5 mistakes numerical ability SBI clerk 2021
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Numerical ability is one of those subjects which keeps your heart rate up than normal. The duration of 20 minutes literally flashes away like anything. For many, it’s the scariest section. The fear creeps in so much that one already starts to give up. But don’t you worry. Give this article a good read for discovering all the possible mistakes you might make during your preparation. Stay ahead! 


Here are some of the mistakes or considerations you should be aware of as an SBI clerk aspirant:

No Division of Time 

Ask any aspirant who has cleared this exam and he will tell you that the numerical ability section takes more than just solving questions. It really boils down to the approach you take. Yes, knowing the concepts is the first task but then the strategy is everything. If you don’t divide your time accordingly you won’t even get to see all the questions and the next section will appear on the computer screen.  

Let us understand this better by looking at the syllabus for SBI Clerk 2021 

The major category of questions includes Simplification, Missing Numbers, Quadratic questions, Arithmetic, and Data Interpretation.  

The history of SBI prelims tells us that 20 questions can be expected from the category of simplification, missing numbers, and quadratic equations. The other 15 questions can be expected from arithmetic and data interpretation. Strategically, you should divide your time between these two divisions.  

You should be able to finish simplification, missing numbers, and quadratic equation questions within the first 9-10 minutes. And then later attempt the other division which consists of both arithmetic and data interpretation. While practicing during mocks you should eventually finish each division within 9 minutes.  Doing so will boost your confidence and you will be mentally prepared for SBI clerk 2021.

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Not Learning Speed Maths 

Speed maths will teach you techniques and strategies which will aid you in solving quantitative questions within seconds. These techniques can be so powerful that you end up cracking answers within the desired halftime for each question. DI will always take more time than others but other categories such as simplification can be done within 14-15 seconds per question. Let us observe one such method by the example given below: 

Finding square of numbers over 50 

Let’s take the number 52. Now we will use a speed math rule to calculate the square value. 

For doing so you will have to remember the number 25. Without 25 we can’t implement this technique. 

Now make two blanks for calculating the answer. Follow the steps below: 

  • First, subtract the additional value which is above 50 from 50. Doing this is a rule you have to follow. In this case, we are left with 2 (52-50).  
  • Multiply the number 2 by itself and place it on the second blank. The number is 2×2 = 4. But the rule says we need to have a two-digit number on the second blank. So, add 0; the number is now 04 for the second blank.  
  • Now the final step is to add the subtracted number which is 2 with 25 for blank 1. Like it was mentioned it is important to remember the number 25. The entire trick is based on 25. Now because the number 52 is greater than 50 we will add the subtracted value 2 to it. Which gives us 27. The final answer is 2704.  

Once you practice this technique 10-20 times you will be able to solve square root values within seconds. There are many other tricks as well. Investing time today with speed maths will definitely reap your dividends in the coming time.  

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Ignoring Conceptual Aspect Over Sticking to a Fixed Pattern 

Many aspirants develop ways or some teachers will just tell them fixed patterns for solving a particular question. Not that something is wrong with it but one does face problem when questions come with a twist. Due to the lack of conceptual clarity when has to toss the question. Solving thousands of questions with conceptual clarity and solving questions by mugging is poles apart.  

Not Taking Daily Mock Tests 

Spending time on a mock test daily is really the backbone of your preparation. Especially, in the case of quantitative aptitude. Sign-up for a free mock test today to elevate your preparation to the next level. Attempting 35 questions in 20 minutes can never be a reality without taking mock exams.  

Not Focusing on Challenging Questions 

Don’t fear maths. Face the questions as they are. If facing trouble clear your concepts and then proceed forward. By focusing on tough questions or on particular types of questions you can be at par. Otherwise, losing out on some marks can turn out to be fatal.  


Quantitative Aptitude requires conceptual learnings and rigorous practice. You will have to marry them both along with regular mock test participations. Speed maths is another tool to leverage your 30+ scorecard for numerical ability. Still, left with some queries or have a feeling we missed something? Please do share your valuable comments so that we can address them.  

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