RRB NTPC 2019 Ist Stage CBT General Awareness Revision Tips
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RRB NTPC CBT 2 Study Plan

We are providing you daily study plan for 2021. Candidates must practice them according to it.

DaysSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3
Day 1Number SystemAnalogiesCurrent Events of National and International Importance
Day 2Time and WorkCompletion of NumberBasics of Computers and Computer Applications
Day 3Attempt RRB NTPC Mock Test 1
Day 4DecimalsAlphabetical SeriesGames and Sports, Art and Culture of India
Day 5Time and DistanceCoding and DecodingCommon Abbreviations,
Day 6Attempt RRB NTPC Mock Test 2
Day 7FractionsMathematical OperationsIndian Literature, Monuments and Places of India
Day 8Simple and Compound InterestSimilarities and DifferencesTransport Systems in India
Day 9Attempt RRB NTPC Mock Test 3
Day 10LCM & HCFRelationshipsGeneral Science and Life Science (up to 10th CBSE)
Day 11Profit and LossAnalytical ReasoningIndian Economy
Day 12Attempt RRB NTPC Mock Test 4
Day 13Ratio and ProportionsSyllogismHistory of India and Freedom Struggle
Day 14Elementary AlgebraJumblingFamous Personalities of India and World,
Day 15Attempt RRB NTPC Mock Test 5
Day 16PercentageVenn DiagramsPhysical, Social and Economic Geography of India and World
Day 17GeometryPuzzleFlagship Government Programs
Day 18Attempt RRB NTPC Mock Test 6
Day 19TrigonometryData SufficiencyIndian Polity and Governance- constitution and political system
Day 20MensurationStatement- ConclusionFlora and Fauna of India
Day 21Attempt RRB NTPC Mock Test 7
Day 22Elementary StatisticsStatement- Courses of ActionGeneral Scientific and Technological Developments including Space and Nuclear Program of India, UN and
Day 23Decision-MakingOther important World Organizations
Day 24Attempt RRB NTPC Mock Test 8
Day 25MapsImportant Government and Public Sector Organizations of India

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