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Day 1SSC CGL Tier 2 Free Mock Test
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Get SSC CGL Tier 2- Special Free Mock Test & Analyze your performance

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Last minute tips for the SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam before the exam

Practice Mocks and Analyze your mistakes

You can identify your weak areas on the exam by taking practice exams, which can help you prepare for them beforehand. If you have to respond to questions from both sections at once within the allotted time, it provides you with a better picture of how you’ll do it. Continue taking practice exams as the test date approaches.

Expected cut-off and previous year’s cut off

To establish your baseline for this year’s preparation, simply review the CGL tier-II cut-off from the prior year. Knowing the cut-off from the prior year will help you estimate the anticipated cut-off for this year. You will also benefit from knowing the successful exam attempts. You can adjust your strategy as necessary. To boost your confidence, aim to perform better on practice exams than you did the year before. Although the cut-off varies from year to year, it is safe to expect that it will be higher this year than in the past.

Revise important topics

Review the material in the sections of the curriculum where you are weakest, but also keep in mind the key points or the subjects from which questions will undoubtedly be asked during the exam. Grammar rules, active and passive sentences, profit and loss, geometry and sizing, etc. are a few examples. Concentrate more on subjects you find challenging. Don’t stress yourself out too much over the subjects in which you struggle. Utilize your best qualities.

Get SSC CGL Tier 2- Special Free Mock Test & Analyze your performance

Strategize well

In SSC CGL, efficient time management is key. You must avoid devoting excessive time to any one question. You must accurately attempt a sufficient number of questions. The best approach is to answer questions from your strong points, in which you have confidence, before moving on to questions from your weak points. Short methods, knowledge of algebraic identities, trigonometric ratios and identities, and key formulas can all help you become faster.

Do not start learning New Concepts at the last minute

Before the exam, avoid attempting to study any new concepts because doing so will hinder your preparation. Avoid cramming new information that might or might not be relevant to the exam. The possibility of feeling overpowered exists as well. The best you can do is update the curriculum.

Sleep well

Don’t stay up all night studying for the test. Try some breathing exercises or calming techniques if tension or anxiety is keeping you up at night. Get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam by going to bed early. You will be alert and prepared to perform at your best if you get a decent night’s sleep.

Take all the necessary documents and reach the exam center on time

Bring your admit card, government ID, two pictures, a mask, hand sanitizer, a COVID declaration form, and a clear water bottle. There is strict frisking at the exam location. Make sure you arrive at the testing location on time to prevent last-minute stress.

Last minute tips for the SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam while appearing for the exam

Go through each question at least once

To make sure you fully comprehend each question, read it again. Read the question and guidelines very attentively so that you don’t miss anything throughout the exam. If you reread a question two or three times, it might make sense. You can avoid missing any questions by going through each one at least once.

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Don’t spend lot of time on one question

Recall that clearing the cut-off is the ultimate objective. Avoid being sucked into any particular query. To answer the paper in rounds is one effective tactic. Answer the questions in the first round that you believe is the simplest to answer and with which you are most familiar. Then, finish answering the questions that were left after the first round and those that you can still answer in the remaining amount of time. This activity is meant to encourage you to attempt all of the simple questions on the exam because every point matters.

Get SSC CGL Tier 2- Special Free Mock Test & Analyze your performance


Always be ready for some unforeseen paper questions. Try not to lose heart. For most pupils, the questions would be similarly challenging. Only a couple of the questions will be unexpected. You may be confident that most of the questions would stick to the same format.

Don’t lose confidence

If the questions are very easy do not get over-excited and rush through the question as it can lead to silly mistakes. Also, do not get disappointed and lose confidence if some questions are very difficult in the starting. Read the question twice or thrice to get more clarity on the questions.

Do not discuss maths during exams

A very important piece of advice would be to not discuss the math exam during the break before the English exam, it will create an unnecessary distraction and you can lose your focus on the paper.

Get SSC CGL Tier 2- Special Free Mock Test & Analyze your performance

Free Quizzes & Mini Mocks

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