20 Benefits to Solve Mock Tests for NABARD Grade A Mains Exam
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20 Benefits to Solve Mock Tests for NABARD Grade A Mains Exam: National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD) is an apex government organization continuously working for the enlistment and growth of the Indian Agricultural Sector.

Getting into NABARD as a Grade A officer is a dream of every young graduate. NABARD opens the doors of opportunities providing a well-paid job.

The Preliminary Exam was conducted successfully on October 16. Aspirants who feel they can score the cut-off should start the mains exam preparations. Give emphasis on practicing mock tests to gain conceptual clarity and improve performance.  

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NABARD Grade A Mains Exam Pattern 2023

NABARD Grade A Mains Exam is conducted online. We can expect the mains exam to be in November 2023. Candidates have to face objective and descriptive questions in topics General English, Agriculture & Rural Development and Economic & Social Issues. The total marks allotted to these sections are 300. Furthermore, the time duration is 1 Hour 30 Minutes to attempt questions for each section in the Mains Examination. 

TopicTotal MarksTime Duration
Paper I: General English1001 Hour 30 Minutes
Paper-II: General Discipline – Economic & Social Issues (ESI) Agriculture & Rural Development (ARD)Specific Discipline for Grade A RDBS1001 Hour 30 Minutes
Paper II: Grade A RajbhashaProficiency in English & Hindi1001 Hour 30 Minutes
Paper II: Legal ServicesExplaining Various Laws1001 Hour 30 Minutes

20 Benefits to Solve Mock Tests for NABARD Grade A Mains Exam 2023  

NABARD exam has earned its reputation of being the most sought-after examination after RBI Grade B. Candidates want to get into NABARD, one of the prestigious government organizations working for the upliftment of the Indian Agriculture & Economy. Accelerate mains exam preparation at a skyrocketing speed at solving mock tests. Have a look at the 20 benefits to attempt Mock Tests for NABARD Grade A Mains Exam.

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  1. Learn Subject Proficiency

Gain proficiency on three topics for the Mains are English, Economic & Social Development and Agricultural & Development. You can strengthen concepts to attempt descriptive and objective questions. 

  1. Set Performance Benchmark

Solving mock tests can help you to set a performance benchmark to know your overall performance. How do you strategize your attempts for the actual examination?

  1. Adapt Exam Simulations

Make yourself ready for the exam by solving ample number of questions in the mock tests before NABARD Mains. 

  1. Get Clarity on Questions Pattern

Know questions patterns and gain conceptual clarity on practicing mock tests for the mains examination. 

  1. Performance Analysis

Solve mocks and get a detailed performance overview on the attempts. So that, you are clear on the strong and weak areas. 

  1. Time Management

Take your hands on the skills to manage time and accurately attempt objective and descriptive questions for the NABARD exam. 

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  1. Competitive Evaluation

Evaluate your performance before the actual exam only by solving mock tests for the NABARD Grade Mains exam. 

  1. Work on Easy to Difficult Questions

Attempting NABARD Grade A Mains mock tests allows you to work on different varieties of questions from easy to difficult ones. 

  1. Know Tricks to Attempt the Actual Exam

Get the smart tricks to manage and learn to attempt the combination of objective+descriptive questions in the real exam.

  1. Practice Diverse Questions

Practicing mocks give you the opportunity to practice multiple questions carrying importance for the real exam. 

  1. Learn Answer Presentation

Learn the skills to present the descriptive answers on topics ARD, ESI and English for the Mains exam.

  1. Multiple Revisions of Important Topics

Mocks give you the benefit to revise super important topics for revision and practice before the NABARD Grade A Mains Examination 2023.

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  1. Feedback Loop

Leverage the feedback and work on the areas where you need improvement to boost your scores in the exam.

  1. Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage

Cover essential topics from the exam’s point of view by practicing mock tests.You are clear on your attempts strategy for the exam. 

  1. Track Performance

Track your overall performance to know where you stand out in the competition by solving mocks for the mains examination. 

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  1. Multiple Revision

NABARD Grade A Exam covers a vast syllabus covering topics, ARD, ESI and English. This demands multiple revisions to grasp essential concepts from exam perspective.

  1. Know Your Strong & Weak Areas

Getting clarity on your performance analysis enables you to know your strengths and weaknesses. So that, you would not commit any silly mistakes during the exam. 

  1. Build Confidence

Giving mocks makes you confident and calm to tackle questions in the actual exam. You know how to strategize your time to get maximum good attempts. 

  1. Optimize Accuracy & Speed

In the Mains exam, candidates have to face objective and subjective questions. It’s important to be quick and responsive to write descriptive answers. 

  1. Identify Errors

Practicing Mock Tests for NABARD Grade A Mains Exam allows aspirants to spot the errors from the performance insights on the mocks attempted. 

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Final Takeaway

As we wrap this blog post titled 20 Benefits to Solve Mock Tests for NABARD Grade A Mains Exam. We hope these benefits can encourage you to sign up and attempt the mocks for the mains exam. Do you seriously want to see yourself as a NABARD Grade A officer? So, signup and start practicing mock tests to gain command on the objective and subjective questions.

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