SBI Clerk Exam Postponed? Opportunity to prepare for leftover topics?
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The news of the SBI Clerk exam being postponed can be seen as an opportunity for many aspirants. Acting as an optimist would be key here. It doesn’t matter how much portion is still left to be covered, but with the right mindset, you can bounce back towards the ultimate goal of cracking the SBI Clerk 2021 exam.  

The very first plan of action would be to create a personal preparation map. You need to quickly pen down what has been covered, portions that require thorough revisions, etc. Moreover, you need to categorize different areas of study in a different set of preparation brackets. You can even rate your preparation subject-wise for optimizing the given extra time.  

SBI Clerk Prelims Free Mock

We at PraticeMock are also doing our bit by giving away some free study material and pdf resources which can act as real game-changers in the coming days. Having access to such content will definitely give you an edge and will also be well reflected in your final results.  

Section-Wise Preparation Tips

What’s better than receiving a handful of precise knowledge prepared by industry experts for each section. Going through this material will give you a clear direction on how to prepare section-wise for the coming exam.  

                                       Click here for “Section Wise Tips” 

Avoid Mistakes Beforehand

Being able to hold onto the mistakes which are generally made by any aspirant is no less than a blessing. Preparing for such an exam can be overwhelming but knowing where you can go wrong always help in gaining confidence.   Sign Up for Free Mock Tests Now so that you can be extremely confident when the final day arrives.

                        Click here for Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for SBI Clerk 2021 Exam 

Other Important PDF Resources for Cracking SBI Clerk 2021 Exam

  1. Daily Current Affairs PDF 
  2. Para jumble Concepts and Questions PDF 
  3. Reading Comprehension Guide/Strategy PDF 
  4. Syllogism Concepts & Questions PDF 
  5. Seating Arrangement Tips & Questions PDF 

4 Questions you need to ask yourself now or you will Regret Later!! 

You can actually get the answer just the day before the exam if you will end up doing well. Just ask these four simple questions to yourself. The following questions are: 

What is it that I did additionally which my fellow aspirants didn’t? 

You are fully aware of the fact that millions of aspirants are looking forward to cracking the exam and if your approach is simply ordinary; then how can you expect to surpass millions of people. 

Did I even test myself by giving ample mock tests for calculating & analyzing my mistakes, weak sections, or to check out my overall preparedness!? 

A single mock test which you will take tonight can show you how much you need to cover. It can leave you frustrated and even scared because it’s a reality test. The first aspect of chasing your goal is the acceptance of your reality. 

SBI Clerk Prelims Free Mock

Did I take the advantage of analytical data & used it to improve both my score and all India rankings generated from my mock tests? 

If somebody were to give you a daily report on what gaps you need to cover for you to crack the SBI clerk exam, would you honestly not be way ahead of others?  

Remember your board exams or any other exam where the bell rang but you were still finishing your test. You knew each question but you simply couldn’t finish due to a lack of adequate speed. If you don’t want such regrets in the future you need to form a habit of giving mock exams.  

And lastly did I even sign-up for any of the mock tests which were available for my growth? 

If you haven’t given even a single mock test yet then you are already missing out on a huge competitive advantage. You can look for thousands of aspirant success stories and study their approach but one common element would always be how eagerly they focused on giving mock exams. At the end of the day, it’s all about the real-time simulated practice model which acts as a definitive ladder between the aspirant and the exam. Sign Up for Free Mock Tests Now

The train is still there at the station. It is for you to decide if you wish to go through the coming journey. You need to take massive action and avoid wishful thinking. Do whatever you have to get back on track with your preparation. All the resources are available at your disposal. You should be ready with your preparation map by tomorrow and it would be even better if you take a mock test straight away to check out what should be expected of the exam. If you are already used to giving mocks then take one today to decide how much is still left to be covered in order to come up with a comprehensive study plan.  

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