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Swarn Kumar Saraf’s Success Story

November 2021. Didn’t fill the form in July but exam was conducted again for students who didn’t appear in September. My prelims exam was in January.

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Which exams did you appear in till date and what were their result

SSC CGL -2019. Qualified all three tiers but was not selected in final merit list.

Section-wise Preparation Strategy

English Section Preparation Strategy

Didn’t do any classes for English. Just started Attempting papers right away.

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Quantitative Aptitude Section Preparation Strategy

Did do classes for SSC Maths. Not for banking especially.

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Reasoning Section Preparation Strategy

No classes for reasoning either. Just kept at it. It was most difficult among other subjects at first but slowly I got better at it.

General Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

Affairs cloud. But I didn’t start it early enough so in the end it was my weakest subject.

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Computer Awareness Section Preparation

Had already good knowledge of it. Read a compiled pdf of it a week before exam.

Overall Strategy, Study Schedule & Challenges Faced

I had only one strategy. Keep attempting mocks everyday and reviewing it the same day. No exceptions. Initially marks were very poor especially in reasoning section. But I kept at it and soon enough there were visible improvements.

I had never done puzzles and seating arrangements in my life before I started my prep. So definitely it took all 20 min of time limit to solve just one puzzle. I started looking YouTube video about approaching puzzles and how to smartly solve it. For me there was no other way but to keep doing it again and again. Eventually I got better at it.

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How did PracticeMock help you?

Definitely. I regularly attempted practice mocks. It’s mock were bit on difficult side but that’s the good thing because that motivated me to do better.

Message for the Fellow Aspirants

Keep on giving mock tests despite the results. I can guarantee my initial mock test results were as bad as they can get. But to keep attempting them despite the result and reviewing the mistakes daily is the best way to guarantee your success.

SBI Clerk Prelims free mock test 2022

The above success story is of Swarn Kumar who cleared RRB PO. Read his success story. His only strategy that he followed is to practice as many mock tests as possible. He used to attempt mock tests on a daily basis and also reviewed the same as analyzing the mock test is equally important as you get toknow about your weak and strong areas. For those who have cleared any exam lately and would like to get featured on our blog can share their success stories with us and we will be happy to publish the same on PracticeMock Blog.

SBI Clerk Prelims free mock test 2022

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