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Tejaswini Kamal’s Success Story

I Started preparing for banking examinations in September 2021. At first I was told that “why are you appearing for banking examinations, there are no vacancies, you would end up being unemployed.” I joined the classes in Nagpur named “S&S”. Our Sandesh sir was the one who motivated me alot and always told us that PracticeMock has been their “Tool to success”.

Which exams did you appear in till date

  • SBI clerk and Po
  • IBPS po and clerk
  • IDBI Executive

RRB Clerk Prelims Free Mock test 2023

Section-wise Preparation Strategy

English Section Preparation Strategy

For English I made a book in which I used to write the vocabularies words. I used to read The Hindu newspaper daily from the YouTube videos, when I understood how to read the newspaper I used to read it on my own to save the time. I left no stone unturned while learning vocabularies. I used to find out the meanings of even the easiest words in which I am confused. I would say that if you want to ace English then start reading “The Hindu” or any other newspaper and just understand and learn the vocabularies used in it. Don’t leave any word without finding the meaning unless you actually know the meaning.

Quantitative Aptitude Section Preparation Strategy

For quantitative aptitude, I used to write square cube and tables daily. I used to give atleast 15 minutes daily in the morning from “6am -6.20am” to write tables. At the starting of my journey of preparations, I cleared my basics from various YouTube videos. It helped me alot. I would like to say that first of all just clear the basics, don’t go for shortcuts. Shortcuts would pass you the pre, but basics will give you the final selection. Once you understand the basics, start taking mocks and increase the speed. I used to give 3 mocks daily of pre.

Reasoning Section Preparation Strategy

Reasoning was the major stumbling block in my preparation. But no matter how weak it is, practice can lead to any success. So for reasoning, I used to give the mocks of RRB po pre sectional in practice mock. It helped me alot in understanding my mistakes and accelerating my speed.

General Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

For general awareness, I used to follow “Ashish Gautam Sir” from “Adda247”. I trust him. The time when I didn’t trust him, I got failure. However, when I started trusting him, I got all my results. I used to write daily current affairs in my copy. Then I would learn it weekly. I used to write each and every detail Ashish Sir would say in his current affairs videos. It helped me alot.

RRB Clerk Prelims Free Mock test 2023

Overall Strategy, Study Schedule & Challenges Faced

I used to go at the library of the place where I as joined classes. I used to sit at the library from 8am to 8pm. I didn’t rely on anyone accept my mentor. I would also advice everyone to not rely on anyone. Just start making your own schedule. Experiment yourselves. See what schedule suits you the best. Yes, I faced a lot of struggle. My father has to undergo a kidney transplant in which he needed a kidney donor. The donor was my mother. My father also had to go through the process of dialysis. That was the miserable phase of my life. The whole responsibility of my parents came onto me. It was my responsibility to take the decisions of whether go for transplant or not. It took the risk and went for the transplant which is successful. The surgery was done 15 days before my mains examination. However, I kept myself calm till the last moment. I believed in myself.

RRB Clerk Prelims Free Mock test 2023

How did PracticeMock help you?

Practice Mock is the only app which is used in our tuition classes. It has helped me alot in improving my speed. The solutions provided below the questions also helped in clearing my basics. I love the interface of practice Mock. The blue and white colour of the interface is just awesome. I would request the team to never ever change the theme color of PM

RRB Clerk Prelims Free Mock test 2023

Message for the Fellow Aspirants

Through the steel of discipline, you will forge a character rich with courage and peace. Through the virtue of will, you are destined to rise to life’s highest ideal and live within a heavenly mansion filled with all that is good, joyful and vital. Without them(discipline and will), you are lost like a mariner without a compass, who eventually sinks with his ship. Will power and Discipline should always be there.

RRB Clerk Prelims Free Mock test 2023

This is what Tejaswini Kamal has to say about her sucess strategy. For those who have cleared any exam and want to get featured on our blog can share his or her success story by filling in the details here

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