Detailed History Syllabus RRB NTPC 2019 1st Stage CBT
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General Intelligence & Reasoning Syllabus

SectionsTopics to Prepare
ClassificationNumberLetter & Meaningful WordsGK Based Questions
AnalogyNumberGeneral KnowledgeMeaning & Letter Based Questions
Seriesnumber & Alphabet Series
Coding-DecodingLetter ShiftingCoding Letters by words Coding by AnalogyCoding-Decoding based on NumbersOperations on Place ValueCoding & Decoding on Fictitious Language
Blood Relationsfamily Tree ProblemsGeneral Blood Relation Problems
Clock & CalendarCalendar Based QuestionsQuestions on Time & Clock Hands
Ordering & RankingSimple ranking Questions
Directions & DistancesSimple Problems on DirectionsFormula Based Distance Questions
Word FormationArranging words in a meaningful order
Non-Verbal ReasoningComplete the PatternFigure Based AnalogyClassificationSeriesCube-Based Questions
OthersMissing NumberVenn DiagramPuzzle

General Awareness Syllabus

SectionsTopics to Prepare
Current Affairs/General AwarenessEconomicsCurrent Affairs, Geography, History, Polity, Computers, Sports, Literature, Awards, Books & Authors, Miscellaneous
General ScienceEnvironment, Living Organism, Life Processes in Organisms & Plants, Heredity & Evolution, Natural Resources, Atoms & Molecules, Chemical Reactions & Equations, Acid, Bases & Salts Metals & Non-Metals, Periodic Table, Force & Laws of Motions, Work & Energy, Sound, Light, Electricity, Sources of Energy, Diseases, Reasons & Cure Improvement in Food Resources

Computer Aptitude Test (CABT)- RRB NTPC Syllabus

Serial no.Name of PostLevel in 7th CPC1st stage CBT2nd stage CBTSkill Test requirement
1.Junior Clerk cum Typist2Common for all postsCommon for all Level 2 postsTyping Skill Test
2.Accounts Clerk cum Typist2Typing Skill Test
3.Junior Time Keeper2Typing Skill Test
4.Trains Clerk2
5.Commercial cum Ticket Clerk3Separate for Level 3 post
6.Traffic Assistant4Separate for Level 4 postComputer-Based Aptitude Test
7.Goods Guard5Common for all Level 5 posts
8.Senior Commercial cum Ticket Clerk5
9.Senior Clerk cum Typist5Typing Skill Test
10.Junior Account Assistant cum Typist5Typing Skill Test
11.Senior Time Keeper5Typing Skill Test
12.Commercial Apprentice6Common for all Level 6 posts
13.Station Master6Computer-Based Aptitude Test

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