How To Score 150+ Marks In SSC CPO Exam 2024
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How To Score 150+ Marks In SSC CPO Exam 2024: The Staff Selection Commission is the organizing body of the SSC CPO exam. The Online Exam Tier 1 is scheduled for 27th, 28th, and 29th June 2024 across various exam centers in India. Aspirants have around 37 days with them to prepare and revise for SSC CPO. The exam will be conducted through online mode. Candidates can get questions about General Intelligence & Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General Knowledge and General Awareness, and English Comprehension. A total of 200 questions (200 marks) to be attempted in 2 hours. The Difficulty Level of the exam is moderate to difficult. Candidates have to target scoring 150+ marks in the SSC CPO Tier 1 Exam 2024. Achieving a target of 150+ can only happen with a well-planned approach to concepts and practice.

SSC CPO Preparation Tips & Tricks Score 150+ Marks

Planning without execution would not help you achieve 150+ marks in SSC CPO. You have 4 sections to prepare in Tier 1 General Knowledge & General Awareness, English Comprehension, General Intelligence & Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude. Improve your concepts and get quick and accurate attempts in Tier 1. It is a deciding phase in SSC CPO. Avoid any guesswork, you can lose 0.25 marks in negative marking. With Around 37 days to go for SSC CPO, it’s time to make it or break it. Keep your spirits high and follow SSC CPO Preparation Tips & Tricks Scoring 150+ Marks.

Know the SSC CPO Exam Pattern & Syllabus

SSC CPO Tier 1 Exam is conducted online mode. Candidates should note section-wise weightage covered in General Intelligence & Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General Knowledge & General Awareness, and English Comprehension section. In Tier 1, 200 objective-based questions asked from 4 sections. There are 50 questions from each section. Knowing the SSC CPO Exam Pattern and Syllabus allows aspirants to get deep insights into the exam. They know how to prepare, what topics to cover, and overall section-wise weightage. Start your exam preparation in the right way by analyzing online exam pattern and syllabus topics. So that, you are aware of topics to study in Tier 1.

Create a Manageable Study Plan

Targeting to score 150+ in SSC CPO is only possible with a sincere and dedicated approach. Aspirants should make a study plan to utilize routine time smartly. Qualifying such competitive exams like SSC CPO demands focused planning with 200% execution to achieve 150+ marks. You have four sections to cover in 37 days. Start your routine preparation by revision and end it by solving mock tests and tracking your progress. So that, you know where you stand in competition. In 37 days before the exam, we advise candidates to avoid covering any new topics. They can practice and improve strong areas. They can get accurate attempts in exam.

Choose Study Resources Smartly

PracticeMock offers the SSC CPO Mock Test for practice and revision before the online exam on the 27th, 28th, and 29th June 2024. These mock tests are prepared by the latest exam pattern and syllabus. Aspirants can get a deep dive into a pattern of questions asked in online exam by solving mocks. We provide a complete analysis of candidates performance in mocks attempted. Transform your inspirational journey being an aspirant to SSC CPO Qualified in 2024 by taking our mocks for practice. A detailed solution is provided using shortcut tricks. Candidates get ideas on shortcut methods for solving particular sets of questions.

Prepare Notes for Regular Revision

Making Notes can be a valuable resource to do regular revisions for SSC CPO. Adopt the habit of preparing notes covering topic-wise important details in General Intelligence & Reasoning, English Comprehension, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Knowledge & General Awareness. You can retain information and organize your thoughts while preparing for exams. Note-making is an essential tool for aspirants navigating through the exam and maximizing their chances of achieving 150+ marks. Outline subject-wise important topics and add in-depth when required. You can use headings and bullet points in organizing notes.

Practice SSC CPO Mock Test

Solving the SSC CPO Mock Test helps you to understand the exam. It gives you insights into real exam-like conditions. So that, aspirants would not struggle to manage 2 hours in 200 questions. Initially, you may feel demotivated by low mock scores. Start tracking your progress in your mocks attempted. You know your performance analysis. Take note of your mistakes which is helpful to avoid in actual exam. Any guesswork in the SSC CPO Online Exam can cause you to lose marks in negative marks. Be smart and alert on attempting questions during exam.

Analyze Your Progress

The Main Objective behind attempting the SSC CPO Mock Test is to know your strong and weak areas. In-depth performance analysis is beneficial for aspirants to know how to frame strategies to face the actual exam. You know your speed and timing to solve 200 questions in 4 sections in 2 hours. After attempting the SSC Mock Test, candidates should go through exam analysis. It helps to improve test-taking skills. Low scores may demotivate you. Keep it aside plan your journey on how to avoid mistakes and improve performance to manage tricky and lengthy set of questions asked in online exam.

Seek Mentors Assistance

Aspirants can connect with mentors for assistance in preparing for SSC CPO. Many doubts revolve in your mind. These situations can affect your performance. Don’t take any risks once you start your preparations. In any doubtful situation, connect with mentors to resolve issues. You can get the best advice which you boost your morale and performance. Advise offered by experienced people can change your outlook and give you an advantage in improving in certain topics while preparing for exam.

Focus on Regular Revision

Regular Revision is effective to memorize all important topics covered in SSC CPO sections General Knowledge & General Awareness, English Comprehension, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Intelligence & Reasoning. Start your day by revising your notes to recall the required details regarding the exam. Then, begin solving SSC CPO questions. You get clarity on conceptual knowledge improving speed and accuracy in complex sections Quantitative Aptitude and General Intelligence & Reasoning. You would not feel burned out with tricky and time-consuming questions. A continuous revision helped to recall topics in a better way.

Solve SSC CPO Previous Year Question Papers

Candidates who seriously aim to become Sub Inspectors in Delhi Police or CAPFs should start solving SSC CPO Previous Year Question Papers. It provides significant requirements for real exam. Candidates get an idea of the pattern of questions and a list of important topics asked in the online exam. Practice and Consistency can only turn your goal into achievement to get 150+ marks in the SSC CPO exam. It is helpful for aspirants to make preparation strategies and planning needed to face the real exam. These previous year’s papers are available in PDF format. Get the papers with detailed solutions in downloadable files. Solve these papers so that, you don’t miss anything important regarding SSC CPO.

Adopt Time Management Skills

Candidates unable to manage time cannot qualify for the SSC CPO online exam. Quick responses are required when you have 200 questions to face in 2 hours. Guesswork can cost you 0.25 marks in negative marks in the online exam. Target your planning and implementation in the right direction so that, you have time to make accurate attempts to get 150+ scores in the online exam. So that, it paves your journey in the qualifying exam and participates in other rounds of the SSC CPO Selection Process. Always remember plans without execution are useless. Make plans with a mindset of 100% execution and be a pro to tackle time with attempting questions in online exams.


Enhance your chances to succeed in qualifying for SSC CPO Tier 1 by following the tips and tricks in the blog. Considering SSC CPO competitive levels and cut off trends, aspirants should stay on alert mode so as not to miss anything important regarding the exam. Make a routine plan to solve mocks to evaluate your test-taking skills. It can boost your scores in the actual exam. Sign up & Grab SSC CPO First Free Mock Test & Know Your AIR.

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