SSC CHSL Study Plan 2024 For 15 Days, Preparation Strategy
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SSC CHSL Study Plan 2024: The SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam will be conducted by SSC from 1st to 5th July and then from July 8th to 11th June across multiple centres in India. This means the exam is just a few days away. Aspirants have a few days to revise a vast syllabus for the Tier 1 online exam. Therefore, they need a well-designed SSC CHSL Study Plan 2024 for 15 days to make the most of the few days at hand. Do you want to crack SSC CHSL in first attempt? In this article, we’ll provide you with an SSC CHSL Study Plan that will not only help in revising all the topics from the syllabus but also boost their revision process.

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SSC CHSL 2024 Exam Overview

The SSC CHSL 2024 Exam is a route to many government posts. And SSC CHSL Study Plan 2024 is the vehicle to cover the distance between exam preparation and success. So, candidates must make the most of the time they have right now. They must follow the SSC CHSL Study Plan rigorously to successfully face the SSC CHSL Tier 1 2024 exam, which is scheduled for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th July 2024. The exam offers posts like Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA), Postal Assistant (PA), Sorting Assistant (SA), and Data Entry Operator (DEO).

15-day study plan for the SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam

It is not easy to cover all the topics from SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam syllabus. But with a carefully designed SSC CHSL Study Plan 2024 For 15 Days, candidates can cover all the topics in a systematic manner. It is best suited for revising all the topics in 15 days’ time. In the last 15 days before the SSC CHSL 2024 exam, they can revise all the important topics attempt the latest SSC MTS 2024 Mock Tests, analyse their performance, and point out the mistakes that they might commit in the real SSC MTS 2024 exam. This plan demands deep revision and practice. Candidates need to devote 6 to 8 hours to revision every day. Given below is SSC CHSL Study Plan 2024 For 15 Days covering all the important topics from the four subjects: General Intelligence, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, and General Awareness.

DayGeneral IntelligenceQuantitative AptitudeEnglish LanguageGeneral Awareness
1Semantic Analogy

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Number Systems: Computation of Whole NumbersSpot the ErrorEnvironment: Ecology, Conservation, Pollution
2Symbolic OperationsNumber Systems: Decimals and Fractions   -Take SSC CHSL Tier 1 2024 Mock TestFill in the BlanksSociety: Norms, Values, Challenges
3Symbolic/Number AnalogyNumber Systems: Relationship between numbersSynonyms/HomonymsCurrent Events
4TrendsFundamental Operations: PercentagesAntonyms  Scientific Matters
5Figural AnalogyFundamental Operations: Ratio and ProportionSpellings/Detecting Misspelled Words   -Take SSC CHSL Tier 1 2024 Mock TestScientific Experiences
6Space OrientationFundamental Operations: Square RootsIdioms & PhrasesIndia & Neighboring Countries: History
7Semantic ClassificationFundamental Operations: AveragesOne-word SubstitutionIndia & Neighboring Countries: Culture
8Venn Diagrams     -Take SSC CHSL Tier 1 2024 Mock TestFundamental Operations: InterestImprovement of SentencesIndia & Neighboring Countries: Geography
9Symbolic/Number ClassificationFundamental Operations: Profit and Loss   -Take SSC CHSL Tier 1 2024 Mock TestActive/PassiveIndia & Neighboring Countries: Economic Scene
10Drawing InferencesFundamental Operations: DiscountConversion into Direct/Indirect NarrationIndia & Neighboring Countries: General Policy   -Take SSC CHSL Tier 1 2024 Mock Test
11Figural ClassificationFundamental Operations: Partnership BusinessShuffling of Sentence partsIndia & Neighboring Countries: Scientific Research
12Punched Hole/Pattern-Folding & Unfolding     -Take SSC CHSL Tier 1 2024 Mock TestFundamental Operations: Mixture and AllegationShuffling of Sentences in a PassageRevision of Environment, Society, Current Events
13Semantic SeriesFundamental Operations: Time and Distance   -Take SSC CHSL Tier 1 2024 Mock TestCloze PassageRevision of Scientific Matters, Experiences
14Figural Pattern-folding and CompletionFundamental Operations: Time and WorkComprehension Passage   -Take SSC CHSL Tier 1 2024 Mock TestRevision of India & Neighboring Countries
15Number Series, Embedded Figures, Figural Series, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Word Building, Social Intelligence, Coding and Decoding, Numerical Operations   -Take SSC CHSL Tier 1 2024 Mock TestAlgebra, Geometry, Mensuration, Trigonometry, Statistical ChartsRevision of all English TopicsFull Syllabus Revision


  1. General Intelligence: Pay heed to understanding each type of problem. Practicing them as much as possible in these last 15 days.
  2. Quantitative Aptitude: Make sure to solve practice problems for each sub-topic.
  3. English Language: Practice grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension regularly.
  4. General Awareness: Read daily updates. Revise important static GK topics.

Key Benefits of SSC CHSL 2024 Study Plan For 15 Days

Candidates who want to speed up their preparation/revision process for the SSC CHSL 2024 Exam with SSC CHSL 2024 Study Plan For 15 Days, must also be well aware of the benefits of the study plan. Given below are some of the most important benefits of the SSC CHSL 2024 study plan.

1. Systematic Style of Covering Syllabus: The SSC CHSL 2024 Study Plan For 15 Days provides systematic breaks of topics in parts. And so, it becomes easier to manage to cover them.

2. Good Time Management Skills: SSC CHSL 2024 Study Plan divides time among all the subjects. This gives complete coverage to all the sections of the SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam.

3. Targeted Learning: It helps candidates concentrate on important areas. Target your weak areas and focus on them to maximize their chances of qualifying exam in first attempt.

4. Regular Practice: Daily study sessions in the SSC CHSL 2024 Study Plan For 15 Days make sure candidates are doing consistent practice.

5. Topic-wise Revision: The SSC CHSL 2024 Study Plan includes revision sessions for better memorization or retention. Candidates should keep well-structured subject-wise notes with them for last-minute revision to recall important topics.

6. SSC CHSL Tier 1 2024 Mock Tests: The SSC CHSL 2024 Study Plan For 15 Days includes mock tests to test candidates’ progress. Don’t undervalue the benefits of solving mocks serve as a mimic of the real exam.

7. Best Use of Short Tricks: This plan helps candidates practice the usage of short tricks. In it, they can practically check if they are beneficial for them when compared to conventional methods or not.

8. Equal Attention: All four subjects (General Intelligence, Quantitative Aptitude, English, and General Awareness) receive equal focus.

9. Experience of Real SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam: Candidates get fully prepared for the real SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam by Solving previous year papers and SSC CHSL mock tests integrated with the SSC CHSL 2024 Study Plan For 15 Days given above.

10. Progress Analysis: Candidates can easily and quickly track their improvement, discover weak areas, and work on them in time. Follow a set timer once you start solving questions. It gives you the advantage of learning smart tricks to achieve speed and accuracy in a limited time.

11. Effective Memorization: The SSC CHSL 2024 Study Plan helps them learn and memorize even the toughest things effectively.

12. No Wasted Time: The SSC CHSL 2024 Study Plan allows for unforeseen events while maintaining consistency. Stay consistent in your revision journey to revise important topics for Tier 1 paper.

13. Strategic Path: This allows the candidates to follow a well-structured path to crack the SSC CHSL exam.

14. Complete Coverage: All important topics are included in the SSC CHSL 2024 Study Plan For 15 Days.

15. Practice More in Less Time: The plan maximizes practice within 15 days.

16. Helps in Making Handy Study Notes: It helps the candidates understand all the subject-wise concepts easily.

17. Enhances Confidence: This allows the candidates to do Regular practice and build the required confidence to face the exam successfully after 15 days.

18. Helps in Doing a Well-Balanced Preparation: It also helps them to invest sufficient time in covering each subject daily.


Now that the candidates have the SSC CHSL 2024 Study Plan For 15 Days, they can fully utilize it. They can make the required changes to it. They need to make the most of the last 15 days of the SSC CHL Tier 1 exam 2024. They should stick to the SSC CHSL 2024 Study Plan, practice daily, and stay informed about the latest news. Following this study routine will help them stay on track and perform well in the upcoming real SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam, and crack it.

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