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AFCAT Syllabus 2024: The Indian Air Force (IAF) has released the AFCAT Syllabus 2024 on its official website along with the AFCAT Notification. All the candidates who are eligible for the exam can apply for the recruitment process. They can fill out the IAF AFCAT 2024 application form through the official websites- and The AFCAT 2024 recruitment will fill a total of 317 vacant posts in the flying branch, ground duty (Technical) branch, and ground duty (non-technical) branch.

AFCAT Syllabus 2024

The AFCAT 2024 exam is conducted every year by the Indian Air Force to recruit suitable officers. It is one of the most prestigious exams in India for students who want to join the Indian Air Force. All those candidates who want to clear the AFCAT 2024 exam must be fully aware of the latest AFCAT Syllabus 2024. The IAF released the AFCAT Syllabus and Exam Pattern for the upcoming exam recently. AFCAT aspirants must comprehend the exam format and have a deep understanding of all the topics covered in the syllabus. In this article, we’ll discuss in detail the AFCAT Exam Pattern, AFCAT syllabus, AFCAT selection Process, AFCAT key benefits, and all other related details.

AFCAT 2 Syllabus 2024

It is important to fully understand the AFCAT Syllabus 2024 for the candidates who are planning to appear in the AFCAT 2024 exam. The complete knowledge of all the topics that form the AFCAT syllabus helps the candidates in an effective exam preparation. The AFCAT syllabus 2024 involves four sections:

  1. English
  2. General Awareness
  3. Reasoning
  4. Military Aptitude Test

All these four subjects are common subjects that are generally part of all the banking SSC and other competitive exams, except for the Military Aptitude Test, which is designed specifically for this post. Therefore, all those candidates who have a good fundamental knowledge of subjects like English, General Awareness, and Reasoning will ease the exam preparation a bit for some aspirants. All the candidates can propel their preparation process, if they start their preparation right now, and increase their chances of successfully mastering every topic in the AFCAT syllabus 2024 exam.

Candidates should boost their preparation around these sections to maximize their chances of success in the exam.

AFCAT Syllabus 2024 Overview

The Indian Air Force is gearing up to release the AFCAT Notification having AFCAT syllabus 2024. It will serve as a detailed guideline specifying the topics and concepts that must be covered for the AFCAT 2024 exam. The AFCAT exam contains multiple subjects that candidates must prepare for. These subjects include English Language, Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Military Aptitude, and General Awareness. Given below are the highlights of the AFCAT Syllabus 2024.

AFCAT Syllabus 2024 Overview
Name of Recruitment BodyIndian Air Force (IAF)
Name of NameAir Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT 2/2024)
Level of ExamNational
AFCAT 02/2024 Exam Date9th, 10th & 11th August 2024
Mode of ExamOnline
Time Duration of Exam2 Hours
Marking Scheme of Exam3 Marks for Each Correct Answer
Negative Marking Scheme1 Mark Cut for Each Wrong Answer

AFCAT Exam Pattern 2024

Before delving into the AFCAT Syllabus 2024 syllabus candidates need to understand the distribution of marks amongst different subjects of the exam. And this is where the AFCAT exam pattern 2024 pops up. There are four sections in the AFCAT exam pattern. These are: General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test. The AFCAT 2024 Exam is a Computer Based Examination (CBE) conducted completely in English. In addition, candidates get two hours to finish the AFCAT Paper. It has a total of 100 questions to answer which are as difficult as the high school/intermediate/graduation questions. Candidates can secure three marks for each correct answer, whereas can lose 1 mark for an incorrect one.

ExamSubjectDurationNo. of QuestionsMax. Marks
AFCAT-General Awareness
-Verbal ability
-Numerical Ability
-Reasoning, and Military Aptitude Test
2 hours100300

AFCAT Subject Wise Syllabus 2024

Without having an in-depth knowledge of the AFCAT Syllabus 2024, candidates can’t properly start their AFCAT preparation. Therefore, it plays a pivotal role in crafting a good study plan/schedule to move forward quickly and anticipate success in mastering all the topics strategically. The AFCAT Syllabus covers multiple subjects and topics. These subjects and topics attract objective-type questions which are asked in the English language only. There will be questions from GA (topics like History, Geography. Current Affairs, etc.), English (Comprehension, Sentence Completion/ Filling in of correct words, Synonym/ Antonym, etc..), Numerical Ability (Time & Distance and Races (Trains/ Boats & Streams), Area and Perimeter, Probability, Number System & Number Series, etc.), and Reasoning and military aptitude Test (Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning, etc.). Given below are all those topics that make up the AFCAT Syllabus 2024. Aspirants should master each topic to increase their chances of clearing the exam with confidence.

General Awareness-History
-National & International Organisations
-Art & Culture, Personalities
-Environment & Ecology
-Indian Polity
-Basic science-based Knowledge
-Science & Technology
-Current Affairs (National & International) and Defence.
-Detecting Errors in Sentences
-Sentence Completion/ Filling in of correct word, Synonym/ Antonym
-Cloze Test or Fill in the Gaps in a paragraph
-Idioms and Phrases
-Sentence Rearranging
-Substitution in a Sentence/ One Word Substitution.
Numerical Ability-Decimal Fraction
-Time and Work
-Profit & Loss
-Ratio & Proportion
-Simple and Compound Interest
-Time & Distance and Races (Trains/ Boats & Streams)
-Area and Perimeter
-Number System & Number Series
-Mixture & Allegation Rules
Reasoning and military aptitude Test-Verbal Reasoning: Verbal Reasoning is further divided into
-Series Completion
-Analogy, Classification
-Blood Relations
-Puzzle Test
-Logical Venn Diagrams
-Alphabet Test
-Time Sequence Test.
-Non-Verbal Reasoning: This section is further divided into
-Mirror Images
-Water Images
-Embedded Figures
-Completion of Incomplete Pattern
-Figure Matrix
-Paper Folding

AFCAT English Syllabus

English is an important part of the AFCAT Syllabus 2024. It attracts a total of 30 questions that are specifically designed to test a candidate’s English proficiency. It helps in increasing the overall score of the AFCAT exam. The English syllabus adds up to diverse aspects of the English language. It includes grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing. These subjects can be covered by using recommended English books, and daily newspaper reading. Candidates should write down difficult words with their meanings and synonyms/antonyms to improve their vocabulary. They also need to go through the basic concepts and rules of grammar to become capable of errors detection in sentences and master sentence completion. Given below is the ACAT Syllabus 2024 for English that the aspirants must master to confidently face the related questions and maximize their overall AFCAT score.

VocabularySynonyms and Antonyms
One-word Substitutions
Idioms and Phrases
GrammarError Detection and Correction
Sentence Completion
Sentence Rearrangement
ComprehensionReading Passages of Varying Lengths and Complexities
Drawing Inferences and Making Deductions
WritingSentence Structure and Paragraph Organization
Effective Use of Punctuation and Grammar

AFCAT General Knowledge Syllabus

The General Knowledge section of the AFCAT syllabus 2024. The questions in it can sometimes be unpredictable, but it is a scoring part of the exam. This is because the questions in it come from diverse topics. Candidates can master this section by covering the syllabus thoroughly and going through previous year papers to understand the type of questions that come in the exam. Given below are the AFCAT Syllabus 2024 for General Knowledge.

Subject AreaTopics
HistoryAncient Indian history (Indus Valley Civilization, Mauryan Empire, Gupta Empire)
Medieval Indian history (Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire)
Modern Indian history (British Raj, Indian independence movement, post-independence India)
GeographyPhysical geography of India (mountains, rivers, climate)
Political geography of India (states, union territories, capital cities)
SportsPopular sports in India (cricket, hockey, kabaddi)
Major international sporting events (Olympics, FIFA World Cup)
Sports terminology and rules
National & International OrganizationsUnited Nations and its affiliated organizations
International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank
European Union (EU), African Union (AU)
Art & CultureIndian classical music and dance
Indian art forms (painting, sculpture, architecture)
World art and culture (Renaissance art, Greek mythology)
PersonalitiesEminent personalities in Indian history (Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Rabindranath Tagore)
Nobel laureates, internationally recognized figures
Personalities from various fields (science, literature, sports)
Environment & EcologyEnvironmental issues (climate change, pollution, deforestation)
Environmental conservation efforts (national parks, wildlife sanctuaries)
Ecological principles and concepts
Indian PolityIndian Constitution and fundamental rights
Indian government structure (Parliament, Judiciary, Executive)
Indian political parties and their ideologies
EconomyBasic economic concepts (demand, supply, inflation)
Indian economy growth and development
Global economic issues (trade, globalization)
Basic Science Based KnowledgePhysics (mechanics, optics, electricity)
Chemistry (elements, compounds, reactions)
Biology (cells, plants, animals)
Science & TechnologyLatest advancements in science and technology
Space exploration and research
Information technology and its applications
Current Affairs (National & International)Recent national and international events
Important policies and initiatives of the Indian government
Global issues (conflicts, terrorism, economic crises)
DefenceIndian Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force)
Defence organizations (Defence Research and Development Organisation – DRDO)
Important Defence-related concepts (national security, border management)

AFCAT Reasoning Syllabus

AFCAT Syllabus 2024 also features the Reasoning section. The reasoning section of the AFCAT exam is as important as other sections of the exam. It is the part of the exam which tests the candidate’s aptitude for logical and analytical thinking. Candidates must go through previous years’ AFCAT questions papers to get a good idea about the types of questions that this section attracts every year. This proven technique will help them in deciding from where they can start and what topics are the most or least important from a preparation perspective. They should also take mock tests to improve their problem-solving skills, speed, and accuracy. Given below are the topics that make up the AFCAT Syllabus for Reasoning:

AFCAT Syllabus 2024 for Reasoning
SeriesIdentifying patterns in numbers, letters, or figures and determining the next element.
Venn DiagramRepresenting relationships between sets using Venn diagrams to interpret logical relationships.
SyllogismDrawing logical conclusions from given premises and determining if the conclusion follows.
Blood RelationAnalyzing relationships among family members to deduce familial connections.
Non-Verbal ReasoningSolving problems using visual patterns, shapes, and symbols, testing perception and analysis.
Verbal ReasoningComprehending and interpreting verbal information, including analogies and sentence completion.
Military AptitudeAssessing aptitude for military tasks, including map reading, coding-decoding, and decision-making.

AFCAT Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus

AFCAT Syllabus 2024 also features a Quantitative Aptitude section. The numerical ability section of the AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) exam can be a tough but very scoring part of the AFCAT exam. It tests candidate’s capability in basic mathematical concepts. Candidates should practice as many questions as they can to get ready to face all types of Quantitative Aptitude in the exam. They should also take regular mock tests to master even the toughest topics of the ADCAT 2024 syllabus. The AFCAT Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude covers a wide array of numerical topics.

AFCAT Syllabus 2024 for Quantitative Aptitude
Decimal FractionManipulating decimal numbers, performing calculations, and converting between fractions and decimals.
Time and WorkSolving problems related to the relationship between time, work, and output.
Average/PercentageCalculating and interpreting averages and percentages.
Profit & LossCalculating and analyzing profit and loss in transactions.
Ratio & ProportionUnderstanding and applying ratios and proportions.
Simple and Compound InterestCalculating and analyzing simple and compound interest.
Time & Distance and RacesSolving problems involving time, distance, and speed in various contexts.
Area and PerimeterCalculating the area and perimeter of geometric shapes.
ProbabilityUnderstanding and applying basic probability concepts.
Number System & Number SeriesUnderstanding and manipulating numbers in various systems and sequences.
Mixture & Allegation RulesSolving problems involving mixtures.
ClocksInterpreting and solving problems related to clocks.

 AFCAT 2024 Selection Process

AFCAT Syllabus 2024 acts as the bridge to reaching the second stage of the selection process. The AFCAT 2024 selection process is set by the Indian Air Force and it involves three main stages. The first stage is an online exam, the second stage is an Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) interview, and the third and the last stage is a medical exam. The online exam tests candidates’ general awareness, verbal ability, numerical ability, and reasoning skills. Candidates who clear the AFCAT Exam get the opportunity to face the AFSB interview. And lastly, the final merit list is based on the candidate’s performance based on all the AFCAT stages.

AFCAT 2024 Key Benefits

Candidates should prepare hard to cover the AFCAT Syllabus 2024 in a disciplined manner to boost their confidence, and be well-prepared for the AFCAT exam. They should craft an ideal study plan that suits them the best and can best cover all the subjects, dedicate time smartly among different subjects/topics, focus on covering the complete syllabus and master the art of time management. They should also remember to take AFCAT 2024 mock tests regularly to cover the AFCAT Syllabus 2024. It will help them know their weaknesses, strengths, and make continuous progress. Candidates can get many opportunities after clearing the AFCAT exam. Here are some of the major benefits that successful candidates can enjoy after clearing the AFCAT exam:

  1. Path to Short Service Commission (SSC): Successful candidates will be eligible to pursue courses beginning in July 2025. They will be granted Short Service Commission, which is an important development in their careers with the Indian Air Force.
  2. Promise of Roles and Responsibilities: Aspirants who clear the AFCAT selection process have the opportunity to choose from multiple branches, including the Flying Branch and Ground Duty (Technical and Non-technical) Branches. These branches provide candidates with different roles and responsibilities inside the Indian Air Force.
  3. Advantages of a Regular Officer: Candidates who will be authorized as officers in the Permanent Commission (PC) serve in their separate branches up to the age of retirement pension. They will enjoy all the benefits and advantages that regular officers get, like, pension, medical benefits, and leave.

Point to Remember: Take the latest Mock Tests to cover AFCAT Syllabus and keep tracking your progress.

Steps To Cover AFCAT Syllabus 2024

There are multiple ways to cover AFCAT Syllabus 2024. PracticeMock will guide you how to cover all the syllabus in less time and get the highest score in the AFCAT 2 Exam. In this blog some points are given below.

  1. Read the full AFCAT Syllabus: After the released of the full notification candidates has to be read the full details notification and take a print out of it. Paste the syllabus on the wall so that everyday every sec you will get to know how much the syllabus is pending.
  2. Complete All the Syllabus: Divide your time according to the subjects and make a complete study plan for the AFCAT Exam 2024.
  3. Details Study Materials: Collect all the study material for AFCAT Exam 2024 and complete all the study material on time.
  4. Practice Mock Test: Firstly on the weakly bases candidates have to practice the mock test and get to know how much syllabus they have covered. Candidates can practice the mock test from the PracticeMock with our experts and get qualified in the AFCAT 2 Exam 2024.
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AFCAT Syllabus 2024 FAQs

What are topics in AFCAT Syllabus 2024?

The detailed AFCAT Syllabus 2024 is given above in the article.

What are topic in AFCAT General Knowledge Syllabus?

General Knowledge includes many topics like History, Geography and Current Affairs. Check complete General Knowledge Syllabus in the article above.

How many times has AFCAT Exam is conducted every year?

The Indian Air Force conductes the AFCAT exam twice a year, in February and August/September, to select candidates for the Flying Branch and Ground Duty (Technical) and Non-Technical branches.

Are there any negative markings in the AFCAT exam?

Yes, there are negative markings in AFCAT exam. One mark is deducted for each wrong answer.

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