearly about 80-85%. But most aspirants struggle in keeping up with current affairs. And most importantly to remember them in the long run. You won’t be asked about the affairs which are only 15-30 days old. You should bank upon at least the last six months of current affairs of the examination date. And with COVID delays it has even become more of a hassle. You can try free CA pdfs and quizzes available on our site.  

So, why are current affairs so important? Why do banking/insurance/government exams focus on them so much? 

  • The nature of jobs being offered via these entrance exams is clerical, and administrative in nature. Such jobs demand you to be aware of the existing or new government policies, Reserve Bank of India regulations, public sector unit regulations, financial institutions, etc.  
  • As you further get promoted in your respective organizations you are given very respectable positions which demand you to be thorough with Indian affairs. Having such knowledge, also impacts how well you make your leadership, technical, social decisions on the behalf of the organization.  

General Awareness Syllabus: 

Static GK: It consists of static facts which have remained facts for a very long time, and they may or may not change in the coming time. For example – New Delhi being the capital of India is a basic static fact.  

Banking and Financial Awareness – Now this one is obvious why bank-related exams will have these types of questions. Think of these questions as you are preparing for any company’s interview. Will they not expect you to know about their industry, markets, and the company itself? Similarly, banks will ask you about the banking industry, terminologies, abbreviations, full forms, RBI-related information, any major recent events which took place in the financial world.  

Current Affairs – Generally, current affairs have a generalized outlook because they can be literally about anything from what is happening beyond Sun and which country just legalised bitcoin as its legal tender. It can range from topics such as politics, business, science, geography, technology, sports, etc.  

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Haven’t started with Current Affairs yet? 

It is high time that you immediately pull up your socks when it comes to preparing for the GA section. Especially, the current affair questions can be a huge difference-maker in such exams. Here are some tips for you to prepare for current affairs: 

  • Make a daily calendar for GA – Choose one or two sources where you can visit daily for acquiring all the daily current affairs which are pertinent to your respective exam. You can always visit any reliable YouTube channel so that you can receive information via a video source.  
  • Take mock tests – Mock examinations serve as a great pathway for you to measure your general awareness status. After taking up a free mock test you can analyse which sort of current affairs require your efforts.  
  • Make notes for yourself – Learning and revising these affairs is very critical for you to be ready for the final day. Remember, you will be asked questions dated up to six months from your exam. Repetition is really an underrated practice for acing the general awareness section. Make sure you make your notes in chronological order and you also have an index prepared so that you can easily revise them when needed. Moreover, notes making is a personal process. You can customize the process at your convenience.  
  • Read good newspapers – Reading general newspapers won’t fetch you the information you are looking for in your preparation. But recognized newspapers with high-quality editorial or journalistic standards will surely help you in gather all the necessary information. The Hindu is one of such newspapers to which you can subscribe for your preparation.  
  • Express current affairs in writing – Reading a piece of news or article or remembering any date or event might not always do the trick for you. You will have to pen down the news at times for you to remember or comprehend the same. It will also make you sound about having analytical views about such current affairs.  


In the end, it’s about being a master of all trades for passing such exams. It’s better if you start with your current affairs or general awareness preparation straight away or you will be missing out on some of the essential marks here. All the necessary information about preparing for the general awareness section is covered in detail here. If you have some doubts and queries; feel free to ask them in the comments section below.  

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