How to Prepare Current Affairs for RBI Grade B 2024 Exam
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Prepare Current Affairs for RBI Grade B 2024: Covering the extensive syllabus of RBI Grade B current affairs can be a formidable task for many aspirants. The sheer volume of information poses a significant challenge, creating hurdles in retaining key details throughout the RBI Grade B current affairs preparation process.

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In this article, we delve into the intricacies of preparing for current affairs for the RBI Grade B 2024 examination. We will elucidate “what to study,” “how many months to study,” and “how to study.” However, before delving into the preparation strategy, let’s first understand the approach to current affairs.

RBI Grade B Exam Pattern 2024 for Phase 1 

200 questions are from 4 sections General Awareness, Quantiative Aptitude, English, and Reasoning. The time allotted to face 200 questions is 120 minutes. Here is the RBI Grade B Exam Pattern for Phase 1: 

General Awareness808025
Quantitative Aptitude303025
English Language303025
Total200200120 mins

Approach to Cover Current Affairs for RBI Grade B 2024 for Phase 1 & 2

Aspirants often grapple with the decision of how to start preparing for current affairs for Phase 1 or Phase 2 of the RBI Grade B exam. The key lies in adopting an integrated approach to current affairs preparation, eliminating a distinct separation between Phase 1 and Phase 2.

List of Important Topics for RBI Grade B Current Affairs

We have mentioned ESI, Banking, and Finance are parts of current affairs for RBI Grade B Phase 1 and 2. Check out the broad categorization of topics in the Current Affairs section:

General Awareness

  • Banking & Financial Awareness
  • Monetary Policies
  • Economic Terms
  • Current Affairs
  • Financial & Economics News
  • Government Schemes, Agreements & Deals
  • Banking terms, rates, Processes

Finance & Management

  • Financial System
  • Regulations of Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Financial Institutions – SIDBI, EXIM, NABARD, NHB, etc,
  • Banking System in India
  • Financial Markets Primary and Secondary Markets
  •  Reserve Bank of India- functions, and conduct monetary policy
  • Risk Management in the Banking Sector
  • Basics of Derivatives
  • Forward, Futures, and Swap
  • Changing Landscape of the Banking sector
  •  Public Sector Reforms
  •  Portfolio Investment
  • Recent Developments in the Financial Sector
  • Public Sector Reforms
  • Union Budget
  • Role of e-governance in addressing the issues of corruption and inefficiency in the government sector
  •  Direct and Indirect taxes
  • GST
  • 13th Financial Commission & GST
  •  Finance Commission
  • Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBM)
  • Disinvestments
  •  Financial Inclusion- use of technology
  • Alternate source of finance
  • Private and social cost-benefit
  • Public-Private Partnership Corporate Governance in the Banking Sector

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Economic & Social Issues

  • Growth and Development
  • Measurement of growth: National Income and per capita income
  • Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues
  • Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation in India
  • Economic Reforms in India
  • Demographic Trends
  • Privatization
  • Role of Economic Planning
  • Balance of Payments
  • Globalization
  • Opening up of the Indian Economy
  • International Economic Institutions
  • Social Justice
  • Positive Discrimination in favor of the underprivileged
  • Social Sectors in India
  • Social Movements
  • Indian Political System
  • Human Development
  • Health & Education
  • IMF and World Bank
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  •  Industrial and Labour Policy
  • Regional Economic Cooperation
  • Multiculturalism
  • Social Culture in India
  • Urbanization and Migration
  • Gender Issues

How to Revise Current Affairs for RBI Grade B 2024?

Certainly! Here are some effective tips for revising current affairs:

1. Be Consistent

   – Establish a regular routine for current affairs revision.

   – Allocate dedicated time daily or weekly for consistent efforts.

2. Utilize Flashcards

   – Create concise flashcards with key information.

   – Use flashcards for quick review of important facts, dates, and figures.

3. Summary Notes

   – Summarize current affairs topics in your own words.

   – Create short notes that capture essential information for quick reference.

4. Mind Maps

   – Visualize connections between different topics using mind maps.

   – Use colors and diagrams to enhance memory retention.

5. Regular MCQ Practice

   – Practice multiple-choice questions regularly.

   – Reinforce your understanding and recall by answering questions on diverse topics.

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6. Revision Timetable

   – Plan a structured revision timetable.

   – Allocate specific time slots to cover current affairs for RBI Grade B Phase 1 and 2 exams.

7. Group Discussion

   – Connect with mentors for discussions and doubt-clearing sessions for the RBI Grade B exam. 

   – Share and exchange information to reinforce learning

8. Review Current Affairs PDFs

   – Regularly review curated PDFs summarizing current affairs.

   – These documents can serve as quick references for revision.

9. Connect Topics

   – Identify connections between different current affairs topics.

   – Understanding the context helps in holistic comprehension.

10. Plan for Last-Minute Revision

   – Have a plan for last-minute revision closer to the exam.

   – Focus on quick recalls and key highlights during the final review.

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Preparing Current Affairs for the RBI Grade B 2024 exam demands a strategic and consistent approach. This section holds its key importance in Phase 1 and 2 exams. Candidates should focus on current affairs to conquer challenges and boost scores. Sign up to Take the RBI Grade B 1st Free Mock Test to Evaluate your Test test-taking skills and Performance. 

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