SSC CHSL 2022-How to Score Maximum Marks in English?
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Are you too thinking of maximizing your score in the upcoming SSC CHSL 2022 exam? English can be tough and tricky for many candidates, but it is one of the most scoring sections in SSC CHSL exam. Some candidates find English the toughest section, while some find it easy and scoring. A good preparation strategy packed with regular practice via latest Mock Tests can help you score maximum marks in this section.

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In this blog, we will shed light on the best tips for preparing English in SSC CHSL Exam 2022.

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SSC CHSL English Preparation Tips

Some of the SSC CHSL English preparation tips are listed below which might help candidates to score better.

1.     Learn Grammar rules

 One of the important parts that dominate English section is Grammar. Most of the questions are asked from this section only. Therefore, you should try to learn all the grammar rules which have been previously part of all the previous years’ exam papers. It is wise to clear your understanding of basic grammar rules to get a good score in the English section.

2.     Practice atleast one comprehension every day

Practice at least one comprehension every day as it is an important part of the English section. Reading Comprehension is not as difficult as some candidates think! In fact, it can be and becomes very interesting for those who become keen readers, or for those who enjoy reading. Hence, build a habit of reading whatever you see under the sun and say to yourself that you’re very interested in reading. Start reading a newspaper daily without breaking this routine.

3.     Practice questions on cloze test

A Cloze test is a combination of comprehension and ‘fill in the blanks where your reading, analyzing, and vocabulary skills are all tested at once. A comprehension or a passage is given in the question which comprises blanks. Candidates need to choose the most appropriate word from the given options, which can most suitably be placed in the blank. Take a quick look at the passage, never treat a sentence individually, find the Keywords, and pay heed to passage’s tone or Use the elimination method to get to the answer.

4.     Read newspaper every day

Reading newspapers every day will do wonders in terms of improving your comprehension skills, and improving your vocabulary. Go for The Hindu of The Indian Express or as per your preference. English newspapers are the cheapest and one of the best study materials for the SSC CHSL English preparation. The editorial part will also make you up to date for General Awareness. The ideal reading time should be 45 minutes to 1 hour for the best results.

5.     Build word power

For English vocabulary, you must revise all the words that you have learned till now and follow them up with quizzes daily. Vocabulary plays a vital role in answering reading comprehension questions. If you don’t know the meaning of a certain word says, you’ll surely get a hard time answering questions. Vocabulary is like the spirit or soul of the passage. Just like a word is nothing without its meaning. Hence, to improve your reading comprehension you need to have a sufficient amount of vocabulary in your mind.

6.     Work on speed & accuracy

Your knowledge can go in vain without speed in these sorts of competitive exams. Hence, you should also try to increase you speed and maintain accuracy simultaneously for better results. Try to maintain the maximum average time for each question. This will help you in attempting maximum number of the questions in this section.

7.     Solve previous year’s SSC CHSL question papers

Give time to previous year’s question papers to know what sort of questions come in the exam. This is an old trick but has always been very rewarding. It helps to clear your basics as does the Mock Tests. This will also give you the confidence that you have done your research and know what type of questions usually does appear in the actual Exam. It develops in you a sense of readiness for the Exam.

8. Read from the best English Grammar books

This English Language Section will test your ability to use or understand correct English, like, your basic comprehension and writing abilities. It will invite questions on Phrases and Idioms, One-word Substitution, Error Spotting, Fill in the Blanks, Spellings Correction, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, Synonyms-Antonyms, Active Passive, Sentence Rearrangement, Sentence Improvement, Cloze test, etc. So, to cover all these topics you need to, like previous year’s toppers, get help from the best book books.

Here is a list of the best English book for the SSC CGL Exam:

  1. Quick Learning Objective General English by RS Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal
  2. How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension – By Arun Sharma
  3. Wren & Martin – High School English Grammar and Composition
  4. Perfect Competitive English V.K. Sinha
  5. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

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