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Vinay Tirpude’s Success Story

I started my preparation on August 2021 and it took me almost 4 months to complete the preliminary syllabus of Reasoning and Quant. After completing pre syllabus I started preparing Mains syllabus and with this I also started studying General Awareness too.

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Which exams did you appear in till date and what were their result

In 2021 I was only able to clear IBPS PO Pre. But in 2022 I cleared all the Pre Exams and Got the Final Selection in IBPS RRB CLERK.

Section-wise Preparation Strategy

English Section Preparation Strategy

When I started preparing for English I used to attend all the grammer classes and practice batches. But soon I realized, it was not my way of learning and hence I immediately shifted towards daily Editorial readings and English sectional mock and analysis. It was then I started seeing promising results from English.

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Quantitative Aptitude Section Preparation Strategy

Quant is my strong subject and I love practicing it. I attended classes of Aashish Arora Sir for Quant and they were best suited for me. Daily practice was what I did for Quant and that from PracticeMock.

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Reasoning Section Preparation Strategy

I prepared my Reasoning from Ankush Lamba Sir. It took me almost 2 months to complete all the classes of reasoning Pre+Mains and after that I practiced High level Mains from PracticeMock. It was sufficient for Reasoning.

General Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

For General Awareness I follow 2 sources. 1st video source by Aashish Gautam Sir YouTube Class daily. 2nd Pdf source. And practicing the General Awareness mock questions from PracticeMock in details ultimately resulted in better topice coverage and retention.

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Computer Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

I just saw some of the YouTube videos for computer awareness and rest everything was covered from PracticeMock analysis of Computer Awareness.

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Overall Strategy, Study Schedule & Challenges Faced

My strategy was simple. I didn’t followed any study schedule cause following a study schedule limits our time of studying. Hence I kept it flexible. My rule was, whenever I used to get time I studied. The best advantage of this rule was, I was not limited by Time. Sometimes I used to start the day at 7:00 AM and call it a day at 11:00 PM. So on an average I was easily able to study for 7-8 hours daily.

I faced a lots of hurdles and the biggest one for me was English. I attended all the classes of grammer. I used to attend English practice sessions but I was not able to see any results. At last I heard from some Aspirants about daily reading. I starting reading Editorials daily not by looking some videos on YouTube but doing It on my own. And along with that I gave 1 English sectional Mock from PracticeMock daily. And this is when I saw promising results from English too.

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Did PracticeMock help you in your Success?

My 80% preparation journey was depended on PracticeMock itself. I remember when sometimes PM’s server were down and I literally used to get the felling that If the servers don’t start today my whole day will be waste cause all my study material, all my practice everything was depended on PracticeMock itself. So PM played a major role in my preparation. Heartily Thanks to PracticeMock Team.

Message for the Fellow Aspirants

I’ll suggest everyone giving their hard to get the selection, practicing Mock and doing a through Analysis is the ultimate key for selection. Everyone ignores the Analysis part but it is the game changer. Hence never skip the Analysis part.

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The above success story is of Vinay who cleared RRB Clerk. As far as his strategy goes he did not follow any particular study schedule, however he made it a practice to study 7-8 hours on a daily basis. So,study regularly and make sure that you prepared hard for your goals that you wish to achieve. For those who have cleared any exam lately and would like to get featured on our blog can share their success stories with us and we will be happy to publish the same on PracticeMock Blog.

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