UPSC CSAT Study Plan 2024
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UPSC CSAT Study Plan

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is going to conduct the UPSC CSAT Exam on 16th June 2024. It is a qualifying exam. Candidates have to secure 33% marks in CSAT. Questions asked from sections Comprehension, Interpersonal Skills Including Communication Skills, Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability, Decision Making & Problem Solving, General Mental Ability, Basic Numeracy, and Data Interpretation. Aspirants appearing in UPSC CSAT 2024 are anxious about the 15 days left for the exam. UPSC is constantly making CSAT paper difficult to increase the competition level among candidates. The CSAT exam is a tough nut to crack but with a well-planned approach, anything is possible. In the last phase of revision, use your time smartly and follow our UPSC CSAT Study Plan 2024.

UPSC CSAT Study Plan 2024 for 15 Days

Candidates are quite familiar with the UPSC CSAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus. There are 80 questions asked in CSAT from the Data Interpretation, Basic Numeracy, General Mental Ability, and Logical Reasoning sections. The level of questions is moderate to difficult. A strong command of concepts with speed in attempting questions can help candidates achieve target scores in the UPSC CSAT 2024 Exam. Make a smart use of the last 15 days in revision and practice. All topics carry equal importance in CSAT don’t miss any topic in the revision round.

Day 1-3 Start Revising Logical Reasoning Topics

Candidates should begin UPSC CSAT Revision with Logical Reasoning Topics. Churn out the most important topics. Solve UPSC CSAT Previous Year Question Papers give you deep insights on important topics in Basic Numeracy, General Mental Ability, Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning sections.

Day 4-6 Revision Data Interpretation Notes & Practice Questions

Begin your schedule by covering all important topics of Data Interpretation. Practice Solving UPSC CSAT Mock Tests & Evaluate Test-Taking Skills. It gives you a comprehensive overview of your performance. So that, you know questions from which topics to attempt to get maximum accurate attempts in the exam.

Day 7-9 Basic Numeracy Topics

Take Basic Numeracy Topics for Days 7-9 in UPSC CSAT Revision. Make a schedule to revise all important formulas for the exam. Don’t miss any important related to the Basic Numeracy section. So that, you would not lose marks in negative marking. Practice UPSC CSAT Previous Year Question Papers.

Day 10-12 General Mental Ability

General Mental Ability section questions are asked in the UPSC CSAT Exam 2024. Revise an important list of formulas and shortcut tricks. Practice solving questions about important topics and mocks to know your conceptual understanding.

Day 13-15 Revise Notes & Solve UPSC CSAT Mock Test

In the last three days before exam, aspirants should revise all important topics. Solve UPSC CSAT Mock Test. It is the mimic of a real exam. It gives a complete overview of how to attempt the paper. Get smart tricks to tackle tricky and lengthy questions within a limited time duration.

UPSC CSAT Study Plan 2024 for 15 Days
DaysLogical ReasoningData InterpretationGeneral Mental AbilityBasic Numeracy
1Coding Decoding Blood RelationsArithmetic Reasoning
Missing Number
Cause & Effect
Simple Interest
Remainder Theorem
2Problem-SolvingData Interpretation
2D & 3D Pie Chart
Bar Graph
Simple InterestTime and WorkPartnershipDivisibility Rules
3Venn DiagramsCodedInequalitiesBar Graph vs. HistogramProbabilityPermutations and Combinations, etcUnitary Method
Ratio to Percentage
Surds and Indices
4Distance & DirectionsMirror Image & Water Image
Compound InterestProfit and LossCubes and Cube Roots
5Alphabet Test
Seating Arrangement
Sequences and SeriesAlgebraMixture and AllegationsRational NumbersSquares and Square Roots
6Analogy Classification
Mixed SeriesNumber Series
Order & RankingProfit and LossTime and DistanceRatio and Proportion
7Venn Diagrams
Problems on AgesStatement and AssumptionMensuration 3DGeometryStatisticsRatio and Proportion
8Alphabet Test
Seating Arrangement
Statement & ArugementMensuration 2DSquares and Square Roots
Cubes and Cube Roots
9Decision Making
Critical Reasoning
Situation Reaction Test
Work and WagesRatio and Proportion
10Blood RelationsStatement and Course of ActionTime and WorkPercentage
Decimal Fractions
11InequalitiesStatement and ArgumentStatement and ConclusionTime and DistanceAlgebraFundamental Arithmetical Operations
Simplification & Approximation
12PuzzleData Sufficiency
Mixture and AllegationsUnitary Method
13Mixed SeriesSequences and SeriesSimple Interest
Time and Work
Ratio to Percentage
14Input-OutputOrder & Ranking
Mensuration 2D
Mensuration 3D
Simplification & Approximation
15Revise Notes 

Revision Tips For UPSC CSAT Exam 2024

Last Days before UPSC CSAT feels stressful for aspirants. They have to consolidate the syllabus and learnings to memorize them before the exam. Missing out on anything can cause losing marks. Aspirants should memorize all important topics and take mocks to get through with real exam-like situations. We compiled a list of revision tips recommended for candidates for UPSC CSAT.

Consolidate Topics Knowledge

Candidates covered a vast range of syllabus topics for the UPSC CSAT Exam 2024. Around 15 days for CSAT as the exam is on 15th June 2024. It’s time for you to revise all important topics from an exam perspective. Use your notes as a valuable revision tool for memorizing topics.

Solve UPSC CSAT Previous Year Question Paper

UPSC CSAT Previous Year Question Paper gives you insights on paper pattern, weightage, and list of important topics. trend. Take 2 to 3 days of solving papers to track your speed and performance in attempting questions.

Make a Structured Revision Schedule

Follow a structured schedule to start with UPSC CSAT revision for the 2024 exam. This section is qualifying in nature. Candidates should score 33% marks to pass in UPSC CSE Prelims 2024 Exam held on 16th June 2024. Adopt a revision plan to cover notes revision and questions practice via mocks and previous year papers.

Practice UPSC CSAT Mock Test

In the last 15 days of the Revision Strategy, Aspirants should take UPSC CSAT Mock Tests for practice. Track your performance analysis in mocks attempted. A Mock Test is a mimic is a real exam-like situation that gives insights into take exam.

Be Ready For Exam

Make strategies and plans to attempt the UPSC CSAT paper. So that, you know what set of questions to attempt on a priority basis. You have a limited time provided for 80 questions of 200 marks. Candidates get 2 hours for 80 questions. Plan your attempts to achieve a desirable score in the actual exam.

Positive Mindset

Always remember you can handle tricky situations only with a positive and calm mindset. Try not to be stressed and anxious about tough situations during UPSC CSAT exam day. If any tough and confusing questions come, it’s time to avoid them. If you have time left in exam then, try to attempt those questions. Avoid any guesswork as there is negative marking in exam.

Final Words

UPSC CSAT Study Plan 2024 for 15 Days surely helps and guides serious aspirants to improve their scores in exams. It provides guidance and support to aspirants to cover a vast syllabus in 15 days. Revision of important topics with mock tests practice is an effective strategy for the exam. Don’t take a toll and exhaust yourself in exam pressure. Plan your routine and cover daily targets.

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