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Today we are here with the success story of Ishika Aggarwal who started her preparation in August 2019. She confessed that in the beginning it was too confusing for her but she understood everything as the time passed by. She also prepared a time table for her exam preparation however, it didn’t work out as planned. Apart from this she gave many more exams, however she finally cleared RRB PO 2020. She wanted to discuss everything with us regarding her preparation strategy and how she prepared for each and every section separately. Read her success story below as it may help other aspirants as well those who are planning for these exams in this year. Give it a read below.

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Read Ishika Aggarwal’s Success Story

I started my preparation in August 2019. In the beginning it was too confusing for me from where to start but along with time everything seems to be understood. Like everybody says, be consistent and yes, it is one of the hardest things you have to do while preparing because you have so many distractions around. But thinking where could they lead you after mere time pass and pleasure, is a real realization. Once you understand this, then being consistent with doing smart work is the key to success. Apart from this I gave the below mentioned exams:

  • Ibps po 2019(failed)
  • sbi clerk2020(failed)
  • lic assistant(failed)
  • ibps po 2021 (awaiting result)

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Detailed Exam Preparation Strategy

English Section Exam Preparation Strategy

Reading and only reading. Daily reading editorials not only increases your vocab and grammar but also builds your opinion for current scenarios.

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Quantitative Aptitude Section Exam Preparation Strategy

PRACTICE with timer. Daily practicing particular sets of questions and giving quizzes. Pre and mains both.

Reasoning Exam Preparation Strategy

It’s the best section and my strength. Daily practicing puzzles both mains and pre level is required along with miscellaneous questions.

General Awareness section Exam Preparation Strategy

Study iq Gurav Garg sir.

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Overall Preparation Strategy & Challenges Faced

We all decide to follow time table but it doesn’t goes as planned as happens with most of the students. So decide what you have to do in a day before sleeping and stick to that. Do not make weekly or monthly time tables when you are not a time table person as it was case for me.

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Yes I faced many challenges. No one can succeed without any obstacles as they makes you strong enough and increases your performance. But this thing I didn’t realized in the beginning. Now as I see my journey as a whole I can see how strong you become after defeating your fears, paving the way for the success.

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How did PracticeMock help Me?

It helped me extremely. When you are too confused with better price and excellent quality of mocks, practicemock came as savior. It has excellent quality of mocks as per exam level difficulty or more than that. You are more than prepared if you study with PracticeMock.

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Message to the Fellow Aspirants

Just believe in yourself. No matter what anybody says or do, you decide your own worth. You sees people around succeeding and some of them in very young age, sometimes it leads to demotivation but don’t be. Everybody is living their own journey and trust me, once you will become successful no one will come and ask how much time it took or you took too long for qualifying. It simply doesn’t matter. All that matters in how much you believe in yourself and you can do anything if you decide to do so. So remain consistent in your preparation with smart work and don’t forget to rejuvenate yourself by doing your favorite thing.(mine is doing nothing?)

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This is what Ishika Aggarwal has to say regarding her success strategy and her entire exam preparation journey. For those who have cleared any exam recently and want to get featured on our blog can share his or her success story by filling in the details here

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