Tips to Score Full Marks in Reasoning In SSC CHSL Exam 2024
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Tips to Score Full Marks in Reasoning In SSC CHSL Exam 2024:  The reasoning section has seen a major change in recent years in SSC CHSL exam. Previously, it gave space to questions that had simple and predictable patterns, that could be solved within 10 to 12 minutes. However, the situation right now is quite different. The Reasoning section has become more difficult now. The introduction of new types of questions has increased the overall difficulty level of the exam. Though the Reasoning section is tough and time-consuming, it is scoring. In this article, we’ll discuss the toppers’ proven tips to score full marks in the Reasoning section.

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Tips to Score Full Marks in Reasoning In SSC CHSL Exam 2024

The SSC CHSL syllabus for Reasoning covers Verbal Reasoning and logical Reasoning. Analytical Reasoning and Data Interpretation, Etc. The reasoning section comes with complicated questions. These questions focus on topics like Coding-Decoding, Syllogism, and types of questions based on series. These new question types have made the Reasoning section tougher, making the average scores drop from the 40+ range to the 30+ range. The time required to attempt the Reasoning section has also increased from 10 to 12 minutes to 18 to 22 minutes. Therefore, you need to master the range of questions asked in the SSC CHSL exam by embracing a topic-wise strategic approach. Here are some important strategies that you should consider to achieve your aim:

1.     Give Sufficient Time to Your Preparation

You need to invest sufficient time and effort in preparing for the specific question types. Focus on questions that have been frequently coming in the Reasoning section of SSC CHSL exams. You need to fully use the study material, watch YouTube video lectures, and read SSC CHSL exam-related blogs. Also, attempt SSC CHSL Mock Tests and go through different types of practice questions to sharpen your reasoning skills.

2.     Master the Art of Skipping Tough Questions

You need to know which questions to attempt first and, which later on in the exam. And for that, you need to develop an art of skipping questions through mock test practice. You should not slow down by the tough questions. Remember it’s a trap! Don’t get trapped! If you face a tough question that you feel is extremely time-consuming or beyond your current skill level, skip it at once. And, move on to the next question. This trick will improve your time management skills and save you from getting stuck on a single question.

3.     Master High Level of Concentration

It is important to train your mind to maintain a composed mind during the preparation and during the actual exam. You need not to panic or get worried on facing the questions that seem unknown to you. You can master it through mock test practice. Try to solve each question with a clear strategy while practicing. If it is not giving you the expected results leave the question, and, move on to the next one.

4.     Master Your Understanding of the Concepts

You need to enhance your knowledge of the concepts of all the main reasoning topics. These topics include syllogism, coding-decoding, and questions based on series, etc. So, you must thoroughly understand the basic or fundamental logic and rules related to each topic. Only when you’ll achieve this task, will you be able to master each topic. You will then be able to solve all kinds of questions without wasting your time.

5.     Fully utilize SSC CHSL Mock Tests and Online Resources.

Attempt as many SSC CHSL mock tests as possible. Also, watch video lectures, and go through practice tests. This will continuously improve your ability to solve problems. Your speed and accuracy will also greatly improve, on practicing daily, without fail. Mock tests are the replicas of real SSC CHSL exams. They will provide you with the exam-like training. Through them, you will become fully prepared and become proficient in solving different types of questions with full confidence. Remember, mock tests are your best friends when it comes to SSC CHSL exam preparation.

6.     Master the art of managing your time effectively

You need to also create and develop a perfect strategic approach to manage your time very well during the SSC CHSL exam. And, along with this, you should also learn the art of skipping questions during the exam. It will help you save your precious time from being wasted on questions you can’t solve. If you get stuck on a difficult question and feel like it’s wasting your time, immediately move on to another question. This can be achieved by regularly training your mind through practice. Remember, solve the easy questions first and handle the difficult ones later.

7. Improve Your Speed & Accuracy

Your speed and accuracy decide how quickly and flawlessly you can attempt questions. The best way to increase your speed and accuracy is by taking as many mock tests as you can. Mock Tests are just like real exams and they test candidates with different types of questions. Candidates get trained in answering every type of question quickly and without mistakes. So, you should try to solve each question within 40 to 50 seconds. If you get stuck with only one question, you’ll not be able to give sufficient time to other questions. You should also remember the negative marking scheme of this exam, where 0.50 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer given.

SSC CHSL Topic Wise Weightage – General Intelligence and Reasoning

It is also important to know which topics have more weightage than other topics to make the best exam strategy. You should go through the entire syllabus properly but pay heed to those that appear in the SSC CHSL exam again and again. These topics can maximize your General Intelligence and Reasoning score and help you boost your overall score. Given below are topic-wise weightage for SSC CHSL General Intelligence and Reasoning section along with the difficulty level of each topic:

TopicsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Non-Verbal Reasoning4Easy-Moderate
Number Series3Easy-Moderate
Verbal Reasoning2Easy-Moderate
Venn Diagram2Easy-Moderate
Missing Numbers2Easy-Moderate
Figures and Number Classification1Easy-Moderate
Symbolic Classification1Easy-Moderate

Topic-wise Tips to Score Full Marks in Reasoning In SSC CHSL Exam 2024

In SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam, the General Intelligence and Reasoning attracts 25 questions for a total of 50 marks, whereas in SSC CHSL Tier 2 tests candidates’ reasoning skills with 30 questions for a total 90 marks. The Reasoning syllabus encompasses many topics like Logical Reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Blood Relations, Syllogism, Series, Analogy, Coded Inequalities, Seating Arrangement, Direction Sense, Input-Output, and Coding-Decoding. Given below, in the table, are some of the topics along with points to remember and the recommendations for making the most of them:

TopicPoints to RememberRecommendations
AnalogyFocus on understanding the relationship between the given pairs to identify the correct analogy.Practice cause and effect relations, understand relationships, and regularly practice for accuracy and speed.
Coding-DecodingDecipher coded wordsPractice cause and effect relations, understand relationships, and regular practice for accuracy and speed.
SyllogismStatements and conclusions, and determining agreementUse Venn diagrams for accuracy.
Blood RelationsCreate a family tree diagram to visually map out and simplify the relationships.Can be scoring but confusing. Practice questions, take mock tests.
Seating ArrangementDraw a simple diagram to visualize and track the seating positions and constraints.Can be tough. Daily practice of various types to increase accuracy and avoid confusion.
SeriesIdentify missing series (number, alphanumeric, letter)Identify patterns to solve questions.
Non-Verbal ReasoningQuestions in visual formats (pictures, symbols)Regular practice for 15 to 20 minutes daily to


It would be best to remember that the formula for success in the Reasoning section of the SSC CHSL exam is practice and practice. The more you’ll solve Reasoning questions the more you’ll benefit in the exam. Also, your motto should be: think strategically, prepare thoroughly, and stay focused on your goals. By following the tips and strategies mentioned above, nobody can stop you from scoring full marks in the Reasoning section.

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