RBI Assistant Mains 2022-8 Day Revision Plan-Expert Tips & Strategy
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RBI Assistant Mains 2022-8 Day Revision Plan-Expert Tips & Strategy

This year’s Mains exam is, as always, not going to be a course for the faint-hearted, as getting into the Reserve Bank of India is the dream of lakhs of candidates like you. Therefore, only the most determined are going to crack the exam. And to ensure your success, you have to give your best to be where you want to be.

This is the reason why, many candidates who are ready to appear in the RBI Assistant Mains exam might be hunting for some valuable tips and strategies for RBI Assistant Mains 2022 preparation. There are only 8 days remaining for the upcoming Mains exam. Therefore, to aid and guide those candidates we are sharing a quick 8 day plan that covers all the topics that make up the RBI Assistant 2022 Mains syllabus.

It is time to boost your revision plan for the RBI Assistant mains revision strategy to successfully clear the exam.

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8 Day Revision Plan for RBI Assistant Mains exam 2022

Given below is a quick-8-day revision plan you can either follow or use it as a sample to make your own revision plan. Your main aim should be to revise all the topics including all the important topics of the RBI Assistant Mains 2022 syllabus:

DAY-DATEQuantReasoningEnglishGeneral awareness Knowledge with Latest Mock test
Day 1-Revise Tables up to 20, Squares up to 30, Cubes up to 15  

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-Revise Inequality, Order & Ranking, SyllogismRevise Noun pronoun, Adjective & Adverb, TenseRevise Static awareness & computer GA  

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Day 2-Revise Simplification and approximation, percentage to fraction conversion up to 1/25-Revise Alphanumeric Series, Revise Inequality Order & Ranking-Revise Subject-verb agreement, Adjective & AdverbRevise Current Affairs  

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Day 3-Revise Number Series, Average, Profit Loss & Discount  -Revise Alphabet Test, Direction distance-Revise Subject-verb agreement, Cloze Test, Match the column-Revise Languages Basic Hardware and Software History of  

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Day 4-Revise Percentage, Ratio proportion, Average  

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-Revise Direction distance, Seating Arrangement-Revise Error spotting se Para jumble,-Revise Computers Devices Viruses and Hacking  
Day 5-Revise Time & work, Time speed distance, Partnership  -Revise Coding-decoding, Alpha Numeric Series, Blood relation-Practice Reading Comprehension , Synonyms and Antonyms  -Current World News -Current India News Geography Concepts  

-Take RBI Assistant Mains Mock Test 5 with Analysis
Day 6-Time speed distance, Probability, Mensuration,  -Revise Syllogism, Inequality-Phrase Adjective & Adverb replacement,-Revise History Concepts Political Science
Day 7-Profit loss & Discount, simple interest & Compound Interest– Ranking    

-Take RBI Assistant Mains Mock Test 6 with Analysis
-Tenses, Fill in the Blanks-Banking Awareness -RBI Terms -Emoluments and Other Benefits
Day 8-Partnership. Mensuration, Mixture & Alligation  -Revise Sitting Arrangement, Blood relation-Revise Adjective & Adverb-Acts and Laws related to Bank (RBI)

-Take RBI Assistant Mains Mock Test 7 with Analysis

If not today, then when? There are only 8 days left in the exam! Take exciting tests and make your future bright!

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You can follow the 8 day revision plan for RBI Assistant Mains 2022 exam given above dedicatedly, if you wish to crack the upcoming RBI Assistant Mains 2022 exam in the first attempt. Plus, take as many Mock Tests as you and analyze every Mock Test taken to make quick improvements in terms of speed and accuracy. You can also take a FREE RBI Assistant Mains 2022 Mock Test to accurately experience how quickly you can improve by taking Mock Tests daily.

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 RBI Assistant Mains 2022-8 Days Strategy

Here are some general tips you need to follow to revise all the important topics and make the most of your preparation and revision via the latest RBI Assistant 2022 Mains Mock Tests.

1.    Go through previous year’s papers

Get an idea about the expected topics and questions by revising from the previous year’s papers and test your knowledge via  RBI Assistant Mains 2022 Mock Tests and make speed and accuracy your first priority. Note down all the important or scoring topics and revise them thoroughly.

2.    Make the Most of  RBI Assistant Mains 2022 Mock Tests analysis

Unless it is not necessary, do not start something new in the last 2-4 days before the exam. Take as many Mock Tests as you can and make improvements by going through Mock Tests analysis.

3.    Solve 2-3 Mock Tests daily

Solve a mock test daily with keeping time in mind. When exams are just 10-15 days away, try to solve 2-3 mock tests and revise them thoroughly.

4.    Cover all the important topics

Try to cover or revise all the important topics and Stick to the plan consistently. Take help from the Last 8 Day study plan given below.

5.    Increase Your Reading Speed

You need to read the newspaper regularly to increase your reading speed and build your vocabulary power. It also improves your reading comprehension if you will focus while reading. While reading, try to cover topics related to Business, Economy, Current Affairs, and Banking.

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Success Formula for RBI Assistant Mains 2022 Exam

This exam is very difficult. We all know about it. Nothing novel has been discovered about it by us, or anybody either. The same old techniques and ways can help you crack the exam like others did before you. If you have the right intention and you are determined, then no one can stop you from clearing this exam. But because there is a lot of competition, you’ll also have to work hard smartly. It is always better to make an effective exam strategy that suits your style of answering questions for best results. And the best formula that will help you accomplish all that are Mock Tests. The latest RBI Assistant Mains Mock Tests will surely help you in revising all the topics that you need to cover to get exam ready fully.

Best of Luck with the Upcoming Exam!

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