UPSC CSAT Preparation Strategy 2024
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The Union Public Service Commission conducts the UPSC CSAT Paper to test the analytical and critical knowledge of candidates appearing in the prelims exam. Candidates must achieve qualifying 33% marks in the CSAT paper. UPSC CSAT 2024 Exam is scheduled to be conducted online on 16th June 2024. There are 80 questions out of 200 marks from sections Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning sections. In the last revision round, it’s time to wrap up revising important topics and emphasize mock test practice. Give special attention to practicing mocks so that, you well versed with paper patterns and time. We provided a topic-wise analysis of questions asked from the Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and Comprehension sections from 2014 to 2023. You know how to align your revision plans to achieve the required marks in the CSAT paper.

UPSC CSAT Topic-Wise Weightage
YearReading ComprehensionLogical Reasoning Quantitative Aptitude

UPSC CSAT 2024 Preparation Tips & Tricks

Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) or UPSC GS 2 Paper is in the prelims paper. Candidates aim to serve the nation managing law and order. They must achieve marks above the qualifying cut off to crack the prelims exam. This paper serves as a means to assess knowledge in diverse subjects including aptitude, logical reasoning, and decision-making. Still, candidates coming from non-science backgrounds may struggle with CSAT papers. We compiled 10 valuable tips to guide them to tackle UPSC CSAT Paper 2024.

1. Revise Basic Concepts

Take your UPSC CSAT notes and start your revision right now. You have only 13 days in hand to cover and memorize important topics of the vast CSAT syllabus. Understand and analyze a list of all important sets of topics from comprehension, aptitude, charts, arithmetic, and algebra.

2. Expand Vocab Knowledge

Read a wide variety of content to expand your vocabulary knowledge for UPSC CSAT. You can expect a variety of questions asked from the vocabulary section in comprehension. Learn the meanings of difficult words with Hindu Editorial Vocabulary. We daily cover difficult words with their contextual meanings. You know how to use words for a particular situation.

3. Practice UPSC CSAT Previous Year Question Papers

Know paper patterns and difficult level of questions by attempting UPSC CSAT Previous Year Question Papers. It gives a brief overview of the pattern of questions asked in the last years of the UPSC CSAT exam. Get previous year’s papers without spending a single penny at PracticeMock. We provide questions with a detailed set of solutions.

4. Take UPSC CSAT Mock Tests Seriously

Mostly candidates struggle in UPSC CSAT papers only when they do not take mock tests seriously. Begin your day with a fresh mindset to solve UPSC CSAT Mock Tests. It provides you with a complete overview of the actual exam. You know how to attempt the paper with a limited time and get your targeted scores. Don’t demoralize with low mock tests initially. Keep your spirits high to solve mocks to improve your scores.

5. Track Your Scores in Mocks Attempted

Solve the UPSC CSAT Mock Test to assess your performance and test-taking skills. In the last revision round, you should appear in mock tests. It is a mimic of an actual exam allowing you to know the paper pattern and level of questions asked in the paper. Plan your day to solve aleast a mock test and check your scores. Learn from your mistakes to avoid them in exams.

6. Focus On Mental Maths Tips & Tricks

Learn and practice smart Mental Maths tips and tricks. It increases your speed to achieve quick attempts in UPSC CSAT paper. You may need fast decision-making and attempt pace to solve reasoning and aptitude tricky questions. UPSC is changing the questions level in CSAT increasing the competition level to get skilled and qualified candidates appointed

7. Comprehension Topics

Dedicate your revision time to comprehension topics as one of the UPSC CSAT scoring sections. Take up your notes and revise important topics thoroughly. Solve topic-wise comprehension questions to track your performance. Keep a strong command in this section to fetch easy marks in the actual exam.

8. Apply Smart Time Management Strategies

Aspirants seriously want to achieve target marks in UPSC CSAT. They should apply manageable time management tips and tricks. Start your paper by solving comprehension questions. It is one of the scoring sections in CSAT. Then, move to tricky and complex questions of aptitude and reasoning. Don’t waste time on any guesswork. Avoid to skip those questions for which you’re unsure. So that, you wouldn’t lose 1/3 mark in the negative marking scheme.

9. Keep a Positive Mindset

Trust your skills and performance in taking up such a highly competitive paper UPSC CSAT. Stay positive and motivated to work on your exam attempt strategies. Make a schedule providing routine targets to cover Reasoning, Aptitude, and Comprehension topics for exams. Use your notes for effective revision and memorize all topics.

10. Eat Right Food

Don’t take a toll on your health while preparing for the UPSC CSAT paper. Keep yourself energized and hydrated by eating the right food and drinking water in sufficient quantity. In the last days of revision, you may feel anxious and stressed out about wrapping up a vast syllabus before the 16th June exam. Focus on your plan and achieve it. Everything is possible if you have a healthy body and mind.

Final Words

Qualifying for the UPSC CSAT 2024 Exam requires consistent revision, and practice with smartwork. You should be efficient enough to make quick decisions about which question to attempt or leave in the exam. It’s possible only when you solve mocks and analyze your progress journey. Don’t be stressed and anxious it would not help to crack paper. Learn the art of dealing with tricky and stressful situations to get through the UPSC CSAT papers with targeted scores.

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