5 SBI Clerk Reasoning mistakes
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The reasoning is one of those subjects which if given ample time can be covered easily. But still, there are certain things you need to take care of while preparing for the reasoning section of SBI clerk 2021

The reasoning is a fascinating subject as it involves understanding projections. And the thrill you get when you solve any reasoning question is clearly unmatched if compared with other subjects. You must be well aware that the reasoning ability of a candidate is tested in both prelims and mains. In prelims, you will be expected to solve 35 questions for 35 marks within 20 minutes. In mains, you will be expected to solve 50 questions for 60 marks within 45 minutes.  

Syllabus for Reasoning

Syllogism, Analytical Reasoning, Blood Relations, Coding-Decoding, Input-Output, Inequalities, Seating Arrangement, Direction Sense, Grouping and Ordering, Critical Reasoning, etc. 

The catch really lies in reasoning preparation because you are being offered 60 marks for attempting 50 questions. However, do remember SBI doesn’t consider individual cut-offs and will focus on aggregate scores. So, here are some mistakes you need to avoid while preparing for SBI clerk 2021

Treat your Prelims Reasoning as if you are preparing for Mains 

This may sound a little offbeat but you should try to master reasoning so well during the prelims that you become comfortable with such questions. You should build a healthy foundation for reasoning for preventing the added pressure one feels during the preparation for mains.  

Focus on your Visualization and Observation skills 

Reasoning questions extensively check how well you can observe and visualize situations. Let us understand this by analysing the question below. 

Directions: Answer the questions based on the information given below. 

There are seven shelves, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G in a table; such that the bottommost shelf is 1 and the shelf above it is 2 and so on. Each of them consists of cosmetic products of different brands. There is no vacant shelf. Two shelves contain the products of Lakme and Loreal. There are three shelves between C and the shelf, which contain the products of NYX. Shelf E is just above shelf C. There are two shelves between E and Which contain the product of Kay. There is one shelf between the shelves, which contains the products of Kay and Faces. Shelf B is just above shelf G, which doesn’t contain the product of NYX. The number of shelves between B and E is not a prime number. Shelf D contains products of Nykaa and is below of shelf A, which is not the topmost shelf. The 5th shelf contains the products of Lotus. 

—– contains the products of Loreal.  

Options are 1. G  2. A  3. E  4. Cannot be determined  5. B 

The question described above is one of the most common questions you will see in the reasoning section. If you analyse this question, you will notice that you are being given different pieces of information about shelves and involves a lot of complexity. Although everything is connected your mind is being challenged or diverted by the flow of the data. You have to make connections here in order to solve this question. And to make connections you need good visualization and observational skills. Decoding what skills a question demands for it to be solved helps in understanding the concepts in a much better way.  

By the way, the answer to the question is option 4 (cannot be determined.) For you to be so sure that there is actually no answer and the question itself has a flaw you will need a lot of practice on how to make connections given out of the data.  

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Only revisiting questions, you are comfortable solving  

Having such a habit can be addictive in nature because you get struck in embracing the “feel good” feeling of solving questions you know you can solve. All aspirants should avoid such guilty pleasures and rather focus on the wholesome approach of doing everything.  Develop a habit of attending questions you find difficult first. You might face confidence issues at first but gradually you will be able to survive them through.

Not giving enough mock tests 

A mock for reasoning should be given daily. If you feel an entire mock every single day is too much for you right now then you can even go for full-fledged mock on one day and for mini mock the other day.  Sign-up for a free mock test today to achieve your desired results in the upcoming exam.  

Stop Comparison between Aspirants 

Everybody has hold over different subjects. You might be weak at reasoning while your peers might be extremely weak at English. So, instead support each other in weak subjects rather than thinking low of yourself.  

Reasoning becomes interesting once you have practiced enough questions. It might take some time but reasoning will become one of your favourite subjects. Do you have any doubts or other helpful tips for fellow aspirants? Write us in the comments section below and we will be happy to address them all.  

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