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Arijit Mandal’s Success Story

I am preparing for Regulation Bodies Exams and other relevant exams. First I created a syllabus after analyzing exams like Bank PO, RBI grade B, SEBI, EPFO, APFC and then started to prepare one weak and one strong topic daily. I started preparing for IBPS PO 2022 explicity only one month before the prelims. My strong pillars were English and Math,so I had to just work more on reasoning. I kept track of progress and time management using sectional as well as full mocks. Lastly as I was already a Research Scholar in Indian Institute of Science Bangalore before starting the preparation, I had that confidence that I can do this in short amount of time.

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Which exams did you appear in till date

RBI Grade B 2022(couldn’t clear prelims), UPSC CSE 2021 (couldn’t clear mains), SSC IMD 2022(Cleared it), IBPS PO(Cleared it), PFRDA Grade A(Couldn’t clear Interview), SSC CGL (appeared in mains, positive about the result), FCI AG III 2022 (Cleared prelims but didn’t appeared in Mains)

RRB PO 2023 Prelims free mock – Attempt Now

Section-wise Preparation Strategy

English Section Preparation Strategy

I didn’t prepare anything exact for it as I was doing good in the sectional mocks. I mostly used mock test for revising and fine tuning the English knowledge

RRB PO 2023 Prelims free mock – Attempt Now

Quantitative Aptitude Section Preparation Strategy

I started with the basics of chapters like average, percentage, fractions, ratio. Then I gave chapter wise mocks for those. After that I studied chapters like ages, time and distance, time and work. Lastly using the concepts of basic chapter I started studying simple DI and then went into solving mains level DI once I got comfortable and satisfied with my time management.

Reasoning Section Preparation Strategy

I was struggling mainly in three topics, which were syllogisms, puzzle and seating arrangement. So I alloted a particular amount of time each day to these three topics. I tried solving at least 5 puzzles or seating arrangement each day. Before mains I solved puzzle and seating arrangement heavy sectional mocks. These helped to understand which questions to do and which to leave if there is a time crunch in exam.

RRB PO 2023 Prelims free mock – Attempt Now

General Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

As I am already preparing for Regulatory bodies exams, I didn’t prepare anything extra for the GA section of IBPS PO. I mostly prepared studying weekly and monthly current affairs compilation. I also read newspaper to keep myself updated in general manner.

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Computer Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

As I have basic and working knowledge of computers. I just had to fine tune the knowledge to make it exam centric. For that I used some YouTube videos on computer and shortcut keys along with previous years questions.

Overall Strategy, Study Schedule & Challenges Faced

I didn’t make any separate schedule for it. I was preparing for Regulatory bodies exam so I had a routine in which I did Quant, English, Reasoning in the first half of thw day and in the latter half I used to do GA and subjects like finance, economy, management, costing etc. I used pomodaro technique to increase my study hours efficiently. On top of that revising using spaced repetition method and active recall, I revised and retained a huge amount of the syllabus in a short time period.

Yes. The main hurdle for me was to sit and study with focus for longer durations. I gradually made a habit of waking up early and not staying up late at night. I used pomodaro technique to study with high focus. On top that I made a common syllabus after extensive research but following it wasn’t easy as there were a lot of subjects which I was studying for the first time. So I had be patient and had to learn to increase my reading speed.

RRB PO 2023 Prelims free mock – Attempt Now

How did PracticeMock help you?

Yes,the mocks helped me immensely to keep track of my progress and in time management. Furthermore the mocks were beneficial to me in getting familiar with the latest exam patterns.

Message for the Fellow Aspirants

I would like to say three things, 1) first analyze the exam and it’s syllabus and your strength and weakness 2) Make a organised division of syllabus according to your analysis and start with basic chapters for each section 3) Read, Revise, Repeat along with sectional as well as full mocks. Lastly I would request everyone to analyze their mocks extremely seriously to understand what went right and what went worng and why!

RRB PO 2023 Prelims free mock – Attempt Now

This is what Arijit Mandal has to say about his sucess strategy. For those who have cleared any exam and want to get featured on our blog can share his or her success story by filling in the details here

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