Success Story of Vikas Choudhary Cleared SBI PO
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Success Story of Vikas Choudhary Cleared SBI PO

Vikas Choudhary’s Introduction

Hi, I am Vikas Choudhary and I am here to share my success story. I have started my exam preparation in January 2021 and have appeared in many examinations.

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Vikas Choudhary’s – Preparation Journey

I started my preparation in January 2021 and have given multiple exams mentioned below.

  • IBPS PO Mains out
  • LIC ADO Pre Cleared
  • LIC AAO Pre Cleared
  • RRB PO Final out

Subject-Wise Preparation Strategy

English Section Preparation:

I majorly relied on practicing mocks for english section. PracticeMock offers editorial vocabulary articles and free english topic wise quizzes for the candidates to attempt and these quizzes & mini mocks are given for free.

Quantitative Aptitude Section Preparation: 

For quant section I relied on mock tests completely. The best way to work on this section or any other section is to first clear your basics and then keep on practicing mock tests. PM offers good quality mocks and their level as same as that of the actual exam.

Reasoning Section Preparation:

For reasoning section again I relied on mock tests and topic wise quizzes which practicemock offers.

General Awareness Section Preparation: 

As far GA section is concerned the best way to go about this section is to do regular reading and revision. I have relied on the same formula of reading and revision. Also, practicemock offers current affairs quizzes also to practice and along with this they have monthly & weekly current affairs PDFs & these are free to download.

Overall Strategy & Challenges Faced

As far as any overall strategy and challenges are conerned, I haven’t followed any schedule as such or any strategy etc. I understood the challenges that I faced and this is how by understanding it I cleared all those obstacles.

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How PracticeMock helped you?

Yes, PracticeMock helped me by providing good quality mock test questions. The mocks are based on the latest exam pattern and are of high quality.

Tips/Advice for Other Aspirants

My only message or advice to other candidates is to be regular.

We hope that the Success story of Vikas Choudhary inspires you for your exam preparation. We sincerly hope that these success stories keep motivating you at all times so that you keep working hard to achieve your goal of clearing these competitive exams. You can read & follow more such success stories here at

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