NABARD Grade A Mains Exam Best Way to Start
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NABARD Grade A Mains Exam: Best Way to Start: The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) holds a crucial place in the Indian financial sector, focusing on the agriculture, cottage and village industries, handicrafts, and prominent rural crafts.

The NABARD Grade A examination is a highly competitive test that attracts thousands of aspirants every year. Moreover, the Preliminary Exam was successfully conducted on October 16, 2023. We can expect the results to be out in November 2023. Are you sure to qualify for the prelims cut-off?

Don’t waste time waiting for the results, just start your preparations right away to ace the mains exam. NABARD announced mains exam date will be scheduled to take place on November 19, 2023. This exam demands meticulous planning and an effective study strategy. Frame your study plans to practice descriptive and objective questions for English, ARD and ESI sections.

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Understanding the NABARD Grade A Mains Exam Pattern

NABARD Grade A Mains Exam is the second phase of the selection process after the preliminary examination. It tests candidates on their specialized knowledge in subjects like Agriculture, Rural Development, and more. The Mains Exam consists of both objective and descriptive type questions, requiring aspirants to possess a comprehensive understanding of the various subjects, along with effective writing skills.

TopicTotal MarksTime Duration
Paper I: General English1001 Hour 30 Minutes
Paper-II: General Discipline – Economic & Social Issues (ESI) Agriculture & Rural Development (ARD)Specific Discipline for Grade A RDBS1001 Hour 30 Minutes
Paper II: Grade A RajbhashaProficiency in English & Hindi1001 Hour 30 Minutes
Paper II: Legal ServicesExplaining Various Laws1001 Hour 30 Minutes

Best Way to Start the Preparation for NABARD Grade A Mains

Candidates who appeared in NABARD Grade A Prelims exam on October 16, 2023. After following the complete exam analysis, they are sure to crack the Prelims. Without wasting time start preparing for NABARD Grade A Mains as the exam is on November 19, 2023. Only 19 days left for Mains so, apply the the best strategies aspirants must follow:

1. Understanding the Syllabus

The foremost step is to understand the syllabus thoroughly. Analyze each subject and topic to create a roadmap for your preparation journey. Ensure you are aware of the weightage given to each section to prioritize your focus areas.

2. Create a Study Plan

Give your time to frame a well-structured study plan that allocates sufficient time to each subject. Allocate more time to subjects you find challenging and balance it with regular revisions. Set achievable short-term goals to keep yourself motivated throughout the preparation process.

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3. Collect Reliable Study Material

Rely on authentic and reliable study materials such as books recommended by experts, online resources, previous years’ question papers, and mock tests. A strong collection of study materials is the foundation of a well-rounded preparation strategy.

4. Focus on Current Affairs

Stay updated with the latest national and international current affairs, especially those related to the agriculture and rural development sector. Reading newspapers, following government websites, and referring to current affairs magazines can help in enhancing your knowledge base.

5. Strengthen Your Writing Skills

Since the exam includes a descriptive paper, it is essential to enhance your writing skills. Practice regularly by writing essays, précis, and comprehension passages. Seek feedback from mentors or peers to improve your writing style and language proficiency.

6. Regular Revision and Mock Tests

Devote ample time for regular revisions and solve mock tests to assess your preparation level. Mock tests provide an insight into the actual exam pattern and help you manage time efficiently during the actual examination.

7. Analyze Your Performance

 Regularly analyze your performance in mock tests and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Work on improving your weak areas and focus on enhancing your strong subjects further.

8. Seek Guidance from Mentors

 Enroll in coaching programs or seek guidance from experienced mentors to get valuable insights and tips for the exam. Join online forums and discussion groups to interact with fellow aspirants and share knowledge and preparation strategies.

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9. Maintain a Healthy Routine

Maintain a healthy lifestyle during your preparation phase. Ensure an adequate amount of sleep, a balanced diet, and regular exercise to keep your mind and body refreshed and active.

NABARD Grade A Mains Exam Mock Test Challenge for Practice

Aspirants who sure to qualify the cut-off scores in the NABARD Grade A Preliminary Examination. Start your mains exam preparation right away as we can expect the exam to held in November/December 2023. Take our NABARD Grade A Mains Mock Test Practice Drills for objective and descriptive questions practice.

MOCK TESTNABARD Grade A Mains Mock Test 1
MOCK TESTNABARD Grade A Mains Mock Test 2
MOCK TESTNABARD Grade A Mains Mock Test 3
MOCK TESTNABARD Grade A Mains Mock Test 4
MOCK TESTNABARD Grade A Mains Mock Test 5

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Cracking the NABARD Grade A Mains Exam requires dedication, perseverance, and a well-rounded preparation strategy. It is essential to stay focused, motivated, and maintain a positive attitude throughout the preparation journey. By following a structured study plan, staying updated with current affairs, and regular practice, you can enhance your chances of succeeding in the NABARD Grade A Mains Exam and kick-start a rewarding career in the field of agriculture and rural development.

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