IDBI JAM ESO- Start Preparing for General Economy Banking Awareness Computer IT
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IDBI JAM/ ESO notification was released some days back. If you have applied for these 2,100 vacancies, you should get started with its preparation. There are 4 sections in this exam viz. Logical Reasoning, Data Analysis and interpretation, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude and General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness/ Computer/ IT. In this article, we are covering the preparation strategy of General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness section.

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Now that only 22 days are left in the exam, it’s high time that you should start preparing for this section as well. This section is highly memory-based and the earlier you start making your notes and revising them, the better. Starting early can lead you to a really high score in this section and a high overall score.

Preparation Strategy for General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness/ Computer/ IT

Let’s have a look at the preparation strategy you can adopt to master this section:

  • Start with revising current affairs of the past 5 months and revise them on a regular basis.
  • Dedicate 1-1.5 hours to reading a financial (and a political if possible) newspaper on a daily basis. Prioritize the editorial section and then move to other sections. Keep making your own notes to revise them on a regular basis. This will not only update you on general awareness and current affairs, but it will also improve your reading and comprehension speed.
  • We publish our monthly magazine Bazooka which is a colletion of monthly current affairs, quizzes and articles on relevant topics (static and dynamic). This PDF magazine facilitates and strengthens the revision of general awareness section of competitive exams such as banking, insurance, and government exams. You can also take help of Weekly Current Affairs PDFs.
  • Start preparing for Static GK which will definitely come handy in this exam. Be updated on the below topics which have been considered important in the past similar exams.
    • Countries Currency & Capital
    • Articles, Amendments & Schedules
    • National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries
    • Power Plants
    • Discoveries & Inventions
    • Bank Taglines & Headquarter
    • National & International Organisation Headquarters
    • Dams on Rivers
    • Cities on Rivers
    • River Tributaries & Other Names
    • Day & Their Importance
    • Stadiums
    • Airports
    • Sports Terms & Persons
    • Awards & their Field
    • Indian States & Famous Dance
    • State and their Festival
    • Deserts
    • Mountains & Passes
    • Ocean Trenches
    • Lakes Place & Their Importance
    • History Dates, Dynasty and Founders
    • State-wise Crop & Mineral Production
    • Temples & mosques
    • First in the world or India
    • Caves & Valleys
    • Palaces
    • Waterfalls
    • Tribal Groups
    • Country & Its Parliament
    • State and International Boundaries

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  • Start preparing from the Lucent GK Book as well.
  • Keep assessing your preparation by taking the quizzes on our platform. These quizzes are of 3 kinds:
    • Banking Quiz
    • Current Affairs Quiz
  • Make a note of the questions you couldn’t answer and check the detailed explanation of where you went wrong. Revising these questions on a regular basis will definitely help you in the actual exam.
  • Keep taking Mock Tests on a regular basis and note the questions you couldn’t answer or answered incorrectly. Revise these questions as well.
  • A Compilation of CA questions will be published on our platform before the exam to help you give a finishing touch to your preparation. This compilation incorporates the recent & relevant questions related to current affairs. With descriptive details, these questions will be specially curated keeping the IDBI exam in mind.
  • Following all the above steps will end you having a decent repository of the General Awareness questions. Keep revising them on a regular basis and you will be ready for the exam.

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There will be 60 questions to be answered in 120 minutes (along with questions of other sections). Please note that there is no sectional timing in this exam that means you can move across sections while answering the questions. With your sincere preparation, you can get a really high score in this section which will definitely give a boost to your total score.

Wishing you Good Luck for your preparation!

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