Last Minute Tips for NHB Assistant Manager
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NHB Asst. Manager’s Exam Date is approaching

December 23, 2023 is just 3 days away and you must be in the final stages of your preparation. Your mind must be occupied with concerns like the difficulty-level of the questions, quantum of sectional and overall cutoffs, new kinds of questions etc. A little anxiety is healthy and keeps you alert and active in your preparation. But that’s it! Always bear in your mind that whatever preparations was required to ace this test, you already have done it in the past months. Being anxious and stressed at this point in time will not help; rather it may work against you. Let’s have a look at the paper pattern:

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NHB Asst. Manager Exam Pattern

SubjectTotal QuestionsMarksDurationTest Type 
Reasoning and Computer Aptitude45603 HoursObjective
General Awareness and Computer Knowledge5050
English Language2530
Quantitative Aptitude3560
Total155 Questions200 Marks
English Letter and Essay Writing2 questions25 Marks30 MinutesDescriptive

Right time to build a strategy

We’re sure you have been practicing a lot via mock tests. You must have tried different strategies in different test. Well! Now is the time to finalize the one strategy which had helped you in the mock tests to get maximum score. Any paper has a combination of easy and difficult questions with both the sets having equal marks. A smart strategy should be to start with easy questions and move to the difficult ones.

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Give your best in each of the sections

Not only you have to clear the sectional cutoffs, you also need to have a very good overall score to clear the overall cutoff. Nobody knows what would be the different cutoffs and therefore it is advised to give your best in all the sections. For sure, solve all the easy & moderate questions with high accuracy and some difficult questions but don’t guess blindly. If the paper is difficult,  don’t panic. If it’s difficult for you, it would be difficult for others as well. This would definitely help you in clearing all the cutoffs.

On the day before the exam

Your first priority should be to take a printout of your admit card and your photo identity proof. If possible take a stroll around your test center so that you don’t have any difficulty in finding it the next day. It’s highly recommended not to solve any mock test; you can do some revision. Stay calm & relaxed and sleep well.

Letter Writing Tips

  • Use the correct format and salutation.
  • A letter should ideally be split into 3 parts: introduction, body and conclusion.
  • You may like to avoid writing pointers in a letter and should resort to simple, plain and straightforward sentences.
  • Don’t unnecessarily stretch the letter. You may like to keep it within 150 words.
  • In formal letters, the addresses of both sender and receiver should be mentioned whereas in informal letters, address of only sender should be written.
  • Don’t miss including subject in formal letters.
  • In informal letters, start with greetings and then mention the reason for writing the letter. End the letter with good wishes etc.

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Essay Writing Tips

  • Stick to the word count mentioned in the instructions.
  • Avoid using complicated jargons or very difficult words just to show-off your vocabulary.
  • Focus on the 3 main components of an essay: introduction, body and conclusion.
  • To give a unique look to your essay, you can consider starting it with a fact or an idiom/ phrase.
  • Substantiate your arguments with relevant real-world examples.
  • In the conclusion part, summarise your main points. There isn’t any need to give a fresh argument or example here.

We hope this article has helped in your last minute preparation and wish you all the best for your exam.

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