Dos and Don’ts for SSC GD 2022 Exam
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Want to score 80+ Marks in the upcoming SSC GD 2022 exam? But, for that, you’ll need to fulfill various requirements to achieve it, from completing the syllabus on time to ensuring good revision and more. But along with all this, you also need to know the simple yet necessary Dos and Don’ts of the Exam to make sure you achieve what you want to.


In this article, we will discuss what you should do and what you need to avoid in order to beat the upcoming SSC GD 2022 Exam.

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Dos and Don’ts for SSC GD 2022 Exam

SSC GD Constable Exam Pattern

Before jumping over to the study plan, let’s take a look at the exam pattern of the SSC GD 2022 exam.

SubjectNumber of questionsMaximum marksDuration
General Intelligence & Reasoning252590 minutes
General Knowledge & General Awareness2525
Elementary Mathematics2525
English/ Hindi2525

🏃1 मुफ़्त मॉक टेस्ट के लिए दौड़ें और बहुत देर होने से पहले अपने कौशल का परीक्षण करें🏃

Do’s & Don’ts for SSC GD 2022 Exam

Here are the Dos and Don’ts you need to keep in mind to enjoy better results:

1.      Do practice the last of the SSC GD 2022 Mock Tests

You need to take as many SSC GD 2022 Mock Tests as you can during the revision process to check your speed and accuracy and assess your level of preparation. Assess your skills and preparation and check your progress to know your strengths and weaknesses and make timely changes in your exam strategy. Your exam strategy is extremely important to get a high score. You can check how a single Mock Test can uplift your preparation by taking 1 Free Mock Test online. Then be quick to ace your exam by taking more Mock Tests.

2.      Do check the last exam’s exam analysis

Go through the last SSC GD 2022 section-wise analysis Exam analysis to know the types of questions asked and the difficulty level of the exam better. It will also help you to understand the exam pattern and important topics from the syllabus. The last exam’s analysis tells that the overall level of the exam was moderate to difficult including some lengthy and time taking questions. And the good thing about this analysis is that this analysis is based on the feedback received by the students who appeared for the exam.

3.      Don’t Stick to One Question

You should seriously avoid a question that you don’t know. It will only waste your time. Instead, move ahead to the other one. Staying on one question will cost you time and make you somewhat irritated. In the exam, whenever you feel that you’re not able to answer a certain question, do not feel inferior and take it as a prestige issue. Value your time by just investing a few moments in a question, say 1 minute, and quickly moving on to the next question. This will help you score maximum marks.

4.    Don’t stick to tricky or hard questions

Questions on English and Elementary Mathematics can also be a bit tricky at times. So, it is recommended to attempt questions you find easy and skip the hard ones to revisit them later with a changed mindset.

5.      Don’t guess

Most of the candidates get tempted to mark the answer to every question in the SSC GD Exam, even if they are not sure of the right answer. Guesswork does not work for SSC GD Exam as it has a negative marking scheme. Hence, you should avoid guessing the answers and give them as it can deduct your marks. Answer the questions that you have full confidence in. For each wrong question, 0.50 marks will be deducted for every incorrect answer given in the SSC GD online test.

Dos and Don’ts for SSC GD 2022 Exam

How tough will be the upcoming SSC GD 2022 Exam?

Although there can be no accurate answer to this question. And one can only guess the difficulty level of the exam. And that is what everyone does before the exam. The best way to guess the general difficulty level of the SSC GD 2022 exam is by referring to the last exam’s exam analysis. Based on analysis by experts one can say that the overall level of the exam is going to be easy to moderate.

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Dos and Don’ts for SSC GD 2022 Exam

SSC GD 2022 Mock tests are the key to success

Want to score full marks in the SSC GD 2022 exam? Then you must Attempt the best SSC GD Mains Mock tests regularly. These perfectly designed SSC GD 2022 Mock Tests will quickly help you check your level of preparation. And after taking every Mock Test you will be able to Analyse your answers more quickly and effectively. It will help you know where you went wrong and in which weak areas you will have to work to improve. The best SSC GD 2022 Mock tests not only help you to learn to manage time during the actual exam but also help you to maintain both speed and accuracy while giving answers to questions.

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