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Sibi Vigneshvaran’s Success Story

I started preparing after getting COVID on April 2020, after resigning my job.

SBI PO Prelims free mock test 2022

Which exams did you appear in till date and what were their result

I have cleared IDBI Executive, IDBI AM and IBPS PO 2021.

Section-wise Preparation Strategy

English Section Preparation Strategy

I use to watch lot of english content and read articles from newspapers. Even cricket commentaries are useful.

SBI PO Prelims free mock test 2022

Quantitative Aptitude Section Preparation Strategy

Practice mock test series and the level of difficulty it provided really made medium level questions much easier. Consistent review of the tests given online really helps to step up our levels.

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Reasoning Section Preparation Strategy

Reasoning was a little bit easier for me from the beginning. Daily tests are crucial to maintain speed in solving puzzles.

General Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

I referred only one source ie. Affairs Cloud. I maintained a Notebook for daily current affairs for a year so that looking at my hand writing I can easily remember a specific news after revision.

SBI PO Prelims free mock test 2022

Computer Awareness Section Preparation

I didn’t prepare computer awareness. I know basic computer functionalities from work so I managed.

Overall Strategy, Study Schedule & Challenges Faced

10 plus hours a day for a year. I formed a group with my college friends and started this preparation. Group study is the best way to stay motivated until the final result is displayed. When u take tests along with someone that you prepare with its highly beneficial in sharing inputs together and reviewing unsolved problems. Facing society while preparing jobless for a year was the biggest hurdle I faced. Everyone that u know will start conversation asking about your job. Handling it without taking into your head is the real task.

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How did PracticeMock help you?

I can proudly say that I didn’t back off with the difficulty it provided me. Practice mock mains tests review is the one and only reason for my IBPS PO result.

Message for the Fellow Aspirants

Perseverance is the key. Depression, Anxiety may keep us down, but we need to stay focused until our final name appears on the list. Until then never give room to bad thoughts and negativity, everything shall pass and success will be yours so much sooner than you think.

SBI PO Prelims free mock test 2022

The above success story is of Sibi Vigneshvaran who cleared IBPS PO. Read his success story. His overall strategy included 10 plus hours of studying on a daily basis for over 1 year. You can also submit your success story if you have cleared any examination lately.

SBI PO Prelims free mock test 2022

Candidates can now practice free topic wise quants quizzes and mini mocks for all major banking & government exams at PracticeMock’s website & app. Candidates can attempt these for free. Read other inspiring success journey. You can also submit your success story if you have cleared any examination.

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