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Aspiring management professionals across the country gear up each year for the Common Admission Test (CAT), a rigorous examination that serves as the gateway to prestigious Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and other top-tier business schools. The CAT 2023 cutoff, a pivotal benchmark for admission, is a subject of great anticipation and discussion among MBA aspirants.

Understanding CAT Cutoffs

CAT cutoffs are the minimum percentile scores required for securing admission to various management programs offered by IIMs and other premier B-schools. These cutoffs are determined based on factors like the difficulty level of the exam, the number of candidates, and the availability of seats.

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CAT 2022: IIM Cutoffs

The CAT cutoffs for the year 2022 have set the bar high, as evident from the following data:

Name of the IIMsCAT Cut-Off 2022 (Marks)
IIM Ahmedabad85
IIM Bangalore85
IIM Calcutta85
IIM Lucknow90
IIM Indore90
IIM Kozhikode85
IIM Amritsar90
IIM Nagpur85
IIM Sambalpur93
IIM Trichy93
IIM Raipur93
IIM Ranchi90

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The IIMs: Beyond Percentiles

While the CAT cutoffs provide a snapshot of the competitive landscape, it’s essential to delve deeper into what each IIM looks for in its candidates. Apart from academic excellence and high CAT percentiles, IIMs often consider a candidate’s profile, work experience, and performance in subsequent rounds like group discussions and personal interviews.

Factors Influencing CAT Cutoffs

Several factors contribute to the variation in CAT cutoffs across different IIMs:

  1. Institute Reputation: Established IIMs with a rich history often have higher cutoffs due to the intense competition for limited seats.
  2. Program Specifics: Cutoffs may vary based on the management program, with flagship courses typically having higher cutoffs.
  3. Candidate Pool: The overall performance of CAT takers in a given year influences the percentile required for admission.

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CAT 2023: What to Expect

Aspirants eyeing CAT 2023 should be prepared for a challenging yet rewarding journey. Given the trend of increasing cutoffs in recent years, the competition is expected to intensify. A well-structured study plan, regular mock tests, and strategic time management are crucial components of success.

CAT 2022 Cut Off for IIM Admission

Name of the IIMsCAT Cut Off 2022 Percentile
IIM Ahmedabad99-100
IIM Bangalore99-100
IIM Calcutta99
IIM Lucknow97-98
IIM Indore97-98
IIM Kozhikode97-98
IIM Amritsar95-96
IIM Nagpur95-96
IIM Sambalpur95-96
IIM Trichy94-95
IIM Raipur94-95
IIM Ranchi94-95
IIM Kashipur94-95
IIM Vizag92-94
IIM Rohtak92-94
IIM Udaipur92-94

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CAT Cut Off for Non-IIMs 2022

InstituteCAT 2022 Cut Off (Percentile)
IIT Delhi98
MDI Gurgaon95
IIT Madras95
IMT Ghaziabad93


CAT cutoffs serve as a benchmark, but they do not define the entirety of a candidate’s potential. Aspiring managers should focus on holistic preparation, emphasizing not only on acing the CAT but also on showcasing their unique skills and achievements during the subsequent selection rounds. The journey to securing a coveted seat in an IIM or a top B-school is undoubtedly arduous, but it is also an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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