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Current Affairs are an indispensable part of the general awareness section in most of the banking exams. If properly prepared, the current affairs part can easily fetch you good marks in an exam. Not just in the exam, knowing current affairs will also help you to a great extent in interviews. Current affairs questions stand apart as unlike reasoning & quantitative aptitude questions, there are no lengthy calculations involved. You can answer current affairs questions quickly as either you would be knowing the answer or you wouldn’t know it. More time allows you to have a glance at all the questions of current affairs and answer the ones you know.

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Is Preparation of Current Affairs Difficult?

Unlike other sections like Reasoning, English, Quantitative Aptitude, Computer Awareness etc. the syllabus of current affairs is indefinite and questions can be asked on literally any topic in the world which has been in news. But that said if you observe the news carefully on a consistent basis, memorize new news/facts and continue revising old topics, you can answer a majority of the questions asked in current affairs. So to answer the question, preparation of current affairs is not difficult provided you are disciplined and devote 1-1.5 hours to the current affairs on a daily basis.

How to Prepare for Current Affairs?

Different aspirants employ different methods to prepare for current affairs. While some aspirants thoroughly go through different newspapers & magazines and make their own notes, other aspirants rely on current affairs capsules & PDFs released by different platforms. Our opinion is that if you really want to score high in current affairs and want to give a good boost to your overall score, you should skim through newspapers & magazines and make your own notes. Current Affairs Capsules & PDFs should be used purely for revision purpose and should be used as a check to include something which you might have missed in your notes.

Let’s have a look at the methods you should employ for a solid preparation of current affairs.

Read Newspaper(s)

Reading newspaper is a great way to update your current affairs. If you are appearing for a banking exam then this habit will also help you increasing your reading speed. This skill will be useful in the reading comprehension topic of English section. Devote at least 1 hour towards reading of a good English newspaper (for eg. The Hindu, The Indian Express, The New Indian Express etc.). You may initially find it hard to read newspapers because of less time and unable to understand/retain information from the newspaper. But you should not give up and persist to follow this habit.

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How to Read Newspaper for Banking Exams?

As we have already stated that it’s extremely useful to prepare your own notes for a better preparation of current affairs. You should also note down important points while reading a newspaper. Now the question comes what to note & how to do it? To answer this question, you should focus on all the news, articles, editorials which pertain to one or more of the below categories:

  • National News
  • International News
  • Sports News
  • Science and Technology News
  • Economic News
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Now pick the first topic and start making your own notes. When making notes, you should note the below:

  • Title of the news/article (in your own words)
  • What happened in the news?
  • Which area/region was affected by this news?
  • When did this event happen?
  • Reasons behind this event
  • Important Facts & Figures in the news

This may look a lengthy task initially, but once you start doing it, it will not take much time. And once you prepare your own notes in your own words, it will be easy for you to memorize and very easy for you to revise on a regular basis. Also, the night before the exam, these notes will come very handy for you to revise.

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Read Magazines

Like newspaper, magazines are also an important source of information. But unlike newspapers, magazines come on a monthly basis and have the news in a concise format. But don’t read magazines at the cost of reading newspapers. Use magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan & Competition Success Review for this purpose. Continue reading newspapers and use magazines for revision and to include anything that you may have missed out.

Consider Current Affairs of 6 Months when preparing notes

It has been observed that current affairs of past 6-7 months have been asked in banking exams. So say, you have an exam in the month of September 2020. For this exam, you should start preparing current affairs from the months of February/March – September 2020.

Other Sources of Current Affairs

Other sources which you should refer to for current affairs preparation is RBI FAQs, RBI Notifications & Circulars. Check previous years’ question papers to understand what kinds of questions have been asked in the past so that you can include the same topics in your notes.

Take Current Affairs Quizzes

Current Affairs Quizzes are a great way to test your preparation and they also give you additional questions which you might have missed in your notes. Highlight the questions which you have either answered incorrectly or have skipped. Take some time to review these questions so that you don’t lose marks in the actual exam if the question on same topic appears over there. Take Current Affairs Quizzes now.

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Refer to Weekly Current Affairs Compilation PDF

As already mentioned, there is nothing better than making your own notes for preparation of current affairs. We at PracticeMock, compile current affairs on a weekly basis in a PDF format. Once you’ve prepared your notes you can use these PDFs for a quick revision and to check if there is something which you have missed in your notes. This week we are publishing the Week 3 Current Affairs compilation PDF which you can download from the link below. You can check all the Weekly Current Affairs PDFs here.

Use Monthly Current Affairs Compilation PDF

We also compile monthly current affairs PDFs on a monthly basis. You can use & revise these PDFs to refresh your current affairs preparation. Apart from your current affairs notes, these PDFs will be a good source for revision.

This is all from us in this article. Below is the link to download Weekly Current Affairs January (Week 3) 2022.

Download All Weekly Current Affairs PDFs Here

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