Mastering in Percentage: Guide for SSC CPO 2024 Exam Success
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The Staff Selection Commission Central Police Organization (SSC CPO) exam is highly competitive and requires a thorough understanding of various subjects, including Mathematics. Among the mathematical topics, percentage remains a significant component of the syllabus. Excelling in percentage problems not only enhances your mathematical skills but also contributes to overall success in the SSC CPO 2024 exam. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover essential topics, formulas, tips, quick and smart tricks with examples, general tips, and important questions with answers and step-by-step solutions to help you ace the SSC CPO 2024 exam.

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SSC CPO Percentage: Understanding the Basics:

Percentage is a fundamental mathematical concept used to express a fraction of a whole, where the whole is considered as 100%.


Percentage (%) = (Part/Whole) × 100

For instance, if you score 80 out of 100 marks in an exam, your percentage score is:

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SSC CPO Percentage: Topics Covered

1. Basic Percentage Problems:

Example 1: What is 20% of 150?


To find 20% of 150, we apply the percentage formula:

\text{20% of 150} = \left( \frac{20}{100} \right) \times 150 = 30

Answer: 20% of 150 is 30.

2. Percentage Change:

Example 2: If the price of a product increased from $50 to $60, what is the percentage increase?


To find the percentage increase, we use the formula:

Answer: The percentage increase is 20%.

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3. Finding the Base or Whole:

Example 3: If 25% of a number is 30, what is the number?


Let the number be x. We use the percentage formula:

Answer: The number is 120.

4. Percentage Decrease:

Example 4: If the population of a town decreased from 5000 to 4000, what is the percentage decrease?


To find the percentage decrease, we use the formula:

Answer: The percentage decrease is 20%.

5. Successive Percentage Change:

Example 5: If the price of a product increased by 20% and then decreased by 10%, what is the net percentage change?


To find the net percentage change, we calculate the successive percentages:

Answer: The net percentage change is an 8% increase.

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SSC CPO Percentage: Tips and Tricks:

1. Memorize Common Percentages:

Memorizing common percentages like 25%, 50%, 75%, etc., can facilitate quicker calculations.

2. Practice Mental Math:

Enhance mental math skills to calculate percentages swiftly without relying on a calculator.

3. Understand Percentages as Fractions and Decimals:

Converting percentages to fractions and decimals aids in simplifying complex problems.

4. Use Approximations:

Rounding off numbers can expedite calculations, particularly in time-bound exams.

5. Focus on Conceptual Understanding:

Grasping the underlying concepts behind percentage problems facilitates solving diverse question types.

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Quick and Smart Tricks:

1. Doubling and Halving:

Doubling or halving numbers to find percentages is a quick strategy. For instance, 25% of a number is equivalent to half of it.

2. Cross Multiplication:

Employ cross multiplication in problems involving percentages to swiftly find unknown values.

3. Utilize Complementary Percentages:

Knowing one percentage enables finding its complementary percentage (100% – given percentage) quickly.

4. Fraction to Percentage Conversion:

Converting fractions to percentages and vice versa simplifies calculations in specific scenarios.

SSC CPO Percentage: General Tips

Time Management: Allocate time judiciously to each question during the exam.

Regular Practice: Consistent practice is key to mastering percentage problems.

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Error Analysis: Analyze mistakes in PracticeMock SSC CPO 2024 Mock tests to enhance understanding of concepts.

Maintain Composure: Remain composed during the SSC CPO 2024 exam to make rational decisions and avoid unnecessary stress.

SSC CPO 2024 Time, Speed & Distance Important Questions with Answers and Steps:

Question: What is 35% of 80?


\text{35% of 80} = \left( \frac{35}{100} \right) \times 80 = 28

Answer: 35% of 80 is 28.

Question: If a shirt is sold for $45, which is 50% more than its cost price, what is the cost price?


Let the cost price be x.

Answer: The cost price is $30.

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Question: A student scored 75% marks in an exam. If the total marks were 500, how many marks did the student score?


Answer: The student scored 375 marks.

Question: The price of a product decreased by 20%. If the original price was $100, what is the new price?


Answer: The new price is $80.

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Question: If the value of a property increased by 15% over 5 years, what is the annual rate of increase?


To find the annual rate of increase, we divide the total percentage increase by the number of years:

Answer: The annual rate of increase is 3%.

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In conclusion, mastering percentage problems is essential for success in the SSC CPO 2024 exam. By comprehending the basics

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